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I think the canopy looks a bit too wide, and it did have a bit of framing on it. It might be too late to change this now, but you might look into that.
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RL is getting in the way of progress...
However, here's a pic to show this is still alive.
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The glass may look better as pure black/dark grey diffuse map with appropriate transparency paired with a blue specular map. I've always thought that glass with a colored diffuse has looked tacky in freespace. (Gold glass being yellow, etc)

Otherwise, looking good!


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I don't think you can accurately judge the glass from this type of render. It's clearly a 'no-lighting' or 'flat-lighting' render.
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That's a PCS2 render. Ingame the glass looks totally different, but the lack of shinemap for now makes the rest look akward.


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This looks fairly promising, has some nice bits of machinery painting underneath ,keep it up. c:
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Well, I think the diffuse and normal are ready to go...
Next, glowmaps and debris.

In-game shot:

( I'll retouch the glass a bit )

PCS2 shot:

( Because in the Model lab, it just looks black :banghead: Damn lighting! )

This is taking longer than I like it to be.
But I hope it will be over soon...
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That looks quite good man, nice job.
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That's smokin'! What awesome modelling and texturing!
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Thanks guys! I apreciate the comments and support!
Can't wait to end this one so I can model again.  :P
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hey how is this coming?


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RL is stopping me from working. It's currently the end of the fiscal year in here in France and I've been burried in paperwork and reports for the last month. I've mouved too, so that doesn't help. I think the worst part is over, so I'll work on this this weekend.


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Looks good hope to see your models in te next builds


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Another great model :)
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I finally had some time to work on this. I'm pretty happy with it, now it only lacks shields and debris.

Ingame image. I had to reduce the thrusters a little but that's a pretty nice effect though.
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beautiful! also did anybody else see a face with a helmet when they first saw this pic? :nervous:

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This is totaly awesome :yes:!
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Very nice
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