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Actually I do have something to add.

I'm here because pecenipicek reported Trashmans post, but unless anyone wants to tell me that more has been said and edited out - it's actually the rest of you and not Trashman that I intend to chastise.

What the *hell* is wrong with you people? Can you not go a couple of pages in this thread without descending into more arguing? Hell, this time Trashman didn't even post and still you're discussing him.

Akalabeth Angel, deathfun: Mongoose is right to ask you to quit the back-and-forth. I've said several times in this thread that sticking to Minecraft is preferable to sticking to the drama, please take that hint. If you want to get into the whole thing - do it by emails or PMs or however else you choose. This - the public forum - is not for internal server drama.

pecenipicek: Your server is yours to do as you please with - but publicly saying on someone elses forum that you don't want a fellow forum member on your server *then* reporting their posts when they get involved is low. Again - feel free to discuss this on any forum of your own or via PM or email. If there's more to this than meets the eye then let me know - but as I see it I've seen Trashman dragged into posting several times now and then being reported. How much warning do you (and others) need?

Just look at qazwsx and FireSpawn: they're tired of this. They're not the only ones.

Here's what is going to happen:

This thread will be locked - 199 pages is quite enough. I will start a new one where conversation can resume. Conversation will be restricted to Minecraft and on-server matters that do not result in petty bickering. HLP was created to inspire folks to discuss gaming and to get involved in a friendly community. That's not what I see here. Sort it out I'll start excluding people from posting until lessons are learnt.

Update: The new thread (that follows on from this one) can be found here:
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And I'd like to add that I don't wish to see the NEW thread continue on in any manner as this one has.

Personal issues with another member should remain at exactly that. Otherwise, lets stay civilized.
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