Author Topic: Mike Kulas & Matt Toschlog working on a new Descent-inspired title  (Read 15266 times)

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Re: Mike Kulas & Matt Toschlog working on a new Descent-inspired title
Quick SP review for full game

The good:
  • Game plays very well, everything has a slick and smooth feel to it, from the gameplay, to the tight controls, even the graphics
  • There's a nice variety of memorable enemies; each with a unique attack and strategy to defeat. Designs are excellent as well
  • Music and sound effects really are top notch, Den Wenz (as well as other composers) really did a fantastic job in this department. All weapons feel weighty and satisfying, something I remember D3 was lacking. Music definitely reminds me of Descent
The meh:
  • Story is reasonably engaging, though not a masterpiece by any stretch, I guess I shouldn't have been expecting too much given its not the focus of the game, but I still would've like a bit more in terms of lore. Then again I suppose that can be saved for the sequel
  • The graphics (as much as I like them) lack the striking visual style that Descent 1 + 2 had. Can't quite put my finger on why, not colorful enough maybe?
Gabriel Kantor is something of a mix of Samuel Dravis and Aken Bosch. In fact, his ultimate fate is similar to what Jason Scott had in mind for Bosch in FS2.
The bad:
  • Suicide robots (who's names escape me) are extremely annoying to fight; there small, hard to hit, fast, and do a crap-load of damage over a large area
  • Bosses are a little underwhelming, there are 3 and I think I only died twice. The bosses in Descent were often a bit OP (looking at you D1 L7 boss), so I guess this is an attempt to rectify this, but they went a bit too far
  • There is an annoying bug where I have to load and save outside doors to make them open after blowing the reactor, not game breaking, but definitely a bit mood breaking.

Just started the multiplayer and I got my backside handed to me, but I think I'll persist.

Really hope they add campaign co-op at some point, though I remember Mike saying the required AI changes would be substantial.

As a Descent fan, I give this a solid 8.5/10. Would be curious to know what someone new to the genre would give it.

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Re: Mike Kulas & Matt Toschlog working on a new Descent-inspired title
Playing through now and really enjoying this.  Wish I had sprung for a video card, though.  Integrated just barely runs it, and I'm not getting the full experience.  :sigh:  Still enjoying it a whole lot though.  The difficulty is just right.  Defeating hard bots and rooms feels like an achievement.


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Re: Mike Kulas & Matt Toschlog working on a new Descent-inspired title
I've been playing this and am halfway through the SP campaign. They got the gameplay spot on and the movement and combat feel very fluid. :yes: As someone said earlier, the game is hard but fair, and rewards player skill much more than a typical FPS. The graphics look quite nice especially for an indie game, and the game still runs more smoothly than many big-budget releases that look worse. I especially like that shiny gold look in the energy centers. I would have liked a bit more variety in the level styling and objectives though, and most of the enemies tend to look and sound pretty similar, as opposed to the very distinctive robots in all the Descent games. There are a few exceptions like the one with the circular saws. The game is generally much closer to Descent 1/2 than 3, which is both good and bad. The weapons are clearly based on the Descent ones. The Cyclone is pretty good when you first get it but some others like the Impulse and Driller really need the upgrades to be useful. Still, it's an excellent game overall. I still have yet to play it online as well.

I got the Steam version even though I prefer GOG and their lack of DRM. The Steam one is the only way to get the soundtrack, which is outstanding and fits the game very well. I recognize snippets of the D1 music in a few places. :D I still need to try out the level editor as well. I made a lot of levels for Descent 1 and 2 back in the day.