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who needs to count how many vipers galactica had. count the seats in the briefing room. i'm assuming that is one squadron

they may have 1 briefing room per squadrons and have like 4 suadrons? who knows on a ship that size theyrs bound to be more than 1 briefing room. or they may have 1 in the series perhaps they got 1 cause 1 of the pofs is used as a museum so they do flight ops from only 1 side of the ship but maybe it has like 2 rooms with less seats than pilots because they dotn expect al lthe pilots aboard to launch at oucne they may do cap or be on rotation and if theyrs a scramble were u have to launch every 1 they might not even brief they might jsut try to get inspace asap and then figure out wtf is going on outside aka an attack on theyr carrier ect i think counting the seats in a breifing room wont realy determine how many fracking vipers are on a fracking space buckette.
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