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Re: RELEASE: Behind Enemy Lines
I can't advance in some mission, I return and it said failed.
Some transport needs to be escorted from a station, then some capship jumps in with fighter and bomber escorts. [...]

have you linked your autopilots? Fly near the transport, less then 600m then the autopilots link.

do not destroy that main turret  :)
The player should think - "with a Thunderbolt into the flak of that cruiser? No way!"
Stay near the transport and guard it. The Caps take care of the Kilrathi. Then when all is over link your autopilots and return to the carrier.

This may help to identify the main turret

Edit: screenshots added


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Re: RELEASE: Behind Enemy Lines
Wow... :eek2:  Now I really have to get this. Looks good. :yes: :yes:
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Re: RELEASE: Behind Enemy Lines
Yeah, that's the turret I blew up first time around, I guess I forgot to link the auto pilot then.


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Re: RELEASE: Behind Enemy Lines
A bit offtopic, but how hard was it to make a purple subspace field? (I always hope for a recreation of the FS2 final cutscene, note the green subspace)
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Re: RELEASE: Behind Enemy Lines
I have to agree with The E; no flight chatter, no character development...tend to bore a little. A bit more on the story line (like a purpose) other than go there and kill that, would go a long way to making this one sing! Perhaps even an occasional Nav 1 surprise would help the ... intrigue!

Nubarus: Torpedo the Main Turret. It makes the Cap ship scram, going to the story point (Ya get it later!).

Anyways, as a WC fan for (OK, years and years), I didn't mind a bit of cat killing at all.

You got the right idea, so keep on!!!


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Re: RELEASE: Behind Enemy Lines
I personally prefer limited story interactions.  Part of what made the original WC so great was that plot details were left by-and-large to player imagination.

Pardon my ignorance, but, is there anyway to create missions with the new ships?  I try to use FRED, but the new models don't seem to come up.

Thanks for the great mod!


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Re: RELEASE: Behind Enemy Lines
You need to alter your FRED command line (under 'properties' on a shortcut to FRED) with -mod WCS or something like that. Right, guys?


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Re: RELEASE: Behind Enemy Lines
in this case you have to add -mod bel in the shortcut of Fred in your WCS folder

to setup fred for mods (at the end of the page)

Edit: link added


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Re: RELEASE: Behind Enemy Lines
I personally prefer limited story interactions.  Part of what made the original WC so great was that plot details were left by-and-large to player imagination.

It depends...  personally, a good storyline makes all the difference for me.

I liked Wing Commander 1, especially the branching missions,
but Wing Commander 2 with it's much expanded story was what really sold me on the series.
Wing Commander 3, despite the life-actors... was still good, but storywise it struck me as quite a bit worse than WC2 actually.
WC3 had a lot of similar themes that WC2 already did, just WC2 really had done them better already, like the traitor theme or the romance.
WC4 on the other hand completely made up for any gripes i might have had with the series. It was just all around awesome, despite an absence of Kilrathi.

WC5... seriously... i don't really even consider it a continuation of what Wing Commander was. It was pretty much a different game that happened to have space combat too and pretended to still exist in the same "storyuniverse"... and with Secret Ops that basically cut the story presentation to a minimum it just fell apart - for me anyways.

However... we also gotta keep things in perspective and i do appreciate that someone would make a campaign to allow us to have a peek at some of the shiny things and the gameplay that will be in WCSaga eventually ;)
Of course the Prologue with all the radio chatter and banter was 10 times more awesome, but that doesn't mean we gotta diss this campaign,... just gotta see it in perspective for what it is - and then it actually can be quite fun :)
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Re: RELEASE: Behind Enemy Lines
I'm about to ask a stupid question but, anyway .. : Is ther something on the radar that should indicate Nav points positions, 'cause I got nothing, and I search everywhere :/ . Is that normal ? When I switch target,  there isn't any nav points. I set radar range to infinity but, still nothing...

Re: RELEASE: Behind Enemy Lines
no, there are no Nav points on the radar (hmm, kind of a bug) :nervous:

It's hard to call bug, as Navpoints are not implemented in any way in the original fs2, they are just added as part of fan modifications to FSOpen. they are, however visible on your HUD as blu braces, along with distance. to target them just press alt+N, and later alt+A for autopilot. also if navpoint indicator is out of your field of view, there would be a bluish gray arrow on the sde of your screen to indicate direction you need to face, so it is not that hard to find them... :rolleyes:



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Re: RELEASE: Behind Enemy Lines
i want to start by saying this mod is awesome i have the osx version of it and it works perfectly and i don't mean to offend but i'm not a huge fan of scooby's models and i was wondering if there is any way to modify the .vp files in a text editor to make other ships appear in the game (for example taking off and landing from a lexington class carrier instead of a gettysburg class, fighting gothris instead of pakriss(es?) etc.)
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Re: RELEASE: Behind Enemy Lines
Sentences, please.

And it's not as simple as just changing the models anyway, since it would break the missions. Plus you can't edit the .VP's with a text editor anyway. :nervous:
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Re: RELEASE: Behind Enemy Lines
 :eek2: This conversion is a masterpiece. I would like to play WC BEL, but I get this error message.

Error: bp0c1.fs2(line 187:
Error: Required token = [#Wings] or [$Name:], found [+Score: 2000].

Line: 659
[This filename points to the location of a file on the computer that built this

Call stack:

Could someone help me out.


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Re: RELEASE: Behind Enemy Lines
You are using FS2Open 3.6.9, despite the readme saying this needs 3.6.10. Get it here.
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Re: RELEASE: Behind Enemy Lines
OK, thanks, I got it going now.