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Dwarf Fortress updated yesterday. It's still quite unstable for me but I'm glad it's out nonetheless. I haven't played at all since I haven't managed to successfully gen a world yet, and I'll probably wait a couple weeks for more stable builds to come out. Feature-wise I'm a still a teeny bit disappointed given the two year wait, but a lot of the underlying mechanics have changed with combat and dwarf personality, which probably explains said wait. I'm most looking forward to inns and tavarns in future releases.


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Managed to gen a world and play it for a year or so, the new trees are cool, you get a lot more wood, other than that there's not much alteration in the early game. It's not stable enough to run for long, and there seems to be a problem with save-games sometimes, so same as you, I think I'll give it a month or two before trying it properly.

i tried generating a world and it crashed while offloading it
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