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I did some research on KOTOR and I'm fairly positive I am not getting it for many of the same reasons listed above: subscriptions, mmo grinding .etc. I missed out on the beta so I never actually got to try the game. The whole thing actually convinced me to download the sega genesis emulator 'gens' and since then I've been playing the sonic games on and off. Good good fun.

I'm just curious. How does shooting work in SW:TOR? Is it aimed like mass effect/fps or is it target based like an rts? And how much strategy goes into combat? PVP PVE and 'coop' (whatever that looks like).
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Zacam: Uh. No, using an effect is okay. But you are literally using the TECHROOM ani as the weapon effect.


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Attacks are targeted.  There is no auto-attack, you have to keep pressing the basic attack button after the global cooldown to make every attack.  Abilities and the way ability costs work means that strategy is vital against higher level opponents and players, but pretty much irrelevent versus anything lower.  I've only played Jedi Knight and Bounty Hunter, and both work completely differently.  Knight builds up "focus" points with basic attacks and some other abilities, which are then spent to activate other abilities that do more damage/stun enemies/etc.  Bounty Hunter has a heat gauge that fills up with every non-basic attack.  If the heat gauge hits 100, you have to wait for it to dissipate (5 points per second) to conduct more combat abilities.  I thought it was fairly well balanced, even if it had me staring more at my global cooldown indicator than at the thing I was killing.


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KotOR (as in "Knights of the Old Republic") and its sequel are not MMO's and there is no subscription to play them. There is also a decent amount of modding behind them.

SW:TOR is like KotOR, just always online/MMO'd as far as I can tell.
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I thought it was fairly well balanced, even if it had me staring more at my global cooldown indicator than at the thing I was killing.

If that strikes you as kinda strange/fishy as far as "gameplay" goes then you would be perfectly right. (Get out while you still can? heh ;) )

I don't use words like "simplistic" or "reptitive" lightly when talking about MMO gameplay... and cooldown based skill/hotkey gameplay is exceptional on both accounts.

Matter of fact... most of the combat in mainstream MMOs can played just fine by looking almost exclusively at your skillbar, the healthbars (of your target and your group) and the minimap.
This actually gets worse in the MMOs that feature large raids for bossfights... as the huge majority of participants will either simply hit their "assist button" to target the same mob their raid leader or "main assist" is on and then commence to do their cooldown based "DPS rotation" (i.e. smack the same 2-4 keys over ... and over... and over again until the mob dies, then hit assist again, rinse and repeat.) while healers either do their "heal rotation" on the main tank or play the healthbar whackamole game when "spot healing". The only interruption to that monotony may come from some cue/pop up (possibly from an UI addon) that will tell you "oh noes Boss will do scary attack in x seconds, better move to spot y".

All the excitement of a military drill exercise...  i.e. leave your brain at the door. That's about it. And yeah, you will get yelled at just as much if you fail to jump when you get told to jump. ;)
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