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HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 6 (2 unclaimed Heroes); First Death
Current Week: 6

Current Roster:
deathfun - Highwayman
Scourge of Ages - Plague Doctor
Lepanto - Vestal
StarSlayer - Leper
Patriot - Bounty Hunter
FireSpawn - Jester
Trashman - Crusader
(Colonol) Dekker - Plague Doctor
headdie - Hellion
... - Grave Robber
... - Occultist

Lorric - Crusader

Patient Ward - [ FireSpawn ]

Stress Relief:
Bar - [ Lepanto ]
Gambling Hall - [ Patriot]
Brothel - [  ]

Cloister - [ StarSlayer ]
Transept - [ X ]
Penance Hall - [   ]

Original Post

So you might have heard of this little game that went into Early Access last week, called Darkest Dungeon.

Yes, that is the games' actual title.

For those who are unaware, this is Fantasy 2D Dungeon-Crawler, currently in Early Access on Steam.

The story of which borrows from Lovecraftian Horror in theme. You send parties of up to four heros down into the on of three dungeons (5 in the full game), hoping that you there can lead them back out victorious, alive and sane (in that order). Your objective will be to rebuild the town surrounding the "HLP Estate" (as the Estate has the name you give the campaign) and to beat Bosses of each Dungeons - hopefully vanquishing the Horror the former occupants unleashed upon the world.

A sample character screen from my ongoing campaign - which is doing better than it looks like; Quiks are aquired through adventuring and really change up some characters

In the spirit of previous HLP posted Let's Plays of games which had customizeble crews/parties/squads I would like to invite the community to craft a story around the heroes I will be sending down in the darkness, where their mettle and sanity will be tested. (I'll explain the mechanics of the game as the LP gets along)
(Note the current Early Access Build only has a limited class selection: Hellion, Vestal, Grave Robber, Crusader, Highwayman, Occultist, Leper, Bounty Hunter, Plague Doctor, Jester)

The campaign starts with a Crusader and Highwayman for the tutroial quest, which will be joined by a Vestal and a Plague Doctor at the first arrival in town. So who will take up the mantle of these "brave souls"?

(I'll be back only on weekends ... RL really keeping my busy)
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You can put me down for the Crusader if you like.


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I'll sign up as a Vestal, I suppose. How fast shall I lose my life and/or sanity, in whatever order?
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Scourge of Ages, Plague Doctor. Yessssss please...


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I've been looking at the characters.

If you let me of course, I wonder what brings my character, this warrior of the light:

Together with this rogue:

The other two characters are quite interesting. The vestal looks like a fun and versatile character to play:

She's got the healing stuff, but she can also just get in there and start smashing away with her mace.

And finally the plague doctor:

She can cure, she can buff, she can inflict.


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If you get a Bounty Hunter anytime in the future, Sign me up for that :D


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When you get a Jester, whack my name on 'im and send him to his death....Erm, 'Fortune' yes. Fortune.  :nervous:
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Ohhh..sounds interesting.
I'm always up for some holy crusading.

When you get another Crusader, sign me up for some SMITING!
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tonight is the first session, as soon as I get home (another 3 houres) ... and we don't have a Highwayman yet; no one here with rougish charm who loves to wield a flintlock pistol?

(roster in the first post updated)

How fast shall I lose my life and/or sanity, in whatever order?

Don't know, but usually a Vestal dies last if I can help it - but then again if characters stess-out all bets are off

*The game's intro should be here*

Alright Enter Stage left for:

Lorric, our checkered Crusader - Both devout and "posessive"

and a yet unknown and silent Highwayman

Lorric and his partner "get-off" the coach on the Old Road, a short walk through the Weald to the Hamlet beneath the Estate. Both set out to track through the forest to reach the Hamlet.

Obviously, this low life is suprised some survived the crash of the coach nearby. Yet after some rather average smiting and backstabbing the Bandit falls without striking a single blow in return. This just wasn't his day.

To the victor go the spoils, including the contents of the Bandit's Tent which contains a little gold and some gem shards.

Oh, hi! Suprised to see us?

After having to eat damage for a single round, the Fussilier releases his penned up agression and crits our intrepid heroes.

But the favour is quickly returned, first a crit from a Flintlock...

...and then some Smiting.

Our two heroes emerge victorious from their trip and reach the Hamlet with the spoils. This trip left a lasting impression on our unnamed rogue as he finds his hatred for the animal kingdom.

The Hamlet is run down, most people have fled since the countryside has been overrun by Cultists or worse. But now there is a new group of HEROES in town!

The graveyard is empty ... yet.

To sponsor the the quest to fight EVIL some heirloms are spend to hire more coach drivers. This will increase the number of heroes arriving in the Hamlet each week from 2 to 3.

While talking to the coach drivers, two more Heroes announce themselves: Enter stage left

Lepanto, the Vestal - Holy Woman and Healer

and Scourge of Ages - Medicus, Alchemist and Expert Vivisector.

United in purpose and convinence, the Party of Four prepare to set out. Their chosen destination are the Ruins outside the Hamlet and after buying torches and food supplies for the trip from the Estate's Keeper (who so far has done nothing but to linger in the ruins), this new quest is a go.

Okay, so much for the first session ... I already finished the quest but I've not yet gone over the screenshots yet but I'll give them to you as soon as I can.
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"When you work with water, you have to know and respect it. When you labour to subdue it, you have to understand that one day it may rise up and turn all your labours into nothing. For what is water, which seeks to make all things level, which has no taste or colour of its own, but a liquid form of Nothing?" - Graham Swift, Waterland


"I am Curiosity, and I've always wondered what would become of you, here at the end of the world." - The Guide/The Curious Other, Othercide

"As you sought to steal a kingdom for yourself, so must you do again, a thousand times over. For a theft, a true theft, must be practiced to be earned." - The terms of Nyrissa's curse, Pathfinder: Kingmaker

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Last time our newly formed party was setting out on a real quest, now I'll show you how this played out.

It started out good, into the Dungeon straight to the loot.

First room, first encounter:

The Pain, the Humiliation

But against our four Heroes no enemy can stand.

Half-way through the corridor to the next room, another encounter.

This dead man has it out for the Doctor...

... but still the party can't be stopped.

This pile of rumble could easily be removed with a shovel - but no one brought one.

All this for an EMPTY ROOM?!

Outside the room, the party once again find a crate with some heirlooms stashed away.

Another encounter, this time however the mounting damage of party might start a cascade.

First, the unnamed Highwayman is criticall wounded. But with a Vestal still in the party, I can manage to keep him from dying.

Scourge wants to make up for the previous humiliation with some forceful stabbing.

Lorric surely doesn't want to be outdone by the Doc.

And while it looked dark for a moment, victory is achieved.

After this fight the party need a lunch break.

After having had a snack, the party enters the next room and encountered another group of hostiles,

Lorric once again starts out strong...

... the enemy archer surely has his priorities straight ...

... Scourge retailiated and takes out another enemy ...

... with the Skeleton Crossbowman in range Lorric then strikes and shatteres the unholy rabble.

Once again, the Doc gets hit critically by another attack that's main purpose is utility (this time a spell to manipulate the party order)

And now he tethers at the bring of death. But with the Vestal alive this is still not a problem.

Another thing is however, the near death of the Doctor is enough to push both Lorric and the unnamed Highwayman over the edge.

Both are now stressed out and partly out of control...

... but still this doesn't change how good Lorric is at smiting enemies. The Party is safe once again.

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"When you work with water, you have to know and respect it. When you labour to subdue it, you have to understand that one day it may rise up and turn all your labours into nothing. For what is water, which seeks to make all things level, which has no taste or colour of its own, but a liquid form of Nothing?" - Graham Swift, Waterland


"I am Curiosity, and I've always wondered what would become of you, here at the end of the world." - The Guide/The Curious Other, Othercide

"As you sought to steal a kingdom for yourself, so must you do again, a thousand times over. For a theft, a true theft, must be practiced to be earned." - The terms of Nyrissa's curse, Pathfinder: Kingmaker

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Looks like we're off to a good start.

What effect do these traits Kleptomania and Plutomania have? Do money and items disappear from the party or something? Since my character has the klepto trait, I like the pictures of him standing over the loot with the eager hands. Very fitting. :)

With more heroes on the way do they get to come into the dungeons as well, or is there a cap on party size and some stay at home?

Is death permanent in this game or can dead characters be revived?


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Well, someone's got to go first...


The call had come out from HLP. Evil is afoot, and heroes are needed to battle this evil. As a crusader it is my duty to meet this challenge. For Justice, Honour and Faith.

I began my journey by carriage. And I was not alone. I know a thief when I see one. I can’t stand thieves. That’s what this rogue with me clearly is. But without concrete proof of that, I could not move against him. For his part he knew what I was, and the journey passed in stony silence. Little did I know I would be learning much more about this man in the future.

We were ambushed on the road. At first I thought this was all an ambush set up by this rogue I had been travelling with, but it soon became clear the bandits were not with him, and so with a common enemy we fought side by side for our lives.

There was one fool on the road who clearly thought all he would have to do is strip some bodies of loot. We dealt with him quickly and cleanly. Then we met the pair responsible for this and dealt with them too.

Would you believe this rogue of a travelling companion actually accused me of stealing his pistol? A thief accusing me of being a thief! What cheek! The fool had left his weapon in the wreckage of the carriage, he should have been thanking me for retrieving it.

After that we trudged through to HLP. He hadn’t been going there, but he sees booty to be had here, so he’s tagging along. But he proved a capable fighter back there, and I'd much rather see someone like that putting in some honest work than robbing travellers on the road.

There were two other heroes waiting for us, a vestal and a plague doctor. Clearly a rebellious pair these two, since they’re both female, and were both fully clothed. The vestal even wore armour. Functional armour rather than fashion armour too. How unusual is that? I think we’ll get on pretty well. Especially the vestal, who really seems to get what it’s all about. She’s got the whole Justice, Honour and Faith thing going like me since we’re both in that same mould, but she seems to get that you need armour and a good weapon for this line of work, like the studded mace she has (which I‘d picked up to study, and so engrossed in our chat I got, I forgot I was holding it, she had to call me back, I nearly walked away with it) when so many of her fellow vestals think they can get by with little more than a bikini, some footwear, one detached sleeve or legging, and something silly like one shoulder pad and one greave, and a flimsy staff. I try to tell these girls, but will they listen, no...

Our first excursion went well. We went into the dungeon and while it wasn’t exactly easy and there were a couple of close calls, made quick work of cultists and walking skeletons and the like and picked up a good deal of booty. Ah, this is what it’s all about. It’s been too long since my blade has cut into some real evil instead of simple brigands and whatnot. We got word that more heroes are on the way. We’re going to do some real good here I think. For Justice, Honour and Faith.


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I'll take the Highwayman! Since well... I like guns
This seems entirely interesting actually


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(I'll finish the account of the first quest and then answer the questions that came up)

(Week 1 - cont.)

Last we left our Heroes, they had just vanquished another group of foes. But doing so pushed two of their own across the brink of their mental endurance - the unnamed Highwayman retreated into himself, abandoning all hope for the quest's success and his constant nagging would begin to strain everyone's nerves. The Crusader Lorric on the other hand turned to "look out for Number One" beginning to (erroursly) imagine that his companions would claim all the glory and loot for themselves.

After the fighting was done, the Heroes search the room for loot and true to his thieving self Lorric even searches the holy shrine in the room to find ... some gold left there to appease the God.

Leaving the room for the next, the Party realizes that the area they in now must at one time have been a chapel of some sort. Unexpectedly they come a across a Confessional from which a mysterious voice beckons them to share their sins and be forgiven. Lorric, torn between holy vows and his loose concept of ownership, steps in...

... as it turns out this was not a trap by some dark and cursed power but a genuine sign of Grace, which removes Lorric's Kelptomania!

For the first time the Party can loot without having to fear that Lorric might steal stuff ... still Scourge might hog the gold if he gets the chance.

Some undead rabble bar the Party's progress - propably because Fortune needed to balance out all the possive experiences our Heroes just had.

The Highwayman, now fully retreated into his misery, even refuses the healing magic of Lepanto.

Between the depressing whining of the Hightwayman and "fresh" enemies ready to murder them, another Hero reaches his breaking point - Scourge of Ages' resolve is tested and he rises to the challange, becoming a beacon of hope for the rest of the party, reducing the rate they gain stress.

Our Heroes fight hard yet the undead do not go down without a fight, their attacks gravely wound Lorric pushing him at the edge of Death.

While Lepanto is able to pull the Crusader back from the brink, having assumed a position in the front of the party (to shield the weaker party members) limits her healing magic to her "heal-all"-miracle. Although sufficent to keep the Crusader from dying directly it is not enough to take Lorric out of danger (makign this an odd game of "Lepanto heals Lorric for 1 to 1 HP - Bone Solider hits Lorric for X reducing him to 0 HP, entering the 'At Death's Door'-state" - but since the lone Skeleton doesn't have any buddies to follow through with a Death Blow nothing ever comes of it - except of course a rising stress level)

The stalemate then is resolved with an old fashioned Smite.

Another Empty Room. During this rare calm moment the Party decieds to tend to Lorric and using up the last of the supplies, nurse him back to 12 HP.

Setting out once more, the Party comes across an Iron Maiden, a device seriously add odds with surroundings. Thinking treasure our freshly healed Crusader opens it and ... takes a deep breath of the sickening fumes inside.

Now being tormented by coughting fits Lorric turns a nearby bookcase inside out looking for a cure. But there is nothing to be found, not even a good recipe.

A group of Bandits come across our Heroes, ready to kill and plunder.

Again, the Highwayman excludes himself from healing.

The Bandits have vast array of dirty tricks cricumventing position - not to mention the Fusilier who does hit all four Heroes as long as he is in one of the two rightmost positions. Having obstained from being healed wasn't such a good idea for the Highwayman after all.

Comeback by Noxious Blast!

This time Lorric chooses not to Smite but Accuse his enemies. As a result the Bandit Fusilier drops dead and his companion bleed out (bleeding effect curtesy of our unnamed Highwayman) in shame as soon as it is his turn.

Having reached the next room at last the Party is able to survey their surrounding and the path ahead (just like they have been able to two rooms before that).

On their way foward, the Party once again comes across a bookcase. This time Lepanto searches throught the volumes but nothing comes of it.

Bursting in the next room, the Party startles a group of Culists and their undead minions.

For all his depressing rambling (which marked him as target for the enemy, allowing them to do extra damage), the Highwayman is still a damn good shot - that undead Courtier never saw it coming.

With the fury of the Cultist Brawler, the blunt force of the Bone Solider and Eldrich Magic of the Acolyte (who pushed him back one position already and now another [not shown] by summoing a tentacle) focused on him, Lorric once again falls to 0 HP, nearing death.

The situation tethers on the edge of catastrophe but Scourge of Ages inspiring rethoric is sufficent to relieve some stress (sady not much).

But encouraging words are not all that this party has to offer, they strike down their enemies swiftly after the Doc has finished his speech. The Unholy Acolyte is the last to fall, crushed by the Hand of Light summoned by Lepanto.

With the enemies conqured and the room looted, the party has face a difficult decision: They are out of supplies but loaded with treasure; They are brused and beaten but still not victorious.

Only one room remains, but do they still have power to carry on? Or should they return to the Hamlet, tend to their wounds and try again on a better day?

Living to fight another day seems like the preferable options to almost certain death. The shame of defeat may mark these Heroes but they did emerge from the Ruins with a very good haul; more than enought to excuse forgoing the quest reward.

As it turns out, our Heroes are rather shameless - esspecially Scourge of Ages who is now no longer allowed in the Hamlet's recently opened Brothel. And as everyone reflects on their experience Lorric has to realize that he is not very resistant to Diseases. Lepanto has to see she is a bit slower to react than the rest - not a big thing (yet).

And so concludes the first Quest into the Ruins.

(Hamlet Week 2)


Okay this is where we end for now. I will try to get another Session in tonight, that will being with introducing two new recruits - a Hellion and a Leper - and organizing stress relief for the party from the first quest. Watch this space.

What effect do these traits Kleptomania and Plutomania have? Do money and items disappear from the party or something? Since my character has the klepto trait, I like the pictures of him standing over the loot with the eager hands. Very fitting. :)

Your Character was given absolution and doesn't steal anymore but as the questions stands:

"-mania" traits give a set chance that a character does a certain thing even if the player ordered otherwise or can't influence; often it's just that they will push to open a certain kind of lootable before other Characters (which can be bad as soom lootables can inflict stress, damage, status effects or even give a Character Quirks)

Kleptomania gives a chance that the Heroe with this Quirk opens a lootable object instead of another character, when doing so you don't get the full number of items in that haul.

Plutomania is the nearly the same Kleptomania but only concerns gold instead of items.

With more heroes on the way do they get to come into the dungeons as well, or is there a cap on party size and some stay at home?

The Party size is capped at 4, but there are many ways that characters can be "less desirable" to take along in certain combos - or be downright bad to take along (see below when I talk about Stressing Out). So if one character falls inactive for a week or two (or dies) I have to shuffle through the roster to form a new effective party.

Additionally, right now we don't have the Guild unlocked, which means the Characters are all stuck with the Comabt and Camp Skills they have when they were recruited (4 out of 7) which limits some characters to certain positions to be effective (almost all skill are tied to a certain position to be able to used at all - that's why as soon as the Vestal was moved foward I was unable to use the "heal-single"-spell).

(Note: Camp Skills are for when you have to camp in a Dungeon because the Quest is so long (=the map that is generated is that big))

Is death permanent in this game or can dead characters be revived?

Death is permanent for a Character. If a Character reaches 0 HP he/she enters the "at Death's Door"-state and retains that state until healed back above 0 HP. When in that state every attack directed at that Character will be a "Deathblow" killing the character permanently.
During this quest I was really lucky the AI didn't focus or follow through but all Heroes coming back alive is not a standard in this game.

But Characters can become unable to participate in question because of other reasons than dying: Characters who are attenting a Stress Relief-Activity in the Tavern or Abbey will not be able to go on quest until they are done (which takes 1-2 weeks), same with Characters that are send to the Sanatorium (not unlocked for this campaign yet) to cure a negative Quirk.

Aside from these hard factors, Characters that have stressed out during the last quest are undesirable to take along - which kinda makes them unavalible for questing.
All Characters have a Stress Bar (the white one underneath the Health Bar) which will only reduce through Stress Relief in town, through Stress Healing Skills (both Combat and Camp Skills) if any of your characters have them (only the Jester and the Crusader have them as far as I know) or through ecouragement by Critical Hits and Virtuous Characters.
Stress is gained by certain enemy attacks, by enemies inflicting cirtical hits, skipping a turn in combat, staying in the dungeon, the party's torch going out, certain results lootables and of course by the conducts of Afflicted Characters. Some Quirks modify how stress is gained (most of them are "-phobia" Quirks which interact with certain types of enemies or lootables).

If a Character's Stress Bar reaches 100% that Character will Stress Out, becoming either Afflicted or Virtuous.
Virtuous Characters (like the Plague Doc on the last quest) are a good thing as they get a buff (often one that benefits the entire party) and do periodic Stress Healing in combat. Their Virtuous state only last until the end of the quest however.
Afflicted Characters are bad news - ranging from annoying to really "getting everyone killed"-bad. They will inflict stress upon party members (or the entire party) depending on the Affliction they get (e.g. Depression which periodically inflicts Stress on the Party) and may develop other "bad habits" like passing on actions, attacking automatically or refusing to heal or be healed. Afflictions can only be removed by Stress Relief in town (as far as I know).

I'll take the Highwayman! Since well... I like guns

Welcome, aboard. You joined up right when your Character is going into stress relief - not sure if that makes you lucky or lazy in this context ;)

ps. Updated first post; Current Week; Updated Roster; Current Occupancy of Stress Relief facilites
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"When you work with water, you have to know and respect it. When you labour to subdue it, you have to understand that one day it may rise up and turn all your labours into nothing. For what is water, which seeks to make all things level, which has no taste or colour of its own, but a liquid form of Nothing?" - Graham Swift, Waterland


"I am Curiosity, and I've always wondered what would become of you, here at the end of the world." - The Guide/The Curious Other, Othercide

"As you sought to steal a kingdom for yourself, so must you do again, a thousand times over. For a theft, a true theft, must be practiced to be earned." - The terms of Nyrissa's curse, Pathfinder: Kingmaker

"...because they are not Dragons."


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I'll read the latest account later when I have more time, but for right now, about Lorric losing his kleptomania... awwww! I was planning this whole theme around it! :lol:

Oh well, I'll just post what I had written down, I was going to feed one of these in after each adventure:


There was a bit of an incident about the sharing of the booty this time. I managed to sort things out, but people seemed to think I had been trying to take a bigger share for myself. But it was only because I’d taken on some more of the load because the girls were struggling to carry it all and then I forgot. We’re out here fighting these horrors, it’s easy to forget a little thing like that, people shouldn’t be so quick to jump to such negative conclusions. We have to trust each other out here or it could cost us our lives.


The plague doctor got defensive about me looking at her components. I was only curious, and the ones that were in my pouch must have dropped in there while I was leaning over to get a better look at the things at the back. I mean, why would I want to steal such things, what use would I have for them? I was offended at the accusation but managed to keep my cool and smooth things over.


When we were divvying up the booty they found some of X in my pouch. I don’t know how they got there, I can only imagine we must have jostled each other while we were in the dungeon and they ended up falling in there. Very lucky that happened, they could have so easily ended up on the floor and been left behind.


X found some items in my tent from various party members. I don’t know who the joker is that put them in there, but I’m not amused. I hope they’re ashamed of themselves after the shouting match and wild accusations they caused. We almost came to blows over it. I’m happy we didn’t, but I wish they’d be a little more trusting. There’s more than enough booty to go around here, why would I go stealing people’s stuff?


I found X in my pouch. I don’t know how it got there. I’d give it back, but with all the accusations of stealing flying around, I think I’ll keep hold of it for now until things blow over.

Scourge's log, Day 1:

Arrived at HLP Manor today. It's a good thing the stage coach driver knew his stuff, I'd have hated to have to walk here; I'm sure those woods are crawling with bandits.
The hamlet is run-down and dirty. Depressing, even. Those few residents brave enough to stick near the mansion are obviously corrupted and twisted, but don't seem to be quite at the "flesh-eaty" stage yet, so safe enough.
I found a cot in an out-of-the-way hut, and spent a few hours cleaning and setting up a makeshift laboratory. I'll need some concoctions for the trip ahead, and I might be able to do some healing around the hamlet for coin. Speaking of coin, I found a few bits lazily strewn about the hamlet; can't have that.

Day 2:

Met a Vestal today, name of Lepanto. Must be from the Northern regions with a name like that. She had arrived before I did, and was also looking to enter the dungeon. Neither of us are foolish enough to go without backup though, so we'll wait around and see who shows up. Fortunately, she seems clean enough, and has no risk of illness. I lent her a reagent to sterilize her cot, just in case.

Day 3:

A Crusader and Highwayman arrived today, Lorric and... well he didn't share his name. Mysterious, I like that. Lepanto and Lorric hit it off, they jabbered about "holy-this" and "sacred-that" and "righteous-something" for a good half hour. Now, I appreciate their fondness for the forces of good, but cripes, seriously.
On the plus side, the goody-shiny-shoes Crusader had carelessly dropped some coin out of his traveling sack; I picked it up for him while he was jabbering, and went to get snacks.
Tomorrow, the four of us will enter the dungeon. Wheeee. It's going to be nasty up in there, good thing I brought a spare mask.

Day 4:

We've stopped to rest for a few moments, so I'll write what I can. Undead are here, in force. Can't say I'm surprised, but those skelingtons pack quite a punch. The cultists too have some weird stuff, like summoning tentacles from stupid out of nowhere.
Tentacles, you ask? Why, yes. Stupid cultist with a stupid tentacle out of stupid nether regions of space and time stupid knocking me on my back stupid jerk I'm glad she got smote.

I may be bleeding a little. Yes, still. I've applied a few bandages to myself and the rest of the party, and Lepanto's been able to keep our respective limbs and organs and bloods intact and internal, respectively. Useful skill, that.

Lorric and the Highwayman aren't doing so great in the brain department, so it looks like it's up to us ladies to keep everybody sane. I think I brought something for that...

Day 4, part 2:

Found a shrine and a confessional in the middle of the creepy dungeon. Surprisingly, neither of those things were horrible traps set to kill us all. We even got a little gold out of it. Lorric says he was absolved of his kleptomania, but I don't think I take his word for it... would you believe he actually had a few of my materials in his pockets?? Never you mind why I was looking in his pockets.

Our little Highwayman keeps whining, and Lorric wanted to give up and go back to town. I was about to turn around too, when I caught a glimpse of something shiny further down the hall... My mind changed real quick, and spun some speech about fame and glory and treasure and righteousness or something, and for some reason, it worked. We all agreed to keep going; even the Highwayman (I think I'll call him Bob for now) is sticking with us. Still whining though.

Found a few empty rooms. A booby-trapped iron maiden that spewed some sort of poison gas (I told Lorric to let me open it, but nooooo). Some bookshelves with nothing of note. Lorric keeps taking some pretty nasty wounds, but I guess that's what you get when you sign up as a Crusader: wear the armor, protect the weak, get wrecked. It's in their vow or something. But more pain for him means a little less for me, so I've got that going, which is nice.

Bandits and cultists everywhere. We all pulled out every trick we had, I had to spend a precious gas bomb I made, and the holy twins did some weird stuff, and Bob got some good hits in with his flintlock. But we were in a bad way. This time, we all agreed to head back to the hamlet instead of through the big door that seemed to scream "doooom here!!!". Good choice, I think. The community loot sack is swollen, and my own coinpurse is a bit heavier then when we entered, so I'm happy.

Day 4, part 3:

Bob, our panicky Highwayman, revealed his name to be "Deathfun". I guess near death can make even the most paranoid people decide to share. We're going to take a few days to rest, and get back into the dungeon next week. For now, I think I'll visit that tavern for a tasty beverage and some fun...


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I should have known. I should have known it wouldn’t be so easy. Last time everything went so well. I was back in the saddle (proverbially of course, my horse is no use in a dungeon, so it’s back home in the stable), I was shouting “I am the Sword of Justice!” at evil things with gusto right before smiting them, there’s precious little in this World more satisfying than that. I was smiting cultists and smashing skeletons into piles of bones left and right, I was in my element, and we came away with a good haul of booty.

But that all changed today. We were lucky to all get out of there alive and in one piece, and one of the traps got a piece of me, at least for now. I hope it’s temporary. I’ll get to that later.

So did someone paint a bullseye on my armour or something today? Everyone was lining up to take a shot at me today instead of just lining up to get knocked down. I saw my life flash before my eyes twice, I’ve never had so much healing magic and medicine used on me before, my companions used up all their healing stuff and most of it went on me.

I had a bad feeling about this trip pretty early in. The Highwayman seems to have a death wish. This clown even refused the healing magic of Lepanto (the vestal) at times. What the hell is wrong with that man? He also stayed out the combat at times too. If you’re feeling this way pal, why did you even come down here? If he hadn’t refused the healing, I would have thought him a coward along just to scavenge the booty after we did the work, but with the healing thing, I don’t get it.

So as I was saying, bad feeling. I thought we should go back to the surface and regroup, since the enemy were clearly ready for us and we were basically a man down with the Highwayman. Then we could sort the highwayman out or wait for another hero to arrive before setting forth again. But then the plague doctor, Scourge of Ages (yes, that is actually what she calls herself, what a pretentious name, eh?) delivered a speech. She gets it! She was talking about virtue and smiting evil and such, and even the Highwayman perked up, though I think he perked up at the mention of treasure, as she was also talking about booty. So I thought, hey, we’re set now, so on we went. But things just went downhill from there.

It got to a point where we managed to somehow, someway, scrape through the latest encounter with me half dead, and that’s when they used the last of the healing supplies on me. There was still some magic left.

These girls definitely “get it”. They actually let me do my job. Not like some others. It seems to be happening more and more, my fellow crusaders talk about it too. They moan and complain. They tell us that we’re “white knighting” and get all offended. But we are white knights, what do they expect? Then they invariably end up going off and getting themselves killed… still, it backfired on me today. So they’d got me all nicely healed up, and we came to this iron maiden. Scourge wanted to open it up. But I said it should be me. I’m all healed up, I’m wearing full plate armour from head to toe, it should be me opening it up, right? Makes sense, right? Aaaaaand it’s full of gas. At least Scourge put it right, but unfortunately it seems I was unable to be cleansed fully of this pollution, and it’s left some lingering effects on me unfortunately.

By this point we’d decided enough was enough. We’d actually managed to pick up a good amount of booty, so at least there’s that, and we managed to somehow get out of there on our last legs with the nasties in hot pursuit.

It wasn’t quite over for me though. To top it off, back in my tent, I couldn’t get my helmet off. I’d taken a blow to the head somewhere along the way that had dented the helmet in such a way that I couldn’t get the thing off. So I spent most of the rest of the evening with my head on an anvil. Wonderful.

I was also missing quite a bit of gold when I counted through it after to cheer me up. I imagine one of these dodgy characters hanging around the mansion made off with some of it while I was at the blacksmith. Did I mention I can’t stand thieves? Urgh… I’ll be investing in a strongbox as soon as possible.
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(Small Spoiler: For the next Session there is a number of different quests for the party to choose from - but you can only send one Party on one quest. So everyone cast a vote on what challenge the new set Heroes is about to take upon themselves.)

Didn't get the make a session yesterday because I'm coming down with a cold; but today I finished a quest and here come the results of that.

And I took the hint and checked, the Plague Doctor is indeed female (I couldn't tell from the sprite) and hence from now on this shall be reflected in the pronouns.

And before anyone gives me crap about abandoning the last quest:

So, we carry on with our tale:

(Hamlet Week 2)

Our freshly returned Heroes march past the Stage Coach and are unsurprised that a another number of recruits has appeared. Two Hellions and Leper have made the perilous journey to the Hamlet, seeking fame and fortune.

Listening to our Heroes recount of the previous weeks, one the Hellions decides she is unsuited for such adventures and takes the next coach leaving the Hamlet. The other Two take the tales as encouragement to join the ongoing battle against EVIL.

Enter stage left for...

StarSlayer, a Leper who has mistaken his terrible, wasting illness for a blessing from God, thinking himself to be the bloodthirsty and terrible incarnation of His vengeance...

... and the remaining Hellion, who as so far has not uttered a single word in the common tongue.

(This was a very fortunate haul actually - Lepers are excellent tanks and good for rightmost position on our party - this one can't Hew yet which limits his attacks the single target Chop-Attack; but that is fixable as soon as the Guild unlocks - and Hellions are good melee fighters for the 2nd position from the right, having a good high-risk-high-reward-kind of playstyle - the one joining this week especially as she has both the Breakthru and YAWP-Skill which hit multiple targets; YAWP is a stun on top of that)

On to organizing stress relief for the afflicted characters (at this stage we can't afford to send more than two characters into stress relief):

deathfun is given money to spend at the bar, hoping that the company of the townspeople might lift his spirits.

Lorric, being a God-fearing Crusader, cannot quiet his mind through any other means than prayers. Unfortunately for him, the Transept in the Abbey is occupied by the former Caretaker of the Estate.

Night falls over the Hamlet, which is still a run down sh*t-hole and shadow of the splendor that once was.

As the sun rises above the horizon StarSlayer, Lepanto, Scourge of Ages and the Hellion (who still has not grasp of the common language - who typical for these barbaric folk!) gather to outfit another forray into the Ruins.

(Using two Heroes with that high Stress-levels is not best solution in the book but I didn't want to launch quest with anything but a full party.)

Learning for the last quest, a few more supplies are bought (which turns out to be mostly redundant as the dungeon map is actually smaller than the last)

Once more our Heroes enter the darkness...

This part of the ruins must at one point have been a study or a workshop for the first thing the Party encounters is Alchemy Lab - oddly preserved in such forsaken envoirnment.

Scourge trusting in her education attempts to make something out of the contents of the Laboratory but only winds up inflicting Blight on herself (Damage over Time).

Only a few steps further a party of Cultist bursts from the darkness, catching our Heroes unaware and turning the careful positioning upside down.

Hellions are barbaric warriors who are able to utilize their savage fury in way unfitting of more civilised people - but still she gets results.

StarSlayer is able to show that despite his sickness his swordarm is still true and strong...

... yet because he cannot Hew (only chop) the final killing blow is landed by the Hellion.

The next room, an old study that has been looted a long time ago, is a junction. The Party decides to proceed South rather than West.

The southbound path is blocked by rubble - and once again being cheap comes back to haunt our Heroes: While digging by hand through the debris the resolve of Scourge and Lepanto are tested...

... Scourge who had been so valiant on the last quest now plunges into the depths of Paranoia ...

... Lepanto on the other hand proves to be Stalwart and immune to the pressing darkness of this dungeon.

No amount of mental strength however can help when our Heroes are not on the look out and get ambushed by the Undead.

The ugly face of Scourge's paranoia shows as she begins to refuse the healing touch of Lepanto.

The element of surprise might be an advantage for the Skeletons but StarSlayer's mights sword is clearly a match for the frail bones when it is combined with the gas grenades of Scourge which cause the third Skeleton to expire.

After such a series of blunders (being surprised twice by hostiles) loot is a balm for the weary hands and hearts of our Heroes.

In the next room the Heroes have a chance to scout ahead. Armed with this knowledge they press on.

The interactive instance right before the end of the eastern path is revealed as an Iron Maiden. StarSlayer peeks inside but the only things he can find are the stench of rot and decay - which the Leper is immune against.

Reaching the end of this path, the Party comes face to face with another group of Cultists...

It is the dark magic of the Cultist Acolyte and the dark vistas of reality which she shows StarSlayer, that push him over the edge as well....

... crippling fear grasps his heart and errode any courage the doomed man possesses ...

... but with a heavy blade it doesn't matter if the heart wielding it is strong; it's mass will do the trick just fine without courage.

Glimpsing a knife in the dark, Scourge darts forwards with her scalpel in hand and attacks a Cultist Brawler - the knife might have been a play of her imagination but the killing stab against the Cultist's neck is not.

The barbaric people of the Hellion have no love for witches and sorceresses (but druids and shamans are fine).

The final blow belongs to StarSlayer ... just the way he likes it.

Among the spoils from this encounter is our first Trinket - an optional item which gives are permanent bonus (and/or malus) when worn; this one is restricted to the Highwayman-class and it is not every good either.

Having backtracked to the abandoned study room, the party sets forth to the west. In the corridor they come across a Confessional, remembering the miraculous effect a confession had on Lorric, the party urge Scourge to go in.

As it turns out it was prudent choice as Scourge emerges without her lust for money (Plutomania removed).

Besides the Confessional the party encounters a Display Case for an important looking heirloom. But it is trapped and the heirloom cannot be retrieved.

Approaching the next room our Heroes encounter some rather perplexed Skeletons who quickly fall to the heroic onslaught.

Obviously the Undead inside this room were trusting on their sentires outside. Too bad for them.

The Skeleton Crossbowman's eyes might have long rotted away but his aim is still true.

StarSlayer is quick to enable her revenge.

The undead rabble won't be denied a good blow...

... but the Hellion answers in kind, making this an odd clash of civilisation and barbarism.

Ending this fight falls to the Hellion as StarSlayer cannot muster the strength for a strike of his own.

Having defeated the undead, the Leper makes his way the blessed fountain seeking healing for the godly presence he imagines to reside there.

If there truly was a divine energy in these waters no one will be able to tell but effect on StarSlayer is obvious (Healed).

And now fortune truly smiles upon our Heroes.

It might be a transgression against the Faith to dig through the ashes of a departed person but sometimes it reveals treasure. StarSlayer is pushed to the forefront by the others, trusting that no disease from the ashes would infect the Leper...

... turns out they were right. (This is the second time the Leper supposedly was infected by a lootable but didn't take any ill effects.)

The next room is empty but for webs of small spiders.

The spiders in these Ruins may be small (so far *hinthint*) but the Maggots are in turn bigger and more disgusting.

Some instinct drives the Maggots to target the Doc - do they know about the methods of the Medica?

Again, the Leper's heavy blade and the Hellions savage assault end the threat.

The folk tales have it that the barbarous folk is impervious to the myriad facets of madness that afflict civilized folk. But these tales are wrong and the strain of bloodsheed and darkness show in them like in any other human being: The Hellion too fails to resist the dark depths of her personality and egomania blooms in her soul.

Another heirloom on display, another trap - and no loot, again.

In the final room the party suprises the final set of enemies - Cultists and some Undead.

Seeking glory for herself and in utter contempt for the undead dandy hiding behind his masters, the Hellion rushes to the right most position and performs her Iron Swan-attack against the rightmost position of the enemy party - selfish but effective.

StarSlayer ends the Cultist Brawler after Scourge had weakened him.

After a disturbing series of misses by all party members but Lepanto (who had been healing everyone else) the Cultist Acolyte is finally felt in the 9th Round of Combat.

With his mistress beaten, the undead bodyguard is quickly dispatched as well.


The haul form this quest might not be as large as the last one but victory remains its own reward (also the quest rewards make more than up for the difference).

But loot is not the only thing our Heroes bring home to the Hamlet.

StarSlayer's eyesight has proven superior to most but his fear of all manner of creatures from the animal kingdom is revealed as well. (+ Accuracy, - Stress Resist against Beasts)
Though she still not understood in words and gestures, the Hellion's fancy for all things dead had become apparent. (Must interact with Corpses in the Dungeon)
If she had been devout before, the horrors of the Ruins have taught Scourge that no higher power exists in this world. (Cannot relieve Stress at the Transept or Penance Hall)
Lepanto has proven to be good explorer, although the Ruins are not her speciality. Her blood as it appears now is reluctant to close her wounds. (+ Chance of scouting in the Warrens Dungeon; - Bleeding Resistance)

(The Hamlet - Week 3)

Even on the hills that separate the fallen Estate from the Hamlet the Heroes can hears the sounds of a busy forge; in their absence of supplies have come in and Blacksmith's shop is back in business. The emblem of the Guild is visible from a distance as well. Life is returning to the community.

Together with Lorric and deathfun, the Party assembles at the Guildhouse. The trainers of the Guild will provide and invaluable service if they can be persuaded to stay, and so some Heirlooms are presented to the Guild representatives to encourage a long term investment.

But a long term investment is not all our Heroes desire from the Guild:

Lorric trains in the Battle Heal- (minor healing for single party member) and Holy Lance-Skills (forward move including attack against single target in enemy backrow).

deathfun trains the Wicked Slice-Skill (melee attack, possible from back row).

Scourge of Ages sets out to learn more about Battlefield Medicine (remove Bleed- or Blight-DoT effect)

Lepanto trains in the Illumination-Skill (ranged attack, increased torch level, inflicts Dodge malus)

StarSlayer learns how to Hew instead just Chopping (melee attack, hits both enemy front row targets)

The Blacksmith's shop might be up and running to meet the need of the community but so far it cannot produce any new weapons and armour.

Seeking for new recruits, our Heroes encounter the Jester FireSpawn and the Bounty Hunter Patriot. Both are delighted to join the upcoming quests.

Enter Stage left:

Patriot, a Bounty Hunter with a rule to refuse any job that does not involve killing. (Dancomania: Stress Level increases if someone else makes a killing blow)

FireSpawn, a fellow of infinite jest and true love for the spotlight. (Photomania: + Stress Resist if Light Level, aka Torch, is high)

Both are then turned over to the Guild to teach them some "essential skills":

Patriot learns Flash Grenade (Chance of Stun, Chance of Shuffle - which is to randomly move the target one position forward or back)

FireSpawn learns Harvest (Hit both middle positions of the enemy party) and Inspiring Song (Stress Heal)

(Next time: I'll try to summarize recruitment and training)

On to Stress Relief:

In the Abbey, the Caretakes still occupies the Transept - so Lorric is once again excluded from the Stress Relief. StarSlayer retreats to meditate and the Hellion inflicts harsh practices of physical cleansing upon herself.

In the Tavern, Scourge of Ages sits down with a cold one.

It the dim light of day, the Hamlet looks more lively than ever. Still, it was not been restored to beauty and industry.

With all matters taken care off - here are quest choices for the next foray into the dungeon, during which Lepanto and Lorric will show FireSpawn and Patriot the ropes of dungeon crawling.
Option A - Scout the Ruins I:

Option B - Skirmish in the Ruins:

Option C - Scout the Ruins II:

Option D - Skirmish in the Weald:

Which quest should it be?
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"When you work with water, you have to know and respect it. When you labour to subdue it, you have to understand that one day it may rise up and turn all your labours into nothing. For what is water, which seeks to make all things level, which has no taste or colour of its own, but a liquid form of Nothing?" - Graham Swift, Waterland


"I am Curiosity, and I've always wondered what would become of you, here at the end of the world." - The Guide/The Curious Other, Othercide

"As you sought to steal a kingdom for yourself, so must you do again, a thousand times over. For a theft, a true theft, must be practiced to be earned." - The terms of Nyrissa's curse, Pathfinder: Kingmaker

"...because they are not Dragons."

Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 3
Scourge's Log, week 2:

I write this now from the relative safety of the tavern. I almost died this week, three or four times by my count. I really think the Estate is trying to put me down, in particular. I just want to plunder it a little! Why is the dungeon such a jerk?

Early this week, while Lorric and Deathfun were resting, we met a Leper named StarSlayer, and a Hellion from parts unknown. They joined our little band, against my protestations. I didn't become a plague doctor to pal around with some rotting pile of flesh, for cripes sake! But he was a decent enough guy, and wrapped in enough bandages to cover a giant, so I just changed a mask filter and swallowed my pride.

A good thing, too. StarSlayer and the Hellion were great in the dungeon. Despite almost every trap and every monster going out of their way to rend my flesh, and a few almost succeeding, our two meatheads really came through with the killing.

No really. Every trap, every monster tried to kill me. There was a perfectly harmless science bench, and when I tried to whip up a bit of medicine, BAM! TRAPPED! Skellington with a crossbow? Aims for my face, and almost took it off. Giant squishy flippin' maggots? They rushed me and tried to gnaw my legs off!

I'm taking this next week off, gonna spend some hard-scrounged loot in the tavern and chat up the apothecary a bit.