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I'm becomming a fan of the battlestar galactica series on sci fi.  It got me thinking about freespace and got me started playing it again.  That's what brought me to this forum.

It's also made me wonder, if the scifi channel has the money to spend on a custom TV series, why don't they make one in the freespace universe?  The backstory and technology are all there, the universe is actually more rich and well fleshed out than the battlestar galactica universe.  It seems like a slam dunk to me.

I know it will never happen, but it's fun to dream.


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Sure would be interesting. Doubt that they would get it anywhere near off the ground though, unless they somehow got THQ/Interplay/whoever-the-hell-owns-FS to OK it. :)

I think I had a script going somewhere a few years ago based in the Freespace universe... I'll see if I can fish it up.
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Someone said once that if you made a film of Freespace 2 people would be coming out of the cinema saying
"They should make a game out of that!" :lol:
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thanks for the welcome.

Who actually owns the rights to freespace?  Isn't volition out of business?  I only ask because now that I think about it, if there was actually a replay feature in the game, you could almost do a TV series yourself (and by you I mean a talented film student or something).

Let's see, you'd need some cheap constumes, a few CG sets and the ability to bluescreen them, some starving actors and a script.  Eh, maybe not.


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Interplay owns the rights, Interplay is going out of business.

What you just said would only require a few thousand dollars and some bored teenagers to do. :p

There is actually some demo/replay code in the FS2 codebase, no one has really looked over it AFAIK, although daveb mentioned it in the walkthrough.


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Originally posted by nuclear1

I think I had a script going somewhere a few years ago based in the Freespace universe... I'll see if I can fish it up.

That would be great to see :D

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