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Looks like someone's got some ambition about this.

SOL CONTINGENCY is a reimagining of Interplay’s classic action game DESCENT. Upon its release in 1994, Descent was unique and innovative because it featured true three-dimensional gameplay with movement in all directions, called “six degrees of freedom” or 6DOF. Descent’s legacy includes three full-length games as well as several expansion packs and hundreds of fan-made levels. Descent is still played today by a small yet active community, in part because no further 6DOF games have recently been created that come close to Descent’s quality of gameplay. With Sol Contingency, our goal is to change that.

I'm more than happy someone is actually aiming for something around Descent.
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Re: Sol Contingency (Descent Again)

All of my yes.
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Do they have contingencies for the contingencies.
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Looks very promising. I loved the original games and become downright addicted to D1 for a while. :)


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I likes me some big hitboxes, D1/D2 style. Hopefully this has them.


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That's really all I can say


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OMG this just made my day.



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It's been three years since the last post, but I've heard that Sol Contingency was released four months ago in the form of the multiplayer only game called "Proving Grounds". It's on, formerly

It is interesting to note, sadly, that the team behind SolC got a cease and desist letter from Interplay, which doesn't want to see that tribute developed, in October 2014. So, it was remade to remove all references to Descent, including Pyro GX, which will be seen later on in Descent Underground, a similar 6DOF first-person shooter by Descendent Studios.

However, when I played it, it brought back memories of me playing 6DOF in the late 1990s toward the new millenium. So, I believed that 6DOF FPS games should have brought up to a standard to today's FPS (like 2016 Doom and the recent entries in the Call of Duty and Battlefield games).

So, I joined the SolC forums to comment it around, including something that I wanted to show (at the moment, I have nothing to show), although I'm interested in story-writing, modelling, level designing, coding, etc.

Anyone played SolC: PG though?

I'm a huge fan of SolC's Proving Grounds. I've played Descent since 1995 and of all the modern 6dof games this one is my favorite so far. Overload (made by many of the original Descent team) might capture the feel of Descent more closely but it's singleplayer only so far. For insane multiplayer action I've never played any game of any kind that I like as much as I like SolC's demo. Now if only it had more maps and more players... :p


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Indeed, Yoshimitsu. Let me remind you that I have just begun work on a map that allows seamless indoor/outdoor transitions, something most modern game engine support nowadays, and the first since the maps of Descent 3, after getting my hands on Unreal Engine 4.

Good Luck Bryan, I hope you enjoy the process. :) Bear in mind that the released version of SolC is running in UE3, not UE4. I don't know one way or the other if the team would add maps to the Proving Grounds but I definitely think it would be worth asking. I know that Homeyduh was working on another at one point (triaxiality) but he got too busy in real life to finish it.
It would be really cool to get some indoor/outdoor maps. Icebreaker shows a hint of it but it's still in a cave.
Best wishes for your project.
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Best wishes to you, Yoshimitsu. I hope to see you soon on the SolC forums.