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The file is compressed using 7-Zip format (*.7z), you can download it at it's homepage located at (you may see the file says *.zip, but inside the *.zip it's compressed in 7-Zip Format.)


This is a small fix:


1 - Once you UnZip the file, you need to uncompress the *.7z File using 7-Zip.

2 - Create a Directory in your FreeSpace 2 folder called "inferno" (without the quotes) and copy the 3 uncompressed files there (just in case the files are named INF_1Patch.vp Inferno.bmp and mod.ini)

3 - Be sure to copy the small fix, Unzip and Copy in the "Inferno" MOD dir.

4 - You need to also have your MediaVP in a folder called "mediavps" (without the quotes, again, in your FreeSpace 2 folder). This is used by MODs so MediaVPs don't give problems to play FS2 Retail. Remember to use the SCP Launcher to select the MOD folder ("inferno" in this case).

NOTE (IMPORTANT): The Decals are now working 100% OK, the game will not crash, so don't feel afraid to turn it on if your machine specs can afford it. For the Impact Decals, I used the ones in the "". You can download it here at this thread (2nd post),,37214.0.html

Optional Media:

Advanced Effects:

Hi-Res / Hi-Colour Earth Backgrounds (*.TGA / 16 MB):

Here it's the Hi-Poly FS2 SubSpace Node. Since it's not completely round shaped, and it's lines also aren't, it's really easier to get a good Anti-Alias effect over it.



NOTE: don't download this until you're making a campaign which either uses Shivan Ships as the used by the player, or a Ship that is not used in the INF R1 Campaing (and unused ship). It won't break anything, but it will be useless, and will make the Limit in Number of Ships be High, which will later bother Sol: A History - SCP or Solar Wars - SCP (when Released)

Shivan Support add-on (Modular Tables, not Models):

Unused INF R1 Ships (Modular Tables, not Models):


Readme (Updated, it has all the info that is posted here and some additional info):


What you need:
 - INF R1 + SCP Patch. Both are available to download at it's homepage.
 - CVS 2006-03-06 (or newer, when released).
 - MediaVP v3.6.8 Delta (or newer, when released) (***)
 - For the Impact Decals, I used the ones in the "". You can download it here at this thread (2nd post),,37214.0.html
 - I would recommend, for the ones who want more quality, that you download the FSPort Hi-Res textures. Since the Shaitan and the Scorpion are used INF, those Hi-Res Textures (maps) are not in the SCP Media VPs.

(***) Media VP v3.6.8 Delta Temporary Fixes: this is specifically used by the MediaVP v3.6.8 Delta and not any other version, when a newer is released these files will become useless, so remember you'll need to delete these files in the future:


What's updated:
 - So many things (when I have a whole day to remember, maybe I'll write the specific changes). Until then you can search see the Media files in the VP to try to guess by yourself, the TBMs contain the exact added and changed data (not media)
 - Changes in the TBLs (before the Inferno team kills me):
1 - Weapons.tbl/Ships.tbl : Deleted the @ to symbols. It's a Flag that allows that entry (ship/weapon) to be available for the Demo version of FS2.
2 - Weapons.tbl: changed the Hell Storm X from $Swarm to $Corkscrew to add more difficult (**)
3 - Removed all unused Ships in INF R1 to allow Sub-MODs to be added using TBM (Modular Tables)

(**) While the game says it is a Multi-Launch Torpedo/Missile, the Description says Multiple Warhead, and that kind of Missile is harder to destroy and more surpresive. At the moment it is possible to be a Multiple Warhead Missile, but the Childs don't follow the primary missile target in case it is an ASPECT seeking Missile, so for the moment only HEAT seeking Missiles can be Multiple Warheads using an really closed frontal $Spawn Angle, but HEAT seeking doesn't fit in the category of the Hell Storm X.

Special Notes:
1 - I made Weapon's Descriptions to fit in a 1024x768 resolution (at least).
2 - Anything that is broken with this update and wasn't broken in INF R1 (and it's SCP Patch) it's my total responsibility, report it to me in this Thread, and I'll try to fix it, don't bother the INF Team for my mistakes....thanks

The Requeriments are proportional to the quality and features (or flags) that you choose.

As I say this is for testing, feel free to give your opinion/feedback/bug report (I don't have really find any noticeable bug...)


Two-side Problems (D3D 8 vs OpenGL):

1 - Super High-End Shockwaves:

D3D: it will drop your framarate to 5 FPS or even less every time a shocwave is created...
OGL: Works OK, if you have a 256 MB Graphic Card, don't drop the FPS

2 - Ambient Light (stars.tbl):

D3D: It's working here ? (mostly the Green and Violent is used in INF).
OGL: Here is way too intesive and masive...

A sun of the desired colour should make the Ambient effect with the right intensitive, otherwise the ambient colour mostlry makes the textures colours all violet or another colour...

3 - Enviroment Mapping (as a consequense, and the Use Alpha...):

D3D: works OK
OGL: you won't get the reflects in the ships, only light is reflected (-shine textures), but no Background is refelcted for example in the glass of the Cockpits. This effect is very important when you're inside Subspace, but in normal free space it's not critical and somewhat unoticeable.

--------------------------(OLD FIRST POST BELOW HERE)--------------------------

Would it be okay if I made a weapon and ship tbm for use with INF SCP (I mean R1 using SCP)?

Using more of the SCP Hi-Res Stuff like the Trails, explosions, the fighters shockwaves (f_shocwave.pof). Changing some Color if needed or a few things, but most from SCP. Like this for a UnkwnonWeaponTrail


Animated CyanBeamGlow / SilverBeamGlow (this could be used for the BlueBeamGlow, used in AAA for GTVA Ships).
Also the Beam Sections use the same as the SCP


Add to Primaries weapons  Power consumption / ROF, add to secondaries Yield/Range/Reload time/Submunnition Yield/EMP Range, another comments, such Fast/Slow/Very Slow/Ultra Slow Lock-On, Swarm in x, multiple warhed...blabla. Change to use the Prometheus AniBitmaps, others AniBitmaps


I see if I can do something about this, ignore the Pharos, even if inexact, isn't this a lot of times times more acurrate than before

I'll see if I can add some polygons, that should improve the HTL, since the triangles can be seen even from really far away. Badly it seems that the lightining effects only cover 1/3 of the planet, it should be at half the planet...
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O_o I missed something important here. Are there any avalaible link to download this Inferno ? Those screen are really from Inferno 2 ? I'm just wondering.


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Sure you can do what you like with it, just remember to keep it up to date if the media vp contents changes.

The Earth model was below the 850 polygon limit and was smoothed like most R1 ships. I made a 9k model and using autofacet you could still see the polygons. I'd recommend making/finding an Earth background pic to use instead.

Those are R1 shots, it's the old version of the Warlock and has the Diablo in it.
If INF SCP was out now there would be a big topic on it in here already.


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Thread split since this is about R1

Yes, I was also trying to update "Sol: A History" likt he same with Inferno, but mainly with the Planet Backgrounds that are used a lot SOL. Well, I can't find any Background better than this (not that it is bad). It would be good if I listen some opinions, here is an small preview:

1- Res: 2048x2048 / 195486 Colours / East Hemisphere (*.JGP Format)
2- Res: 2048x2048 / 143228 Colours / West Hemishpere (*.JPG Format)
3- Res: 2320x2407 / 259843 Colours / The Blue Marble picture, with some Atmosphere effect (seems to be an edited photo)
4- Res: 3000x3002 / 123087 Colours / The Earth as seen from Apollo 17, really old I believe

I like 1 and 2, those are the most up to date, a year ago I believe, if you pay attention you can see the atmosphere. I have 1 and 2 in *.JPG versions, but there is a *.TIFF version, that are highest quality ever taken, I believe that should have a little more quality (more colours). I can covert the *.TIFF to *.TGA, so there won't be any quality loss.
Feel free to give opinions.
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Ah ok. I prefer the 1 and 2 as well.

The picture you see above with 3D Earth, is a modified version of SOL: A History, Mission "Omens" (the second mission), I just place for Pharos around the Earth to see the different angles of light reflection, it was just for test.
That is effect is made by placing the right "maps":
Earth (the standard maps, but it as night, forget of the sun, remember by default there is no light,)
Earth-shine (the day texture)
Earth-glow (the lights at nights)

Actually, the night standard texture is with the Glow map included, but it get too darkened and doesn't glow.
I have too problems with that:
A- The Night Texture doesn't have Clouds, it a clear sky (I have an only Clouds texture in a separate file, but I don't know how can I use a program to paste it with the Night Picture, or some alpha thing)
B- The Night Lights (Glows) are always active even at day.


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I wouldn't recommend using TGA for 2048^2 images as it'll take up a lot of memory. DDS or even PCX would be better for those.


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Obviously (3) and (4) are the same image; (3) has been color-corrected in an ugly way though so throw it out.  (4) is the best composition-wise IMHO, but it's too faded to look real; you may be able to make it more usable by playing with the saturation values as long as you are careful not to replicate (3).
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Actually the (3) seems to have been applied (an "Alpha Blend" it is called???) or emulated this:


The (1) & (2) looks awesome, you can even see the atmosphere really easy. I have fixed the Moon at Mission13, add a 32 Bit version, and changed the name to "moonc", so you won't be seeing a planetf around the earth (I also I moved the back horizontaly to 180, so the day face match the sun, it was the opposite).
The good thin in (1) & (2) is that the poles are almost hidden, and it is the last place you wan't to see (sorry, don't offend please), what I mean is that seeing from the above is a White 255, 255, 255 color, at it is a really huge spot, that takes away too much colour.

That is really big, at scale 8 (or 10 ?), and the egg effect isn't that an intensive


Which program can I use to save in DDS Format, I use XnView, which is supposed to save in *.DDS, but if the image is more than 8 Bits, it corrupts it, so it doesn't work...
I can make both formats *.JPG (Effects MVP) and *.TGA (like the Advanced Effects MVP).
I save *JPG, with Quality at 100% (is this okay ?)


Can someone explain me how is it calculated the "Yield Factor" and "EMP Range" at the Weapons.tbl (+Description:), I can't really understand it (you can start by explain me what is "Yield Factor", cause I don't get it)
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jpg is worse than TGA. It causes a loss of quality and still uses massive memory.


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Just a stupid question, how to replace the original planet from Fs2 by new one ?
I've edit the star.tbl but i never found my new planet into FRED2 Open.

It seems like $BitmapX: at the stars.tbl, can be add (at least planet) if your name ends with a "c" (moonc, venusc, jupiterc). For the new Earth I have use Earthc est-hemisphere), and then you can start adding Earthd (west-hemisphere), don't worry when I release the Artwork I am releasing a modified *.tbl with support for the standard (8 bit backgrounds), and adding the new 32 bit Backgrounds, so is still a *.tbl but it should botter

NOTE: In order to Fred2 to recognize it (I can't confirm it at 100%, maybe not) in the Backgrounds Menu, you need to have a *.pcx version, so I copy and renamed anoter old 8-Bit Earthc.pcx, but renamed to earthd.pcx, so you can see where is your background.

Some of the planet Artwork (Hi-Res) I found was native in *.JPG, I'll convert also a *.pcx 8 bit version also. For the *.DDS it will be a little hard, since it is not so easy it has so much passess and I don't even have the Nvidia DDS Texture program.

The TIFF (or TGA conversion):
of the East-Hemishpere  has 428,214 Colours (woah!!, this shows how JPG drops quality)
of the West-Hemishpere has 297,739 Colours
(as I say, it should have more colours, hope you like it, cause your RAM, not).

At the Missions with Earth Backgrounds, there are no Nebulas, so that should compensate the RAM, so, don't complain


Removed this, bad day for the ones who likes the bitmaps intersections hull...

This happens because it is an AfterBurnerGlow, to fix that effect it should be used.....don't worry you should see when I get it ready, Mission 14 looks awesome, incredibly colorful since there are no nebulas.
Don't worry, normally when I eliminate an effect I replace it with one better, I don't have the intention of deleting something because it doesn't look good and not replace it with a better one.


The EA Beam +Radius: are way too big there intersections on the hull with the animated BeamGlows even in the Nemesis, and it is a really big ship
The MSilv +Radius: used by the Eclipse, ahas been lessen to 80 (it was at 170, like the BSilv) and even so it is still too big, I believe some here would want to lessen the gauge of the +Radius: for the EA (until someone prefer to change the geometry of these ships...which is a lot of time hard). I have changed +Radius: gauges to difference them, both in +Radius, and +Width:

Example: You're attacked by two Capital/Destroyer/(anything with a beam) Ships, one uses a MSilv, and the other a BSilv...END...(Good luck, hope you disarming first the BSilv, because you won't see the difference, neither by the side of the Radius or the Width of beam, and the "K" key doesn't difference Beam names, so you're flying blind).
Please if some decided to semi-officially lessen the gauges of all Silver Beams, please let me know so I can change those, (I actually can, but this seems to have made on purpose, I don't feel too sure to change it)

NOTE: Don't pay attention to the Section4 of the Beam (the outer), I already know I have to change it, my mistake...



See this (1 & 2):

Here I shot the Hastor, it hits the Cruiser, see:

But, see:

LaserBitmap or LaserGlow or Particle or something pass through ships after hit them. It happens with the Hastor, and you won't really notice until you use a bitmap that is enough bright, plus to shoot at **** (maintain CTRL Key) while you see your attack through others camera viewpoint

NOTE: Before someone says what I am thinking, no, I am not missing my shots (I am hitting the cruiser)


Until there is a High-Poly 3D Earth (if there will be...)

Woomeister, the 9K is a (bump mapped) or a High-Poly Sphere (for generic planets) ???, either any of those would be 100000 times better than the actual

Here is an explanation of what I mean:

The Shine effect is seen more round if you place the sun perfectily perpendicular to the Poles, because the Triangles in that section are smaller, so it lightning reflect in the Earth (from the sun) will look like more round and smooth, here:

Not at the Poles (bigger triangles):

At the Poles (smaller triangles):

2 Bad Ideas: (1) placing the center of light hit perpendicular to the Ecuator
             (2) placing it at the Poles

(1) It is more real (though the planet has an inclination of about 30º)
(1) It is really faraway from being round
(2) (When the Hell did someone see the SunLight hit perpendicular to the Poles...)
(2) The Poles are all white (255, 255, 255, mostly), so why the Hell would you want to see the effect there.
(3) A good position is to place the sun hitting near West Africa (or south West), so you see Africa at Day, and at North set Europe (or North Eest), which it is really near Africa, so you can see both effects Day and Night

I am mostly posting the bugs (or some of the "before"), but not the fixes (the "after", which are already done), when it is fully [near 100%] done I'll post.
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Woomeister, the 9K is a (bump mapped) or a High-Poly Sphere (for generic planets) ???, either any of those would be 100000 times better than the actual
The effect you showed in your post still occurs with the HTL planet, though it's less noticable from a distance a mission like m14 really shows it, that's why I recommended a background pic instead. This is with the planet being a lot smaller than the R1 version as well.
The HTL planet would also cause quite a bit of slowdown for lower range cards (I think it cuts about 40fps off my 9200)
The planet also looks bad in autofacet mode as the polygons can be clearly seen in spec lighting, smoothing the model is the only way to remove this.

FRED2 vs. Stars.tbl
In order to show the BitmapX (and I believe also the Bitmap), you need to preserve the *.PCX cause it is the only format it shows, if it doesn't find it, it erases it from the list (and from your loaded mission, WARNING with this it make loose mission data, my mistake, I should have never thrusted in FRED2 and make some backups).

NOTE: it is the same like with AniMated BeamGlows. It seems to be that BitmapX in TGA format not support the Alpha (if you add the 0, 255, 0, max green, you're going to see it in the mission, so you will have to live with a black square around your planet, that is not filled by the starts)

1 - The File has to be a *.PCX, of 8-Bit (256 Colours), and it has to be saved with "RLE Compression" (the same happens when you try to build an any without the "RLE Compression", it says "bad file/unknown header")

2 - If there is a Single Missing *.PCX, or if there is a single *.PCX with non "RLE Compression", then FRED will go Berseker, and say good bye to your background, cause it will shows something like "whatever it wants" (not the specified in the Stars.tbl)

It's hard to believe how one of the smaller TBLs, can cause so much troubles (specially in combination with FRED2)


"Hurricane" Ultra-Mega-Rapid Fire Missile, removed the Ultra-Mega-Long Trail see this, also the explanation:

explanation is:
A- The Trails override one over another, they never fade, until your last shot (pointing always the same direction)
B- Here comes the thing, a Trail is caused by the an Engine, better to say, by the "heat" coming from the engine of the missile
C- Now, if you shoots 2 Missile, the 2nd will reach really near the Trail of the 1st.
D- Explanation: BOOM!!!, see that why missile like the Harpoon/Cyclops, others which have Trails, have a FireWait longer. (remember: never mix missiles with heat, is a bad mix)
E- Not only that, but it even goes throught your ship, which is...totally wrong


For the Earth Backgrounds at Mission 14, I have used an ScaleX: 8, and to kill the "egg effect", I have selected ScaleY: 9.
I can't really confirm is this makes the Earth 100% round, I mean if it the Horizantal Pixels have the same Width than the Vertical ones.
However, it does look like round, if ScaleX: is 8, then the ScaleY: should between 9.0 and 10.0 (I don't know what would be the exact Scale with)

Real Science stuff:
Yes, The earth.pof was made at scale sing a very near real scale, however the real Width is smaller at the Poles (vertical pixels) and wider at the Ecuator (Horizontal pixels), however the diference radius is only of
0,0034 (XWidth: 12,756,776 metres, YWidth: 12,713,824 metres), the difference is so tiny enough to not notice the difference, so anyone could say it is perfectly round, (you won't notice it with seeing it only with your eyes...), plus it has inclination of 23º 70` (to the left side) with respect to the Sun. But again, the Sun is just a White sphere, so you can already assume the sun is in diagonal when you the Earth at 0º inclination...

Sorry, I post this, because as you might have see I was trying to make the 3D Earth look the more real I can, however...well, the lesson is, don't give much attention to smaller like that, like the inclination, it can't be seen...


There are lot of Bad Clippling regarding the Trail of Bitmap for Primary weapons, I mean a Bitmap clipped to another bitmap (a LaserBitmap and a Trail Bitmap), see what I mean:


GOOD (Fixed):

No one would probabily notice this, since in FS2 I don't remember a Bitmap weapon with a Trail, and at Inferno, there are only 2, the Hastor and the Ripper (the selectables one, I can't test weapons or ships that are not selectable, it would take me a lot more of work).


I am adding an alternate, and not Inferno Campaing missions, of Nº13 and 14 Missions, with 3D Earth, Nº13 looks really good because it is really far away, number Nº14 is for players to see why I choose the "Backgrounds" over the 3D planet.

The Earth *.PCX, which resolution needs for low-end video cards (or computers) ???, I don't believe they want an 2048x2048x8-Bit PCX, because it size is 4 MB (and the TGA is only 12 MB, with 24/32 Bits)

The PCX need to have the "RLE Compression" ???
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If you like, I can mix up loadout text for R1 and keep it consistent with the stuff in FS2 at the moment.  I should probably throw the FS1 data at Goober as well I guess...

Thanks, but I have actually finished that, but what I haven't add (and I have 2 reasons) is the "Yield Factor"/"Submunittion Yield Factor" and the "EMP Range" (2 weapons use EMP, and only the Arrow is the custom one, the other missile has 600m like in the FSSCP)

1- I don't understand how those are calculated (can you explain me?, please)
2- There is no enough space in the Interface even at 1024x768 in the Interface Art to keep the INF descriptions and add the ones at the SCP (so since those seems to be near impossible, until there is some R1 description erased, I was going to add it to "Missing" list, or something.


I am going to see if add "Shield" description (I believe it should be the same without any problems), I see only Armor (Light/Average/Heavy) is present, but there is no Shield data, and if you see the Ships.TBL you can easily notice that Bomber usually have Heavy Shields, this can help players make a wiser choice and not selecting fighters over bombers so easily.


Doesn't this looks cool:

(Yes, it may look cool for you player, but both RAM and VRAM will have diferents opinions about this)


I am getting rid of almost every Hull and the Bitmap-to-Bitmap intersection problems that I can modify, without touching the 3D Model (anyways, I can't)

So, I was thinking of making a Thread about those problems and Models....where the problem is 100% problem of the model, and not the bitmaps.





There is a Weapon TBL, the one which was poted with the TEAM_DECALS by WMCoolmon, I believe you alredy give a look at it, so that's why I am asking this:

It features a lot of more Shivan $Name, and Primary Weapons that I am not seeing in Inferno (Alouqua/Citra/Phanuel/Vapula/Advachiel/Chirops/Palit/Vepar) and neither in the SCP, this would be a mayor headache for me.

I mean
1- I would have to copy and add those the weapons TBL (the easiest thing, made in seconds)

2- I would have to modify the Default PBanks on Shivans Fighters and Bomber (This is the troublesome thing)
3- This could break the balance in Shivans Mission, there are a few.

4- It would be better to see more Shivans Weapon, there are a few in the Weapon TBL, the Shivan Light Laser (Algol)/Shivan Heavy Laser (Papsukul)/Shivan Mega Laser (Sutekh), plus 3 INF exclusives (Shivan Ultra Laser, Shivan Pulse Laser and the Reaper)

Adding this could make the Shivans fighters more variable, and balance the thing, that the most noticeable in a Shivan Fighter is the Ship Model and not the Primary Weapon it uses. (If you would know an modified ErinEyes with 2 default PBanks that has set 2 UD-8 Kayser (8 barrels), it is in front of you and it is ready to enter to his fire range at you, you won't make a frontal strike, until you want a warranted death), what I mean is that the more diverse the Weapons are, the more diverse the strategics you take, and so the more diverse the game becames

I'll can take care of this, but not really would be better if someone better skilled at making balanced species gauges (terran/vasuadan/shivans) take care of this.
If I make this, I'll put in something called like "INFExtraPrimaries.TBM" or "INFAddPrimaries.TBM" and "INFModifiedPBanks", so it can be easily recognized as "This was never in INFERNO, really" for the developers, if they want just to use it, or to throw it away in next realeases...


The same happens with Shivan Turrets, like the Mega Funk, and others added. INFERNO is abundant in Beams, and it is really noticeable, however i would be really better if it becomes abundant Shivan Primaries (which are the ones which lack more in primaries).

The Primaries, should be easier, but the turrets, well there aren't much Shivan Ships carrying turrets compared to the total number if you count all the species, the problem is that some ships have a lot of turrets (I believe around 70 or even much more), I don't even know for example which ship uses a Mega Funk Turret, if Cruiser, Cv, D, SD, SJ, SSJ. So I can't really make this, (yes I can, but I don't have the knowledge to say I am suited to do this).
I only have started used the FSSCP at version 3.6.7, so I don't really have much time to notice all the features

Still, I can somewhat do it, the good thing with the Turrets is that you can take the example from the SCP Ships.TBL, but the for the Primaries there is no SHIPS.TBL implemented. So, both have their own difficult

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Those weapons were a part of Lightspeeds' (I think) attempt to make the Shivan weapon loadouts more balanced/interesting.  They're not used at all: while working on the decals, I've realised WMC might have just cut and pasted the stuff from Lightspeeds .tbl (since it had the all the nice new effects) and thus inherited these new weapons.

When I updated the tables to include new capgun effects, I stole the aloqua effect and used it for the Shivan medium.  You can use the weapons if you feel the need, but it'll be a lot of work to balance/substitute and the purists will crucify you.  :)  It'd be worth an attempt to 'borrow' the unused high-quality effects and use them for the Inferno Shivan fighterguns and capguns, though.

Well, that's ok, with Lightspeed weapons I won't touch, if I want to change and balance the weapons, then I can always make things for myself...

What I can't really understand is why are not only Shivan Ships (fiighters and bombers), but even Shivan Weapons without the Flag "player allowed", and not even so but the interface is missing, and messed at some point:

1- Hey let's make testing those ships, a hell testing

Possible reasons (why to make life harder):

1- In FS2 Shivan were unusable and they should be reamain as an unknown species, and players should know more than the info GTVA provides
2- Someone, using those ships in LAN/internet ??
3- Having more ships as players allowed would take more memory (**)
4- We don't make those Loadout bitmaps, because we don't have time and it was unncesary since there isn't any good point that a player used those (I hope this is the right one)

Is one of this ?


3 (**) Since there is no Loadout interface, for either Icons, when you change a Shivan Ship with "player allowed" flag, it loads the model an place it overface, and even the same for the icon. That's good, but making a lot of ship keep loaded in your RAM, will surely make (100% warranted) your RAM go reach the bottom of hell, you will start having problems. You can even see the slow down as you are scrolling down the Icons/Ships

So, my suggestion is (cause I'am going to do it for myself, I can't stand seeing my game start to slow down, even before entering a mission) can I submit the Shivan/Ancient, both Icons and LoadOut ??? (Icons in Colours, all the same frame, or like FS2 ?)

Yes, I know, I can force FRED2 to make my ship, a ship that is not "player allowed", but even so, it makes a lot of trouble at some point.

I am fixing the Interface Loadouts, it seems that a standard program was used to cut the ships, so I am using a vectorial Photo edit program.


When, I release the pack, or update, I'll release it as a Beta or WIP:

1- It needs testing
2- As I say, I may have changed something that is directly not Inferno, but more FS2 or FSSCP

And there is always the 3rd option

3- Inferno R1 missions, don't really have bugs (at least I don't notice any), so, anyone is free to ignore the pack, and stick to the old.
There will be probabily some complains about this, in low-end machines...(I am making also making 8-Bit RLE *.PCX also, which should lessen a lot the specs)

Is not that I don't want feedback, but I would hate that some fanatic says me "delete this", and give an explanation like, "bacause I don't like it or I don't want it".
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