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Ludum Dare is this weekend for anyone who might be interested.
For those that don't know it's a free, fun game jam where game designers come together simply to make a game from scratch based on a theme in 48 Hours. Most people do it solo though you can do it in groups as well (in a separate 3 day event). Might be interesting.

I've heard about this. This certainly sounds interesting.

I watched a youtube LPer do Ludum Dare about a half year ago:

Was pretty interesting. This stream along with some of the games he made (free ones: ) have inspired me a bit to try to make some games myself.
Even if you don't participate, you can watch a few people streaming their creation on twitch and so forth.
Also you can download people's scripts as well as their games so you can see what they did to create their game or hopefully get feedback on your own game script if you submitted a game of your own.


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Hahahhaa one of the themes being voted on in round 4 is "potato salad" :P

tbh all the round 4 themes are utter ****, we better not get one of them. "Connected worlds" (which got tons of votes in round 1) might be cool.


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w00t w00t connected worlds

...I have no ****ing clue what to make lol

Yeah, I'm trying to make a game too . . .  I've come to realize that scripting is a bit difficult haha. Particularly when I haven't done much of it before.

Did anyone participate and get anything finished?

I did start a game but got engrossed in doing the artwork so . . . didn't finish a game. But my intent is to keep going and get something better finished than I could have done in 2 days.


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yeah I made a weird one about cellular automata (Conway's Game of Life):

It has balancing issues that need to be resolved... it's too easy to get one of those virulent patterns (where a cell is born if it has 1 or 2 neighbors on) and keep it going forever. It's also easy to never get a good rule from the start and the pattern will die out within 4 or 5 worlds. (it starts with Conway's classic rules and mutates them randomly whenever you branch off into a different world)

Also the game screen is called and the main menu screen is #gamejamcode

Not sure connected worlds was such a good theme though. It inspired some interesting ideas, but there isn't that much to do with it compared to, say, "beneath the surface" from last LD.

Well you got a lot of positive comments on there. That's great