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Hi, i am Jethro, a long time lurker/modder/3D modeler on this board, although i used another nick name back then.
I used to be very active in regards to modding and freding the game (FSO, Diaspora and B5), mostly for personal enjoyment.

Round about 3-4 years ago, i lost interest in modding/ space sims, so i left everything behind and focused on RL stuff and World of Warships as my go-to game.
A couple of weeks ago, i started streaming Wargaming titles, mostly WoWS, but also WoT and WoWP.
While i enjoy these games, it can get a bit...monotonous...sometimes, so i decided to add other games to my list, like Mechwarrior Online, Cold Waters.

During my streams, i play various music and when the BSG playlist started playing, old memories surfaced.
So, i started watching BSG again (for the umpteenth billion time) and decided to stream Diaspora, FSO and maybe even the Blue Planet games over the upcoming holidays.

TBH, i haven't kept tabs on HLP ( i used to 'live' here), so i'm kinda sad to see that the board ain't longer as active as it once was.
And that long awaited Projects, went into Hibernation...  :(
And while i won't get back into modelling/ modding due to RL and the fact that i don't have 3DS Max anymore, i hope i can contribute in another way: by streaming the games.
Cause gaminng wise, i had the best years here on HLP and i hope to revive the old 'feeling'...and in the process maybe, just maybe, interrest one or two of my viewers for the awesome games created here.

As mentioned above, i only recently started streaming, so i don't have many viewers yet, but i'm working on it.

With the recent release of the MediaVPs, i consider FSO next to Diaspora, to be my 'top priority' as a non-Wargaming title.
And instead of spamming each sub forum with the same questions, i'll just ask here:

1. Do all the Standalone games (Diaspora, BP: WiH, BP: WiH2, Babylon 5, and the creepy one with the Stealth ship- Ascendant(?)...forgot the Name... :( ) work fine with the current nightlies?
2. Are shadow maps now fully integrated or do i need special builds?
3. When will FotG will be released? As a long timer here, i guess i knopw the answer already…  :P
4. When will Diaspora R2 come out?   …see above...

And i see the board kept it's air tight anti bot defenses...  :lol:


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What was your old username?  ;)

Transcend you were thinking of...

1- should work with most nighties but SOME mods might not.  Best advice is to use the one recommended in the release thread.

2-  I have no idea 😂

3-as above

4- see 2


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Shadows are in the main code branch, so long as you enable the option.

1-TBP was only recently re-released; Diaspora IIRC was put on Knossos too, BP hasn't been updated in a while so no warranty there.
2-Yes fully integrated.
3-It's in Beta for over a year now, but ETA is unknown.
4-Seems rather far off to me but I'm not an insider.

To be fair out of the list you have written only Diaspora and Babylon 5 are standalone; there's also Solaris which is quite recent.

Shadows are being used in FSO for quite a while now - also note that some time ago FSO got the support for HDR and PBR which are really cool.

The latest nightlies shouldn't have any problems with running these mods - after all, the SCP team does their best to keep the builds backward-compatible. In a case of problems you can of course report it and probably get a fix soon, or just revert to some older build.

Also, that's important. Install Knossos, install Knossos, install Knossos, install Knossos, install Knossos. :P

There's also a couple links that you might find handy, a "brochure" suggesting what mods you should start playing with and something about lighting settings for your game to look nicer that you might find interesting To see how nice FSO looks nowadays, take a peek into Screencap Contest topics that show up in general Freespace board, or have a look at Screenshot section of the Wiki.
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Thx guys!

Will check Knossos out and DL all the Goodies.
Glad to hear that TBP got a new release, was long overdue.

Sad to hear that BP didn't get any updates, i guess RL takes a toll on everyone.
Still, hope i can make it work without much hassle with the shadow builds.

Transcend was the one! Will check that one out asap, cause i want to Show off, what the HLP community achieved even without all the Fancy stuff modern game engines come with.

Again, thx!

P.S. How many Posts do i have to make until the anti bot measure vanishes?


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Oooh about a dozen or so?