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Old Games on New Hardware
Been getting some problems playing some of my older games on my new 7600GT. Aliens has sound looping issues and the display is completley distorted and C&C Tib. Sun has occasional CTDs. Both worked fine before on my old G4MX so I figure the GPU is the most likely. Both have been reinstalled without any improvement. First thought is drivers but that seems unlikely as the games predate the card - never been in that situation before.....and I don't fancy playing with the GPU install for the sake of a few old games.


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Re: Old Games on New Hardware
Why don't you build a "nostalgia rig" to play your old games? That way you get the most out of your old parts. I think I used up my old Radeon because every time there something fancier than the desktop, the rig reboots... :(

I think I have a old voodoo card around somewhere... I should try that one... Thought I am planning to upgrade the GPU on this here uber rig, so I might switch the GPU from this to the nostalgia rig and see how that works...

My point being; there should be an abundance of old parts everywhere. Saves one a helluva lot of tinkering when one can play old games with machines they were coded for...
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Re: Old Games on New Hardware
Yup, PC parts from a few years back can be found plenty for almost no money. I recently rebuilt one of my old PCs with a 500 MHz P2 with two Voodoo2 cards in SLI mode for some retro Glide gaming goodness.

Installing Win98 SE on such an oldish machine lets you play almost anything from old DOS games up to games from around 2000.
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Re: Old Games on New Hardware
My last nostalgia rig was a P2 400 with 64MB PC-133 (iirc) and an onboard Rage 3D Pro. All running Win98SE without any updates. It's sort of not running right now... but that's because my attention has been on my new computer.
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Re: Old Games on New Hardware
I have a K6-2 500, and some Voodoo 3s lying around.. haven't touched them much lately, though.. After I found D2X-XL, I really didn't need them.  Plus, I now have Virtual PC, DosBox, and a pretty decent Glide emulator... so.  :D