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Custom Header table?
Can I extract the header table and place it is /data and make small changes to it to customize it?  I am looking to use MVPS-4.1.23.  If where is the header table located so I can extract it and where would I place the  modified table (which /data) so that it would override the one in the VP file?

I have created a header table for The Babylon project so I am a bit familiar with the table but as of yet I have not figured where the header file is that is used for MVPS-4.1.23 and also not sure where to place it when I modify it.


Re: Custom Header table?
Which table do you mean with "header table"?

Re: Custom Header table?
The one that handles where the gauges are and other things.


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Re: Custom Header table?
Hud_gauges.tbl is not a retail table, so you won't find one there. MediaVPs uses the modular version in MV_Root. MV_Root-hdg.tbm.

Additional details available on the wiki.
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Re: Custom Header table?
Well I extracted mv_root-hdg.tbm from   mv_root.vp and placed it in  K:\Games\FreespaceOpen\FS2\MVPS-4.1.23\data

I then modified one little item to test it out.  I moved it to .25 instead of .5 (which is how I tested FSPort to make sure it was working) but when I ran FSO using VPS-4.1.23 there was no change.  Here is what I changed

+Mini Target Shields:
   Origin: (0.25, 0.5)
   Offset: (-25, 86)
   Filename: 2_targhit1
   3 Digit Hull Offsets: (12,13)
   2 Digit Hull Offsets: (15,13)
   1 Digit Hull Offsets: (20,13)

So again I am pretty sure I have the correct file and I know what the change does on the screen but I am unsure as to where the extracted file should go if the above directory is not correct.


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Re: Custom Header table?
Well I extracted mv_root-hdg.tbm from   mv_root.vp and placed it in  K:\Games\FreespaceOpen\FS2\MVPS-4.1.23\data

It should be data/tables - the engine doesn't read table files out of place
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Re: Custom Header table?
Duh..... must be age or lack of sleep.   Thanks