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About Missions maybe spoilers
i got to clash of titans, i beat the first part, then the second part where the supernova is about to happen and u have to engage subsapce drive and i did that and it says i got out safe blah blah. Before i didnt and i was anilated. Whats wrong, everytime i go to campaign room it shows me the bastion blowing up and i do the second part of the mission again. should i now just do a new campaign


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About Missions maybe spoilers
Whether or not you survive the mission is irrelevent, it will always repeat that mission. Go to the campaign room and click restart and ignore the warning. (The room you have been going to is the ready room, don't get them confused.) ;)

In the future people, we have all played the game through and through, so you don't have to worry about spoilers. ;)
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About Missions maybe spoilers
The end of FS2 is somewhat annoying in that Volition had perfectly good end-of-campaign code in there and they didn't even use it.  If FS1 or any fan-made campaign, once you've beaten it clicking on the ready-room gives you a "Campaign Complete - go to Campaign room and select a new Campaign" or something to that effect.  FS2's main campaign never actually lets you finish the last mission (could FS_Open ship with a modified last mission file making use of the "end-mission" SEXP?) so you always get to replay it.
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About Missions maybe spoilers
Yes, that's exactly why they did it- so you could replay the last mission and see the two endings :nod: