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I had a theory on exactly how the Shivans destroyed the star.... Subspace causes things to move through space very, very quickly. Making muti-lightyear jumps take place in a matter of 10 to 20 minutes. This supspace vortex always is blue. However, the subspace vortex around Capella is green. A different sort of subspace wave? Perhaps (Im reaching a bit here) they accelerated Capella through subspace... not through space, but rather time. This accelerated the star to the point of its "death", and caused it to go supernova. The only flaw in this explanation is that Capella is not large enough to go through supernova naturally. Although that could be explained by the subspace radiation having a reaction with the star's core...
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Re: Thinking on Shivans...
I've always thought that they created a subspace field in the core of the star. The photon pressure was diminished and as a result the star collapsed.

The beauty of that theory is that it should work with any star except for the really small ones.
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Re: Thinking on Shivans...
Shivan Nature


Right (at the anti-war thing). And if this theory doesn't explain EVERYTHING in Shivan behaviour, that's no problem. This argument doesn't need to explain the reason for the Big Bang (no, I'm not speaking of Capella... :rolleyes: ) and everything else (life, for example) , and so it's perfectly possible that there are other motives the Shivans have IN ADDITION to this one... explaining why they stil were after V Prime and Earth even when Terrans and Vasudans already had allied (although quite possibly this alliance wasn't exactly stable from its first start on...) . Actually I might start FREDding my campaign (which has nested in my head for years already...  :( ) about it in a few months... (though it'll surely take horrifying long to get to something noteworthy; and I'd need to make about 50 3D-meshes also to really make it complete - as of yet I only have 1 completed, 1 semi-completed and about 5 in alpha stage...  :( )


[1] As far as i can tell, there's only really one quote snippet that supports the subspace theory:

“The Ancients died eight thousand years ago as humanity emerged from its Neolithic infancy. They believed their voyage across the sea of stars woke the dragon that slept beneath the waves: that the Shivans were birthed from the flux of subspace and their destruction was the revenge of an angry cosmos.”

Personally, i believe this quote was simply Bosch speaking figuratively, as he has a tendency of doing. As noted above, in wars, subspace usage increases (thus the 'birthed from the flux of subspace'), and the 'dragon that slept' was the Shivans. More on this quote in a later post. [/size]

Well, I'd take this not to be a metapher (but also not as truth).
It's rather clearly stated that that's what the Ancients HAD THOUGHT what the Shivans were. Thats mysticism, no proof...  :nod:
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