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  • Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
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It seems that Bethesda (owner of Id Software) has announced the game after their success of the Doom reboot.

BTW, I hope that, though unlikely nowadays, Id will release a GPL source code release of Rage (id Tech 5) to the public via GitHub.


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To actually try to unseat Quake 3 / Quakelive from its arena multiplayer throne takes some balls or stupidity.

They didn't do a terrible job at upgrading DooM, so I guess they could try. Then again, it's probably as good as UT2004 was to UT, which is, not that much (euphemism ftw).

DooM multi was actually bad, so my hopes are near zero here.


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Then again, it's probably as good as UT2004 was to UT, which is, not that much (euphemism ftw).
...What are you talking about? UT2k4 is still the best UT.
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<MageKing17> "There's probably a reason the code is the way it is" is a very dangerous line of thought. :P
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<MageKing17> God damn, I do not understand how this is breaking.
<MageKing17> Everything points to "this should work fine", and yet it's clearly not working.
<MjnMixael> 2 hours later... "God damn, how did this ever work at all?!"
<MageKing17> so
<MageKing17> more than two hours
<MageKing17> but once again we have reached the inevitable conclusion
<MageKing17> How did this code ever work in the first place!?

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<MageKing17> It was all working perfectly until I actually tried it on an actual mission.

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Also QuakeLive is very noob-unfriendly in my experience, even with matchmaking at minimum the skill cealing is extremely high, I've played Quake 3 when I was younger and I played various FPSes for decades but I almost never managed to get beyond last place and usually there was a ridiculous margin between me and the player above, almost like all players with medium-to-low skill level abandoned the game making it the reign of high-to-extreme players.
It's very difficult to get good when most of the times you aren't alive for more than ten seconds at a time during a match.
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The only good UT is the GOTY version of the original, period. All the rest is graphical noise trash on top of a moribund gameplay.

Quakelive is n00b unfriendly nowadays, I can agree to that. It has to do with the matureness of the community, and lack of new blood. I much rather just play Q3 at the comfort of my house with people I know rather than be instagibbed online every few seconds. I look at the nets more as inspiration rather than actual game environments. Love the vids of pros, their command of the game is pure artform.