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Freespace Open Trailer
Happy New Year Everyone!

So I was playing BP2 and was inspired by the fantastic and atmospheric final cinematic to do something myself. This is my first crack at doing anything in FRED, so it took quite a while to put together. And now it's finally finished!

This is an in-game cutscene trailer with no post-changes. I wanted to see how far I could take the cutscene SEXPs. It could use some more polishing, but it's finally at a state I feel comfortable releasing. So here's a look at the result.

This was made using stock assets and MediaVPs 3.6.12
I apologize for the poor framerate and encoding. FRAPs is terrible on my laptop--I had to do a lot of audio resyncing afterwards. I assure you it looks much better in-game at 1080p. Perhaps I could get someone with a proper rig here to FRAPS it at 1080p

And of course I will be releasing the actual mod so you can all view it with your preferred settings.

Cheers everyone!


Voila! Here you go.
The modded table in the mediaVP data is just to get rid of some flaring. Let me know if you've got a better way of doing it.
Otherwise, just extract into respective folders.

Flag Settings:
-ambient_factor 0 -ogl_spec 50 -spec_exp 15 -spec_point 1.1 -spec_static 1.7 -spec_tube 1.5 -bloom_intensity 100

Fury's Pack (strong)

In-game settings:
-set music 3-4 notches more than sound; set voice off (there might be some jump speech)

For FRAPSing, my laptop is a Core i7 720QM, 8gbDDR3 RAM, 1G ATI 5870 Mobile (equiv 5770) and it chugs, so you'll need something a little better.
A couple of people mentioned they could record it in 1080p. Please note, a.i. being what it is, each shot is not 100% consistent in terms of composition so you might have to run it a couple times to get the best version. This also allows for some neat or humorous surprises.

Anyways, I look forward to seeing everyone's own version. I guess this cutscene is now in beta :p
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Re: Freespace Open Trailer
http://Freespace Open Trailer

Fail on the link.   :lol:
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Re: Freespace Open Trailer

That's incredibly epic. Very well done, two thumbs way up!
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Re: Freespace Open Trailer

That was amazing, dude! Bloody good job! :D

I really love the use of mission audio, it really gave the shots themselves a kick of epic, to them. ****e, we should show this to all the new board members, I reckon.

Hell, the use of audio was probably the best I've seen.

Re: Freespace Open Trailer
In sense win in here.


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Re: Freespace Open Trailer
Good gift for the new year...
Thank you  :yes:
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Re: Freespace Open Trailer
The trailer does look and sound good. My only issue with it is that it's a mix of canon and fanon. There should be plenty of canon events in FS1 and FS2 to build a good trailer, a trailer doesn't have to encompass a single event like this does. Besides of that, I believe recording the same cutscene with retail assets only would drive the point to home how much FSO exactly has improved. Without a comparison, people won't necessarily know the difference if they don't know FS2.


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Re: Freespace Open Trailer

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Re: Freespace Open Trailer
HOLY ****! THIS WAS ****ING EPIC! I agree with Dilmah, the use of audio was ****ing brilliant. The cutscenes in themselves were like a movie trailer, the AI actually looked like it could kill something, and... wow, man. You win a hundred internets for this. Seriously. This improved my day a crapload.
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Re: Freespace Open Trailer
Epic. And even knowing exactly what FSO can do, it's still hard to believe that was in-game footage - The composition is good enough to make you question it. Superb job :yes:
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Re: Freespace Open Trailer

Seriously, dude. That was bloody awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I just had to post it on moddb.
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Re: Freespace Open Trailer
Very cool.


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Re: Freespace Open Trailer
Nice use of retail wav files, I congratulate you on a job well done pilot :yes:
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Re: Freespace Open Trailer
Crap. As if I didn't have enough reasons to buy a new comp yet. This has a smell of awesomeness I haven't smelled since WiH.
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Re: Freespace Open Trailer
I first thought: Man, nice rework of the FS-Intro, but then- :eek:

Astounding work here, Sir!
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Re: Freespace Open Trailer
yeah... i think i teared up a bit....  A winner is most definitely you


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Re: Freespace Open Trailer
Awesome! :D Nice interpretation of FS1 intro :).
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Re: Freespace Open Trailer

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Re: Freespace Open Trailer
Wow! Impressive work, I love how it shows off all the best features of the Upgrade projects.