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Ice Age: Collision Course

This Ice Age film is really about space. It features Neil de Grasse Tyson as Neil deBuck Weasel, and more importantly... Melissa Rauch (Bernadette of The Big Bang Theory) as Francine, her first ever voice role in a film (let's all hope that her voice acting will be better when it will be released this June).
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Re: Ice Age: Collision Course
Does he know he's an ad?
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Re: Ice Age: Collision Course
A ****ty post for a ****ty movie.

Re: Ice Age: Collision Course
i am glad that we have bryan to keep us up to date on the world of ****ty movies*

*addendum addressed to bryan: this is sarcasm, i am not glad, please stop making these threads
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Re: Ice Age: Collision Course
Are you a bot?
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Re: Ice Age: Collision Course
Does he know he's an ad?

Jimmy, you're thinking with your dick.
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Re: Ice Age: Collision Course
Are you using HLP for some kind of SEO? That's the only explanation I can think of that makes any kind of rational sense; the periodic obsession with specific topics, the not-quite-copypasted articles that hit keywords, the random nature of the topics vs HLP, despite your pissweak attempts to pretend they're related.

If you're doing that, stop immediately. If you're not, stop spamming. Also immediately. Consider this your official warning - from now on, I'm applying the reasonable man tests to your posts - if a reasonable man would conclude that they're spam, then they're spam. And the reasonable man is me. Don't push it.
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