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Yeah those last missions are retardedly graphically demanding. If it lags, turn off stuff like normal/shine/glow maps and stuff.
It runs ~15 FPS with everything on, and ~60 with those off on my computer so yeah.


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Sorry for necroposting, but this mod seems to be quite interesting, so I decided to give it a go. Advanced till the mission "Seeds of Chaos", where I need to assist two corvettes in killing destroyer Windforce.
When Windforce fires her beams and kills one corvette, command tells me to disable her artillery. I disable. Even if I don't, Windforce doesn't fire on the second corvette. But what is worse, corvette is not firing at the destroyer! And neither me, nor my wingmen have any weapons capable of killing a capship.
Probably there is a patch of some sort? Or the mod is simply incompatible with 3.6.12 and INF build?


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That's one bug I never ran into. Might indeed be a 3.6.12 problem.

Yeah, try the 3.6.10 final FSO build. I remember code-side beam behaviour had some changes around then.


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There was a similar issue with Fall of Epsilon Pegasi, I believe. Try ordering all ships to attack.


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I'm sorry for the thread necro, but I ran into a technical problem:

On the second to last mission where you have to defeat the three flagships of your enemies, I beat the mission and it said to land in the Raynor.  I went in and I couldn't.  I flew around and around in there but couldn't trigger the mission to end/debriefing.

Has anyone else ran into this bug?  I got this problem on multiple builds.

I ran into this bug too...  :confused: