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Re: Where Be Dat Earth Subspace Nodes
Well... Actually there may be thousands of interstellar subspace connections in every system. As far as I remember, techroom says there are many nodes in Sol but Sol-DS node was first stable enough to travel through it so it's the only listed one. Subspace node network may be much dense than official map describes. Plus we have numerous listed and non checked nodes in various systems where Shivans attacked in FS1 like Ross 128, Ikeya, Ribos etc. Sol may be connected with much more stars, but GTA never discovered more stable nodes.
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Re: Where Be Dat Earth Subspace Nodes
Another thing that was bothering me is why have they sealed Capella?Sathanas fleet was first saw in binary system,until they crossed two systems,GTVA could've tried to seal off Gamma Draconis,they would lose one destroyer and lock down useless system,and everyone would be happy.

They didn't have time to seal off Gamma Draconis before the Shivans jumped into Capella. In fact, had the Shivans not stopped to destroy Capella, I doubt they would have been in time to stop them leaving Capella too.
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