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Shivan Support Ship Sathanas.

Shivan Support Ship Sathanas.
It supports them in their goals of wiping out the GTVA :D


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Continuing with the "support ship and luxury liner sathanas":

Galactic Terran Vasudan Water Cannon Colossus.
Galactic Terran Vasudan Fire-fighting Unit Colossus.

Or Galactic Terran Escape Pod Hecate. (for the Hecate class...)

wtf I don't see anything wrong with this post, however, it is modified for AlphaOne. btw, is it because you read some of my posts in other topics that you are going off?
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His legacy will last until the beginning.


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WTF is wrong with either you or your post Excalibur i can not make heads or tales out of them !

They are even more messed up then my posts.
Die shivan die!!
Then jumps into his apple stealth pie and goes of to war.What a brave lad....what a brave lad say the ladies in red.

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He's just continuing the joke.
Makes perfect sense to me...