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Maximum Debris Objects
Maximum number of debris objects is 32?  Ok, for strikecraft, that's fine, but for something as big as a destroyer, it's embarrassingly low. 

How difficult would it be to raise this number to, say, 99?
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Re: Maximum Debris Objects
Has anyone tried to make "hulks" with a few holes in them where the debris would go? It would seem like an efficient work around.


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Re: Maximum Debris Objects
I've thought of that.  It's a solution, but not a particularly good one because you still can't get many pieces flying off, which tends to look odd for a big ship.  Not to mention that the limit also includes debris from subobjects like modeled subsystems, so it limits what you can do there as well.


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Re: Maximum Debris Objects
Is it possible for debris to spawn smaller debris upon explosion? It could solve this problem if you allowed huge chunks to break into smaller pieces once or twice (like asteroids, sorta). Would also avoid the oddity of a gigantic mountain-sized piece of debris instantly poofing into fire once its lifespan is up.


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Re: Maximum Debris Objects
is there also a maximum limit for debris per submodel? i'm getting an error message if i place more than, i think it's six, on one submodel
that would be extremely low, can it be increased too?
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