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use my thrusters!
10:55:48   TurambarBlade: i've been selecting my generals based on how much i like their hats
10:55:55   HerraTohtori: me too!
10:56:01   HerraTohtori: :D


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Originally posted by Lt.Cannonfodder
Excellent news :yes:

I really need to start learning modelling. I'd really like to create a high-poly ship or two.

there are dozens of ships. we need all the help we can get.
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Sweet. Not only is it in time for E3, it's just days before my graduation! Great present;)


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Originally posted by Carl
there are dozens of ships. we need all the help we can get.

*wonders if he's helping or hindering* :lol:

Actually I'm not as crazy as I may seem. I wanted to learn how to use LithUnwrap and I needed a model that would be easy to map to learn on :D
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Everyone has to start somewhere :nod:


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Thing is that's not my first model :) I can model. I just can't texture :D
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Oh man...E3?! Holy crap, where the hell did you guys get that idea? Is it just me, or could this be like a Half-Life MOD...but instead for FS. Wow...anyway, I hope you guys get your deserved attention. Make us stand out! P1MP :thepimp:


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Well, I am going on business (see sig). I figured a SCP build could tag along ;)
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I was wondering if you could already present some of the post 3.6 features - with screenshots saying: IN PROGRESS, or even run a build using something as breathtaking as the environment build.

BTW this should defenitly use the new game material we have: LS weapon effects, LS background, LS Suns - Bobbau/LS/Turambar thrusters, ect. ect.

If Omniscaper has the rights or can get them you could show off the very high-poly/extreme-texture Star Trek models.

Suma, summarium: This is wonderfull news, and THANK YOU for taking FS_Open to the Public.
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*Suggests as news post*
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come hell or high water
I thought I would never see this day.

lol wtf


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come hell or high water
Good luck at E3 Quiz didn't realise you were up to somethin ;)
P!mp teh lore too eh?

Have fun ;p
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come hell or high water
Flaser: Well, most of the in progress builds, most of Lighty's stuff, that pretty much covers "3.6 preview" :)
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come hell or high water
How about one of the master FREDers cook up a demo mission where capships carve each other up and stuff that shows off lots of the new eye-candy if nothing else.
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come hell or high water
Inquisitor, be SURE to show off the new Echeziel and KARMA's Fenris. Make people think all our ships are like that :drevil: :drevil:

Oh, and Lightspeed new Nebuas and planets, the new thrusters, and shinemapping.

Might as well put our best side forward...


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come hell or high water
I am sure Nico would be willing to let you show off his work at E3. :)
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come hell or high water
Dear god................

I am....... going to take some time of to grasp the coolness of this situation.

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come hell or high water
Pshh, the Freespace2 scp is going to totally BLOW AWAY all the other crap at E3!
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come hell or high water

Not sure my laptop can do the SCP proper justice, so, might have to rely on screenies :)

Anywho, like i said, I have nothing formal scheduled for the SCP, but i will definitely be dropping hints and poking at various people to have a look ;)
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