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Re: Star Trek Discovery -- This is the good ****
I took that advice from you a while ago and... was quite disappointed.

I am bummed to learn that, but then I remember, aren't you also quite down on things like Star Trek II?

LOL I'm just teasing you. I am bummed, and I have to rethink it, it may well be that I had such low expectations of Enterprise in general that when I got to watch ENT season 4, I was just overwhelmed by what could just possibly be average Trek. OTOH, it seems to me that what you get out from Star Trek is usually the episodic "sci fi story of the week", so homaged (or cringely copy-pasted?) by things like The Orville and so on. So yeah, if you go from that expectation, I see where your disappointment was born. ENT 4 drives itself through developing what it should always been about, a preequel exercise in exploring the begginings of a united federation of planets.

I do agree with some of what you say about VOY, I do have it as a kind of guilty pleasure of my own. There are a bunch of VOY episodes which are pretty good, but most of them are just generic episodic trek that were kind of already aging under TNG (and let's do a lobotomy of the parts of our brains that keep telling us half of the themes and plots in VOY just don't make any sense whatsoever in its own premised setting in the first place, before we watch any of it).

I mean, it's kind of a tell that one of the best episodes of VOY that would otherwise brilliantly express its premise and setting is actually happening in an alternate timeline so that by the end of the two parter "Year of Hell" they can just pretend it was all just a bad dream and so they can continue having black coffee while shooting infinite quantum torpedoes from their eternally shiny bridge.
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Re: Star Trek Discovery -- This is the good ****
Regarding Nimoy, that ... wasn't the point. I get what you say, but the funny part is that the whole "Real Spock" stuff isn't actually canon (it cannot be so, it has to be at least 25% different), although it's pretty much headcanon by everyone who watched it. It's a "it's not really canon but it's totally canon wink wink" scenario that is just funny to me. It even opens up philosophical questions if you would be so inclined!

So because I'm a bit curious about this, I tried to dig around where this "25% different" thing came from.
From what I can tell, it started as something John Eaves (the designer responsible for the Enterprise's look in Discovery) said. According to him, one of the guidelines he was given was that the Disco Enterprise should be "25% different" from the original Matt Jeffries design; he speculated that this was for legal reasons. This piece of trivia made the rounds for a bit, until CBS heard of it and issued a statement denying that there were legal reasons for the redesign (source).

Now, it could very well be that CBS is lying about this. But, again, why would they? It's unambiguously clear that CBS owns the IP for all Star Trek TV shows; whatever the reasoning behind the guidelines Eaves got, they are not explainable through IP law constraints.

(And that's before we get into the discussion of just what the **** "25% different" even means in this context. What's a "25% different" version of Spock?)
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