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Re: Cutscene Upgrade Project
Hmm.  Knossos splashscreen?  MVPs cover art in Knossos download menu?  Ok, ok, I'll be quiet now.   :p :warp:

It could be added to the front page screenshots. ;)

Sure thing!

@mjnmixael, can you post a version of that picture either without the FSOpen logo, or with the logo placed in the top-center?  If you visit and scroll halfway down the page, you can see what I mean if you scroll down to the "Enhance it with FreeSpace Open" step.

@Goober5000 does that look like a good place for it?  I thought so.


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Re: Cutscene Upgrade Project


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I have re-rendered EndPart1 using the new Moloch. You can download it in the first post. Note that the Youtube version is not updated because Youtube is dumb and doesn't let me update videos. The new Moloch version is what will go in MV_Cutscenes in the 4.4.x release of the MediaVPs.
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(looks at post numbers) Might as well quote the older render here so it's easier to see the improvements. ;)

Is it even possible to update existing YouTube videos in the first place? The only "updates" I've ever seen on other videos are removals of certain portions due to copyright.
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wait what


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You can perform simple edits via the YouTube, like cutting a portion or blur an element, but if you are looking to update a previous upload for whatever reason, the only option you have is a complete reupload. I guess, it has something to do with how YouTube technically processes a video after upload for its internal referrences (so even if you were to upload the same source file twice they would be different files for the plattform after it is done processing them) - but that's just guesswork 'cause the algorithm is holy and all that...
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Will you be rerendering the Battle of Endor free-for-all in the background as well? I image that would take some serious work. There's easily 30 warships there, more if you include fighters.


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Will you be rerendering the Battle of Endor free-for-all in the background as well? I image that would take some serious work. There's easily 30 warships there, more if you include fighters.

Hell, that free-for-all is the main reason I can't wait to see Mjn's version of this cutscene. I want to see just much more awesomeness Mjn can add to the already-pretty-awesome Battle of Deneb. We all know he's up to the task and whatever he creates will be worthy of his earlier work. :nod:

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