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FSO is launching... stuck
Hello- absolutely loved the original Descent and was lucky enough to play Freespace 1 and 2 when the first came out. So excited to see a really large community still doing big things with the universe- thank you all.

Unfortunately I've been having an issue in Knossos 0.13.3- whenever I attempt to launch FS1 Port, Retail FS2, Silent Threat Reborn, Blue Planet or any other program Knossos states that FSO is launching but nothing comes of it.

I also was not able to get my Thrustmaster 16000.m and throttle to work (which I bought specifically for this game) but perhaps that's a whole other issue.

At this point I'd just like to get FS and the mods to get going- got any advice?

Thanks in advance.                                         


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Re: FSO is launching... stuck
Please post your fs2_open.log file.  Instructions on how to do this can be found in this post.

Re: FSO is launching... stuck
It makes the FSO is Launching error, but when I try to upload the log I get this.. sorry but I can't find the fs2_open.log file

I have also checked FS2/data folder in Knossos directory and no dice.

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Re: FSO is launching... stuck
FYI- The launcher was working at one point, after pulling this error for awhile. I dont know what I did to make it work.

At first I was playing FS1 in with pretty bad graphics but then the media upgrades must've kicked in and I had a nice day of it yesterday. I tried to make some scripts with TARGET for the joystick and throttle to work but that didnt happen. Unplugged the usbs for the joysticks and selected no joystick in Knossos as well.

Still stuck.  :confused:

Re: FSO is launching... stuck
Maybe try using different FSO builds? You might need to change your preferred FSO stability in Knossos settings, though. I suggest setting it to RCs and using 19.0.0-RC1.
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Re: FSO is launching... stuck
Well you got me playing again at least, thank you! All I did was change the RC build. Booted up first time, quickly.

Some weird graphical issues- Avenger cannon now shoots phlegm green/yellow bolts as opposed to bright yellow and some other low rez textures here and there- however, I can at least heap some damage on the shivans again.

Re: FSO is launching... stuck
You could check if you've enabled all the proper graphical options (through FSO Settings), your options might not have been applied to the new build you've downloaded.
Also look into whether all the FSPort, MediaVPs and fsport-mediavps packages are enabled via the Modify option.
And maybe you've got some strange lighting settings applied?

Eventually you could post a screenshot of the graphical issues you see. Also you could use the Lab (F3 in main menu) to view all models and weapon effects, it'd make taking a screenshot of the problem easier. You might have to need to select a background before loading models/effects, though.
Mito [PL] - Today at 8:52 PM
I was supposed to make a short presentation about basics of optical fibers and here I am, listening to Eurobeat while reading about quantum cryptography.


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Re: FSO is launching... stuck
Better late than never....

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Re: FSO is launching... stuck
Sorry for the late reply...
The "FSO is launching..." issue (where it's just stuck on that step) can usually be fixed by going to Knossos' settings, selecting any option in the joystick selector (even the "No joystick" option works) and saving. Something weird happens while parsing FSO's config. Saving the configuration there overwrites it which fixes the issue. Haven't had time to investigate further so the issue still exists.

Regarding the Thrustmaster issue: IIRC that device appears as several controllers in Windows which is an issue because FSO can only use one joystick at a time. You can use something like vJoy though to combine them into one virtual joystick and use that with FSO. There are other people on the forum which use that HOTAS or similar devices so I'm pretty sure you'll get help if you start asking around.