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Okay, now that's interesting... Which version of Mantle are you running? Maybe Kestrellius did actually change something in updates? Also, maybe using a different build (i.e. 3.8.0-3 vs latest nightlies) changes something?

Eventually, you can toggle your and only your own primaries and secondaries with cheats, if you want. It might be just to "help yourself" pass a mission and then the next one will have more sensible loadouts?
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Well, I removed the retail, non-HoL variants of the Prom R and Tempest and so on when I released 1.0.2 a little while back. Is that what you mean?

But yeah, the Akheton thing is definitely a bug.

I'm running Mantle 1.0.2.  I hadn't changed any of my FSO settings for fear that was where I went wrong before.  Looking at it closer, it is still using FSO 3.8.0-3.
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