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I played through Sync and Transcend again today..

Sync's thoughts:
Sync made me feel hunted. But the only problem I have with the "Splinter Vasudans" is that they had the same tech as the main Vasudans. Unless I missed something. And the thought that YOU in Sync caused the next Shivan Incursion, then being used AGAIN, was a really good twist.
"Have we doomed humanity?"
"Yes, I think we have."

Transcend is the biggest mind**** that I've played. If anybody knows of similar mindscrews, please share them. Transcend did get slightly repetitive, but it was not boring at all. Having to constantly dodge AAA, fighters and flak is no feat of amateur skill. This campaign got me my Triple Ace. The Transcendent was just as scary as ever. And playing Sync right before Transcend helped me UNDERSTAND it. I've little doubt that poor, beam-vaped Beta 2 is the Transcendent.
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"Have we doomed humanity?"
"Yes, I think we have."
What was annoying was that Alpha 2 was optimistic all the time before then. Also, what Sathanas that was supposed to be - I mean, it couldn't of been the first, or, really, the first of the others - they all came in through Gamma Draconis, and where the ending was situatied.