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What games are you developing?
Who here at HLP develops games outside of FreeSpace? Whether you work in the games industry, or you're an indie dev.

What sort of games have you worked on, or are you working on right now? What makes them really cool?

Has your FreeSpace modding experience helped you make other games, or vice versa?
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Re: What games are you developing?
Working on a "crunchy" tabletop wargame/boardgame, some 70 pages of rules written in the first draft and 23 or so units developed with unit cards to go with 'em.

Dabbled in Unity with Videogame development but haven't done much more than make a ship move around a 2D space and shoot bullets.

My modding experience helped so far as the fact I actually released something. One campaign and a fighter. Beyond that it doesn't really translate into the other mediums.  Though I did translate Freespace to a tabletop wargame, albeit not very successfully as the scaling was too accurate to the video game.
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Re: What games are you developing?
I'm a programmer by profession and game-maker by passion and Freespace modding taught me plenty of skills and knowledge I am now using for my other projects. I made some small games in Unreal Engine 4 and Unity and even developed Heroes III-like multiplayer game for Android (I didn't release it - it was my thesis project).

Generally if you Fred something more complex than defending an Orion from waves of Seraphims, something that involves use if scripts, variables, creation of various game mechanics, it gives you general understanding of how game engine works, how to handle different issues and what to do to make your missions/mods/games playable and enjoyable. When I first learnt Unreal and saw its blueprints, my first thought was - wow, it's almost like SEXPs in Fred, even better :P.


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Re: What games are you developing?
Working on Spyjinx at ChAIR Entertainment, which is part of Epic Games.  Partnering with Bad Robot on that one.  We're using UE4.
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Re: What games are you developing?
I've been working on my first project since late November. I'm developing a mobile phone game using Unity. It's essentially a clone of the Mud and Blood 2 game but tweaked to my own gaming preferences and ideas on gameplay. Prior to this, my only programming experience came from some introductory Java and programming with statistical suites such as Matlab, R, and Stata. I've never modded FS2, although I've worked on a Company of Heroes mod called Operation Market Garden. Some day I'll find the time to sit down and try out Fred.