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Well what usually happens on the kid commercials is that they're over exciting and slap a card down. Camera zooms up to that card and shows it, then shows an animation of what that card does.

So like have someone be like "YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!IDK WHAT TO DO?!?" and slaps down a card. Camera shows a picture of the card which is something like leviathen main beam. Then the commercial would switch over to some cool ingame shot of a leviathen shooting a beam with mvp's 3.6.10. Then the other player will counter with a wing of hercs and show of wing of hercs on the commercial flying toward the leviathen from their destroyer. Then the other person uses their flak screen card and shows the fighters getting serious flak resistance which makes the success rate and lethality of the herc wing to drop.

Bla bla bla. You get what i'm talking about here. Great way to use ingame footage. You don't even need to have real people. Just flip the card onto the screen and ingame footage with a counter card and ingame footage.
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