Author Topic: ETAC in Inferno?  (Read 7947 times)

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 :eek2: Just read the,22279.msg434811.html#msg434811
Complete and Revised Shivan Manifesto.

Extremely long and interesting.
Just make sure you get comfortable before you start to read!


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While you're at it, read this too:,37231.75.html  :)

And the subspace-damage theory is non-canon (maybe from the manifesto? I read it some months ago, so I don't quite remember...) and the supernova-dimensionportal is a SPECULATION of said admiral. The subspace-birth-thingy is also stated in the link - where it came from, and why it isn't canon truth (it's a SPECULATION, again... only from the Ancients this time).

Not wanting to destroy any ideas, of course. You're free to assume in your campaign whatever you want (and I'll have fun reading/playing them :) ) . Just don't say it's canon.
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