Author Topic: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 6 (2 unclaimed Heroes); First Death  (Read 13046 times)

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Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 6 (2 unclaimed Heroes); First Death
Hi guys,

I have NOT forgotten about you or this project ... but I had things to do and places to be!

... well, I was busy restarting my work on Of Shivans and Men (and of course busy with RL-stuff). However I'm ready get things back on track now.

I really would like to have you back in the game ... I'll figure something out that is not at odds with the tone of the game ( maybe slaying a boss hold a dark and mindbending opportunity ... not really but I'll come back to you on that )
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Re: HLP's Darkest Dungeon - Week 6 (2 unclaimed Heroes); First Death
Everyone was helpless after the death of Lorric. And so the evil forces eventually marched out and crushed the town, which would be just the first conquest on their way to conquering the whole World. THE END.

I do wonder what happened to this. But anyway, with the WoD forum game coming up, I very much doubt I'll be able to participate in two forum games simultaneously if it does eventually resurrect. It was fun while it lasted. :)