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Ok so after several hours of searching and reading i have been able to answer what i believe should be a relatively simple question.

How does one install Media Vp's on a Macintosh. I am constantly seeing to just put it the Freespace 2 directory but exactly where does one put this on the mac. I have found a FS_2 Folder in my user library but have been unable to yield any results at this time by putting the Media Vp files into a user created Media Vp folder in the afore mentioned folder.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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create a new folder "mediavps" in your Freespace2 folder (where your FS2_open application is).

Download the mediavps 3.6.10beta and extract them info your  "mediavps" folder,51229.0.html

Download the latest build for MacOSX here,50959.msg1030014.html#msg1030014

but use the "window" mode option if you are on a intel Mac and or 10.5.x,50959.msg1043911.html#msg1043911

you have the recent xt-build you need the shader.vp?


then add -mod mediavps to your cmdline_fso.cfg in (your home folder)/Library/FS2_Open/data  if you play FS2

or -mod fsport,mediavps if you play fsport or change it for other campaigns



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You probably should check out SoulStorm's Mac version of the launcher as it should make setting things up much easier.
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Thanks this got the job done and now it looks fricken sweet. Love the new graphics.

Can't someone fic FS2 for Leopard :sigh:
Even windowed it is screwed up
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it isn't Leopard - it is the graphics driver for the ATI card(s)

the X1600 is ok in windowed mode with XT12-08 in X 10.5.1 (but the normal maps are not working)
my G5 7800GT works without any problems, in 10.4.11

i do not know how other ATI cards or Nvidia cards work in intel macs..

imho is Apple losing sight of MacOS X, in favor of the iphone/ipod stuff and games are "ported" with this "cider emulation"  :(