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Re: High Res Interfaces?
Hope you're ready for 1999 era html FS2 interfaces then. Sign into GTVAOL today :p

Re: High Res Interfaces?
Has anybody asked one of the TC teams for their opinion? I'd guess it would be used there more likely than in normal mods (maybe beside BTA).


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Re: High Res Interfaces?
The newest version of the libRocket builds are available here:
Here is the test mod I have been using for testing the changes:

I also uploaded a mirror of the libRocket documentation since the original is not available anymore.
Main documentation
Lua Manual

libRocket has a visual debugger which is also available in FSO by pressing "Ctrl+Shift+D".
I also added a special action for reloading the markup of any changed files to make interface development faster. You can use that by pressing "Ctrl+Shift+R".


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Re: High Res Interfaces?
I'll take a look at it...
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