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Hmm... So I guess Lightspeed was right about making definate dates is bad luck :p
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As if Half Life 2 wasn't enough evidence for you...


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:confused: Why does everyone think Inqui meant May 9th, 2004?



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well bob hasnt fixed the radeon 9000 not-so-shiny-shines bug and i wont except 3.6 as a build untill they fix it
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it's been fixed for a bit now.  i have a 9000 and i see specular just fine.
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OK, I was somewhat away for about 2 weeks (PC was in a coma for 6 days, left 4 days later to visit Mom, came back 5 days later) so I'm kinda outa touch atm, but what happenned to 3.6?  With E3 passed AFAIK, there is obviously less incentive to get it out for a specific deadline, but with Bob making strides in decals & env mapping on his own personal builds, its obvious that the code freeze has begun to thaw a little on the surface.  Has the answer to the question "when is 3.6 coming out" returned to the old standbys of "soon" or "when its ready", or has a new projected completion time been established... like, by the end of the month (Freespace Standard Time)?

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there is a build made, were currently packageing stuff up mostly, trying to figure wich files need to go with it, configureing the installer, ect...
any of the builds around the begining of may is basicly what 3.6 is going to look like. there were a few OGL bugs that held things up for a day or two.
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So we should be expecting it any minute.... right? :nervous:
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