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As far as I know, it was some kind of cut back limited edition of FS2, and it was exclusively (?) in bundle distribution with some products. Dunno anything else about it, though...

IIRC, it was released with a certin kind of joystick. It included everything up to Enif Station and the introduction of the Collie.

I'm suprised that more people didn't put Deus Ex. That game was (is) amazing.


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It's number 2 on the list for me. FS2 just barely eclipses it due to its modding capabilities. Although I did omit a few other excellent games that I would have added in if there were more slots; Battlezone 2 and Unreal would probably be 11 and 12 for me.


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never got around to finishing Deus ex
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1.) Freespace
2.) Half-Life
3.) Tomb Raider
4.) Age of Empires
5.) Fifa
6.) Teken
7.) Championship Manager
8.) Fifa Manager
9.) Football Manager
10.) Need For Speed


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Nothing in order.

Guild Wars: All 3 chapters.
Battlezone 2
Age of Empires II w/ expansion.
Chessmaster 9000


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Battlezone 2
Age of Empires II w/ expansion.

Werd. Battlezone was good too. :D (Albeit a bit repetitive)
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Wizardry VIII


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1.)  Doom
2.)  RTCW:  Enemy Territory
3.)  Freespace
4.)  GTA:  SA
5.)  Ace Combat (any title post 4)
6.)  Half-Life 2
7.)  Halo (1 and 2)
8.)  GMod
9.)  Quake 4
10.)  SOF II | FatHax | ??????
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Rank) Name (Version(s)) (Start-End)
1) The Sims 2 (All EP's) (2004-?)
2) Freespace 2 SCP (3.6.9, any) (2006-?)
3) Freespace 2 Colossus (2000/2001?-2006)
4) Flight Simulator 2004 (2003-?)
5) Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds (1999-?)
6) SimCity (Classic, 2000, 3000, and now 4!) (1997-?)
7) The Sims (All EP's, except LL, which was included on the original DE!) (1999-2003)
8 ) StarCraft (plus the EP) (2005-2006)
9) Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy (2005-?)
10) Flight Simulator 2000 (2000-2003)
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You people know that FreeSpace 2 - Colossus is just FS2 with an incomplete campaign right?
"Closing the Box" - a campaign in the making :nervous:

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1.   Baldurs gate II
2.   Fallout
3.   Freespace II
4.   Planescape Torment
5.   Hearts of Iron II
6.   Diablo
7.   MOO II
8.   open transport tycoon
9.   Fallout II
10. IL 2


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ahh a transport tycoon player!!!, there the rarest gamer around these days.

if there is a forum community somewhere, link me up! :P
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well the only one i know is at


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1. FreeSpace
2. Halo
3. Diablo
4. Fallout
5. Half-Life
6. Gears of War
7. Forza Motorsport
8. RtCW:ET
10. Viva Pinata

well the only one i know is at

And the biggest one too :) At least, among "international" ones.

Yet, I do still prefer the TTDpatch. Just a matter of taste, I suppose :) That's really one game I forgot to put on the list. Shame on me.
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I'm going to check out OpenTT soon... it looks intriging. i always had a thing for older games.
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In no specific order:

Freespace (1&2)
ST: Birth of the Federation
SW: X-Wing: Alliance
Baldurs Gate (1&2)
Medieval 2: Total War
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Freespace 2 SCP
Burnout 3
Ace Combat 5
System Shock 2
Silent Hill 2
San Andreas
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7. Forza Motorsport

that was probably the most annoying game. evar.