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Upgrading to Knossos launcher
I installed the wxlauncher shortly before Knossos was released. How easy is it to upgrade and transfer all of my data and campaigns?
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Re: Upgrading to Knossos launcher
IMO it's quite easy. I would say start with a fresh install of Knossos and then just go to the explore tab in Knossos and re-download all the mods you want, because that will be very easy and ensure you have the most up-to-date versions of each mod. If there is a mod you want that isn't on Knossos then that is also easy to add to your Knossos setup.

Re: Upgrading to Knossos launcher
I wouldn't try transferring mod data, since file organization is a little different; as wookiejedi said, it's super easy to install all that from Knossos.

As for transferring campaigns, I think you can just copy the .csg files from wherever they live in non-Knossos FSO to %AppData%\Roaming\HardLightProductions\FreeSpaceOpen\data\players\ once you've installed the Knossos versions of everything.  You can try to copy the .plr files from old-FSO as well to keep all your old pilot settings, but if that doesn't work try making new pilot profiles from scratch, but make sure the new names exactly match those of your old .csg files.

FWIW, I've used the above technique to recover campaign progress when a pilot profile got corrupted, but I've never tried it between different installs of FSO, let alone between Knossos and not-Knossos.

Re: Upgrading to Knossos launcher
Actually, player data being stored in %AppData% predates Knossos by quite a while (I think it was with FSO 3.7.0, but I can't say for sure), so it's possible your player profiles were already copied already there when the switch was made.

Re: Upgrading to Knossos launcher
Huh.  I just went digging on my other hardrive, where I apparently still have not-Knossos FSO installed, and I've got a bunch of .plr and .csg files stores in my Freespace /data/players/ folder too.  Not saying you're wrong, just saying that I'm confused (kinda my default state, really).

Re: Upgrading to Knossos launcher
That's alright, FSO doesn't delete the old pilot data, it only copies them if they're not present in %AppData% so your old install should still have all your old player files.


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Re: Upgrading to Knossos launcher
Storing configuration and pilot files in %AppData% was implemented in FSO 3.8.0. If you're using the latest version of wxLauncher, it will have already copied the relevant files from the old location to %AppData%. In that case, you can just use Knossos and don't have to manually copy anything over. You'll have to reinstall your mods, though, since Knossos uses a different folder structure. You could modify your existing installation to conform to the new folder structure but that usually causes problems so it's recommended to just do a fresh installation.