Author Topic: Mike Kulas & Matt Toschlog working on a new Descent-inspired title  (Read 10706 times)

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Re: Mike Kulas & Matt Toschlog working on a new Descent-inspired title
Quick SP review for full game

The good:
  • Game plays very well, everything has a slick and smooth feel to it, from the gameplay, to the tight controls, even the graphics
  • There's a nice variety of memorable enemies; each with a unique attack and strategy to defeat. Designs are excellent as well
  • Music and sound effects really are top notch, Den Wenz (as well as other composers) really did a fantastic job in this department. All weapons feel weighty and satisfying, something I remember D3 was lacking. Music definitely reminds me of Descent
The meh:
  • Story is reasonably engaging, though not a masterpiece by any stretch, I guess I shouldn't have been expecting too much given its not the focus of the game, but I still would've like a bit more in terms of lore. Then again I suppose that can be saved for the sequel
  • The graphics (as much as I like them) lack the striking visual style that Descent 1 + 2 had. Can't quite put my finger on why, not colorful enough maybe?
Gabriel Kantor is something of a mix of Samuel Dravis and Aken Bosch. In fact, his ultimate fate is similar to what Jason Scott had in mind for Bosch in FS2.
The bad:
  • Suicide robots (who's names escape me) are extremely annoying to fight; there small, hard to hit, fast, and do a crap-load of damage over a large area
  • Bosses are a little underwhelming, there are 3 and I think I only died twice. The bosses in Descent were often a bit OP (looking at you D1 L7 boss), so I guess this is an attempt to rectify this, but they went a bit too far
  • There is an annoying bug where I have to load and save outside doors to make them open after blowing the reactor, not game breaking, but definitely a bit mood breaking.

Just started the multiplayer and I got my backside handed to me, but I think I'll persist.

Really hope they add campaign co-op at some point, though I remember Mike saying the required AI changes would be substantial.

As a Descent fan, I give this a solid 8.5/10. Would be curious to know what someone new to the genre would give it.

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Re: Mike Kulas & Matt Toschlog working on a new Descent-inspired title
Playing through now and really enjoying this.  Wish I had sprung for a video card, though.  Integrated just barely runs it, and I'm not getting the full experience.  :sigh:  Still enjoying it a whole lot though.  The difficulty is just right.  Defeating hard bots and rooms feels like an achievement.