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Damage shown for ships has errors
During gameplay, whenever there is a ship that has been hit, the damage shows up as large white blocks instead of flames. Unless this topic has already been listed, ignore this topic and redirect me. Thank you for any help which you can provide. :)

Below is a list of whatever I am using to run the game.

Enabled specular, glow maps, environment maps, jpg/tga textures, mipmapping, missile lighting, and features for Babylon Project.
Custom Flags: -ambient_factor 65

I am using the following video customization.

Graphics: Direct 3D8
Resolution: 1024x768
Color Depth: 32-bit
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Re: Damage shown for ships has errors
Hrm... D3D isn't officially supported... can you try OGL?


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Re: Damage shown for ships has errors
If you cannot switch to OpenGL for any reason try the fix from this thread:,48032.0.html

sry I had no time to update this and asteroid-explosions will still be giant white squared floating around ...
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