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Really good stuff as usual UT!!! :yes: You're just getting better and better. You've almost created a new form of literature. Its script writing with almost prose like fluidity. You pritty much tell us what the camera sees, therefore what we see, with all the edits put in, hell its the next best thing to watching the thing on the big screen! :D How many pages is this btw? how you counted yet? I'm gonna definitely print this whole thing out and make my own hard-bound edition of it when its done. :D
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I wouldn't know about a new style of writing, but I do my best :D

I'll TRY (read: TRY) to get another part up by Monday or so, but I have a busy schedule, and not as much free time as I would like :(


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I have uploaded the HLP movie file to our server now UT and i have updated your sig with a link to that file. Change the text if you want.
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Thread unstuck since it's been dormant over a month.


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I asked UT...He said he will write something...soon
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Ah thank god... I was starting to get withdrawl...
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