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Re: Freespace Music Remixes
Jeeze, cool down everyone. You'll scare him away !

It's not everyday we get people from the original FS2 team come say hi in HLP. It's a great honor.

I concur
This is a glorious day filled with glorious reduxes 


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Re: Freespace Music Remixes
I'm in love with the FS2 credits remix. Though I agree with some of the comments about the FS2 main hall not jiving quite as well. Good stuff either way though, and it's awesome having you here.


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Re: Freespace Music Remixes
>D:FS-TGW Main Hall Redux


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Re: Freespace Music Remixes
Very nice. To be honest, what I'd really love to hear an updating of is Brief 4 from FS2. When that music starts up in the game, you know you're in deep trouble. :)
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Re: Freespace Music Remixes
Welcome to HLP and thanks so much for sharing these with us.

Looking at your other songs, it seems like you dabble in a wide variety of styles. What would you say are among your main influences?

Also as a fellow composer and producer, I've got to ask, what software do you use? :)


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Re: Freespace Music Remixes

I'm actually quite curious on what software you use as well, since I recently wanted to get started composing music, myself.

Re: Freespace Music Remixes
Awesome. Freespace 1 and 2 were both very atmospheric and immersive games, and that was due in large part to their amazing soundtracks. I salute you, sir.

As far as suggestions go, I'd like to echo karajorma's request for a mix of Briefing 4 and add on Briefing 5 as well. Both are great tracks and I'd love to hear more modernized versions of both.
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Re: Freespace Music Remixes
Excellent! I love what I'm hearing.

I would love to hear the tracks title game03 and game04 from Descent II modernized myself. But...if you want FS, I would have to say the battle track of Exodus would be what I would like to see.
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Re: Freespace Music Remixes
Excuse me, Mr. Wentz?


[EDIT] And I am in love with the FS1 mainhall music. :D
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Re: Freespace Music Remixes
Thank you for the new mixes!  I'm finding the Freespace 2 credits redux to be my favorite of the bunch as well, but I just wish we could download these...
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Re: Freespace Music Remixes
As a fan of both FS2 and OCRemix I just want to say what a shame it is that only one of your songs has a posted mix on OCR.

As to requests:
Either of the victory songs from FS2 could benefit from better samples or recording or whatever. They're just a bit muddled, B more than A I think.

OTOH, since you're playing with some old themes rather than creating polished replacements, I think the M4_normal group from FS1 are a good candidate. I can't pick from the three.

I notice some of the FS1 songs were remixed for FS2, e.g. m7_bttle 1-3 became FS2_bttle_g0 1-3. It would be interesting to see how your style has changed from FS1 to FS2 to now.

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Re: Freespace Music Remixes
Awesome stuff!

EDIT: Loved the remix of FS1 mainhall especially. Great remixes!


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Re: Freespace Music Remixes

Nice to (kind) of meet you. those remixes are awesome!

question Mr. Dan Wentz: if there was a freespace 3 and you were composing the music what do you think the theme would be? FS2 was definitely something about lost hope and think the music reflected that perfectly :yes:; FS1, well i suppose it's something like a glorious military anthem intertwined with syfy adventure up to the point you meet shivans.
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Re: Freespace Music Remixes
O_O will this go straight to media vps? (will you allow it! Dan ?) it would be awesome to have FSO use actual "volition" made assets for its music.

oh and welcome to hard light, I hope you enjoy your stay :D


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Re: Freespace Music Remixes
Ok, as requested earlier today, I just (re)posted the Freespace Silent Threat Mission10 Redux. 

About FS2 Intro, I would agree that I (deliberately) pushed the levels pretty hot on that puppy, the main instrument at the start is actually a solo contrabass... on steroids. :) Was going Hollywood, I guess? The nice thing is these are all MIDI tracks, no digital audio mixdowns yet, so it's extremely easy to tweak, adjust or even swap out instruments on any part at this stage.

Dan Wentz


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Re: Freespace Music Remixes
I can't tell if I listened to the reposted track, but you're awesome for listening (and being here). Thanks for being patient with us, and we're honored to have you! :D


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Re: Freespace Music Remixes
The revisited FS1 and FS2 themes fill my heart with warm stuff.

What's the usage policy on the remixes? Would we be able to use them as part of a FS2 mod soundtrack?


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Re: Freespace Music Remixes
Re: FS2 MainMenu Redux, that's what I imagine a hypothetical dramatic entrance by the Aquitaine would have sounded like. :D

But hey, Hecate.

Re: Freespace Music Remixes
Wow, nice!  You rock dude!


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Re: Freespace Music Remixes
These are extraordinary; I'm loving the FS2 remixes especially! I think the fs2mainmenu redux gets legit, as soon as the vocals come in, it just doesn't stop kicking ass. :D

I'm honored, sir. Cheers!
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