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Hey there. I just happened to stumble across this board after I had a pang of nostalgia.

I'm completely unfamiliar with this mod and its workings. After reading some of the pinned posts and doing some searches it seems this basically upgrades graphics and quality (although I read the MCO version doesnt Include the videos, sadface)

My main concern is I want to play the game on the hardest difficulty, as I never did. But I figured you guys must have upgraded, or someone upgraded, the AI in MC2 as if I remember correctly they just chased the first mech they encountered relentlessly.

So can someone more familiar with the boards direct me to a thread that explains how to get this all started, or explain what I'll need to get back into my childhood?

Thanks ya'll, and glad to be here

Hello, MC2 is part of my (late) childhood, too, so I am glad there is a mod to keep it interesting through these years.

To start playing you first need the latest MCO from moddb, please read the sticky thread below and use the link there:

MCO comes by default with the Exodus campaign (which is a lot harder than Carver V IMO), and not the Carver V campaign that we know and love, for that, you need to download it separately from here:

Note that there are no videos in MCO (IIRC) as the MCO code doesn't have it, sounds and voice work fine, though.


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In terms of the AI concern, the AI is written to stay on target so long as target remains within (x) long range, and re-prioritize to any target within some shorter (y) distance. This means you cannot drag the enemies through a firing line like in MC2, instead you need to have your units frequently shifting their proximity to the enemy to help draw fire and spread enemy damage. It is a significant improvement.


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Oh, and the campaigns list is not up to date. There is also one named Clan Wars that Magic uploaded to Moddb, and I have made one as well. I am sure there are others. Wolfman runs a similar (but separate) project at with several campaigns. There may not be a lot of traffic, but MC2 gets a lot of love for a 19 year old game.