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This has nothing to do with music.


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Thanks for that. I'll probably make a request for such elsewhere.
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Re: Sound set test builds
I ran into what I think is a bug, kind of an odd case.

When assigning a turret rotation sound in ships.tbl, for example:

Code: [Select]
$Subsystem:                     gunturret-6, 25, 20
$Alt Subsystem Name: Heavy Turret
    $Default PBanks:            ( "VX-181 Heavy Pulse" "Type-3 Beehive round" )
$Turret Base RotationSnd: 321
$Target Priority:        ( "cruisers" "corvettes" "capitals" "super caps" "bombers" "fighters" )
$Flags: ( "check hull" "no subsystem targeting" "target requires fov" "fire on target" "salvo mode" "reset when idle" )
$animation: triggered
$type: initial
+relative_angle: 80, 0, 0 

And the sound its referencing is retail formatted, or uses the +Filename: formating
For example:
Code: [Select]
$Name: 321
+Filename: Turretrotation.ogg
+Preload: no
+Volume: 0.55
+3D Sound:
        +Attenuation start: 450
        +Attenuation end: 1500
+Priority: Medium-High
+Limit: 4

It will play just fine ingame.

However, when using the +Entry: format, the sound won't play.
This for example:
Code: [Select]
$Name: 321
+Entry: Turretrotation.ogg
+Cycle type: sequential
+Preload: no
+Volume: (0.85 0.90)
+3D Sound:
        +Attenuation start: 450
        +Attenuation end: 1500
+Priority: Medium-High
+Limit: 4
+Pitch: (0.95 1.05)
Won't work.
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Re: Sound set test builds
At a glance, it looks like volume/pitch ranges have issues with always returning 0 for min/max value, which could screw up a number of relevant pieces of code.
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Re: Sound set test builds
The turret rotation sound code used the persistent object sound system so my first guess is that sound sets do not work well with that. I'll try to reproduce and fix this when I have some free time.