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...just as long as it isn't a prequel about shepard's father or midichlorians or wtv, I'm fine with it ;).

Personally speaking, I think it would be awesome to see the Geth's dyson sphere completed.


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Interesting Dev Doc on creating Garrus nothing big but it did show his ME3 look.  Since I've been playing a bunch of Mass Effect I just noticed how much Turians like to use Human sayings, to varying degrees of success. 
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Holy **** this new stuff coming out sounds epic.

Guys, I just bought the 61st issue of the swedish video-gaming magazine LEVEL today, and they had ME3 as their main article.

(the upper text says, "Exclusive visit to Bioware" and the lower says, "10 pages about the big finale")
(for the record, this cover image came from, a site run by the staff of LEVEL)

I thought I'd transcript the most interesting stuff for you (unfortunately it is impossible for me to scan the images, so I'll have to describe them until someone else can put them up - and not here, anyway):

Basically the writer of the article actually got to meet the team face-to-face in Edmonton and saw (and heard) some very interesting stuff. Most of the initial info is just stuff *we've* already heard. They have the good old picture of Ashley, with a caption that clearly states that Shepard has split with Cerberus and that this means s/he has a chance to get back with Ashley/Kaidan and maybe reignite the romance from ME1. Nothing overtly new.

The picture of Shepard with an armored Kaidan to Shepard's right (the reader's left) and Liara on the opposite side is also in the article. The caption states that every single squaddie who survived ME2 will be back. It does not say if they're going to be playable or even permanent squaddies (aside from the Fantastic 4 that we already know of).

The article also have the picture of the refurbished SR2's interior. The caption says that parts of the Cerberus crew will actually leave the ship, and that it will feel quite empty early in the game.

Casey Hudson goes on about the fact that Shepard won't play the role of a general, but that s/he will affect the outcome of the war through inspiring other through his/her actions. Casey also says one of the main inspirations for Shepard was Jimmy Doolittle, a WW2 fighter pilot who epically owned a lot of his enemies and became a big inspiration for other soldiers, and that they're playing that kind of angle with Shep in ME3.

The pictures of the rachni husk and the batarian husk is also in. The rachni is erroneously described as a "collector" in the picture caption.

In a text segment the article writer lets us know that Derek Watts, the art director, accidentally spoiled him with a plot twist of "Luke I am your father"-calibre. Fortunately the article writer decided to keep it for himself. Fun stuff to look forward to, in other words.

Another text segment describes... and boy, this is a big one for turian-lovers such as myself... that Palaven has been rendered completely inoperable as a military stronghold, and that the turians of Palaven (either militarily or as a whole) have been forced to evacuate to a nearby moon that apparently is very barren, to really accentuate the turians status as hardened survivors.

On the other page is a concept picture of the moon in question, with Palaven's dark side in the distance. Fires can clearly be seen on the planet's surface in the dark. Just below it is another picture which I can only assume is Palaven itself. Next to these two is a larger picture of a number of reapers attacking what seems to be a moon for some big, terrestrial planet with cloud formations. It may be Palaven again, i'm not sure.

The third picture has a caption in which the writer states that BioWare has some sort of plan on how to fight (in-game) the Reapers on their own scale, but that they want to keep it a secret other than that it will be "grand".
On the same page is a long description of the reinforcement of RPG-elements, in which Casey states that while they will satisfy the RPG-demand that most fans felt was lacking in ME2, that does not mean they will trim down on the shooter elements. He also says we will have more stuff to buy in the shops, and more stuff to do in the various menus.

There's a picture of Illium and a caption that states we will get to revisit the planet. Below that picture is a smaller picture of the North American continent burning (the ENTIRE continent, for emphasis), meaning the Reaper invasion ISN'T just restricted to Europe like I originally thought.

In the next segment, the article writer is introduced to Corey Gaspur, one of the game designers. Gaspur goes into detail on the new enemies, trying to emphasize their desire to create a greater variety of enemies, especially what he calls "reaper-zombies". Apparently these reaper zombies can have some of their body parts blown off. He also uses the batarian husk as an example of how different areas on the body can affect combat. For example, shooting the hand-cannon will disable his range attack, shooting his claw will prevent him from meleeing you, or you can just ignore both and go for the kill by shooting the more durable torso. This system is apparently going to be applied to more than just this type of enemy.

Casey explains that they are really going for a greater enemy variety, and that they will have cannibalizing husks, Cerberus mechs that can be blown apart in two pieces and new types of husks which will, and i quote, "be to the old [husk]version what 28 days later was to the Night of the Living Dead".

In the next segment they describe the salarian homeworld as a very damp and tropical place, comparing their architecture to the hanging gardens of Babylon. The article writer gets to play a combat sequence in an area by a waterfall, fighting Cerberus soldiers. The gameplay is positively compared to Gears of War, with emphasis on more fluid and faster combat. Casey reiterates that they are trying to make the game more difficult by making the enemies smarter and more tactical. "Normal is the new Veteran."

Next on they meet Parrish Ley, the lead cinematic director. This part isn't very interesting, they just talk about how they are improving the cinematic feel and so forth. Parrish shows the Tresher vs Reaper segment to the article writer, and they indicate that the krogan convoy in which Shepard is situated is supposed to distract the reaper so that turian ships can get clear shots at it.

On the next page is a picture of Anderson in a blue cap, with an ear-phone-thingy dressed in light combat armor with an assault rifle in hand. The caption suggests that he will have a much more combat-oriented role, but it does not say if he will be a squadmember in any capacity. My educated guess is that he will be a temporary squaddie.

The rest of the article is just a couple of quotes that describes BioWares feel of its grand scope, and how excited they are to finish the big project they started 10 years ago, and how well they feel the trilogy-concept have been implemented, emphasizing that the series is the first to have player decisions carry over for three games.

Well like I said in the beginning of the post I can't scan the images, so you'll have to take my (weak) word for it until someone can actually confirm it.

If this has already been posted, just shoot me. I did an extensive research and came up with nothing, so here it is.

EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention: they say that the factions of the galaxy are on the verge of civil war and  is that we might possibly have to choose between them in ME3, such as the quarians and geth, citing Kaidan and Ashley as an example but on a galactic scale. Gulp.

yesssss turian ships, yessss earth on fire, yessss loads of weapon mods with sound effects done by DICE

goty erryear


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I just read this post

and I





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“Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world”


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It's like empire multiplied ten times for its scope.

Hahaahah Shepard  as Doolittle Sounds badass.

And of course THANK GOD this sounds like everything we wanted.


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Hahaahah Shepard  as Doolittle Sounds badass

It eerily reminds me of Pearl Harbor (2001? **** I'm old!), so that part was bittersweet...

It eerily reminds me of Pearl Harbor (2001? **** I'm old!), so that part was bittersweet...

You don't know me, so I'll forgive you this time, but please please PLEASE never remind me of that Transgression against Humanity :nono:

Joking aside, I am a tad disappointed that all the Council militaries aren't simply handing Shepard the reigns and letting him take care of it.   


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I'm sure that has something to do with the fact that Shepard is being judged by the alliance and perhaps the council for... ahhhh.... genocide? ;)

Mass Murder? Yes. Genocide? Not by a long shot. Even if you killed the Rachni, that ship has sailed.


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He's talking about the events of the Arrival DLC (which sucked)


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It sucked hard. But yeah, Mass Murder? War Crime? Definitely.
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I'm aware. That wasn't Genocide, there are plenty more Batarians out there.


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The only thing important to me, is that the terminator reaper thing is done/canceled. It seems that some Dev has been confirmed that :) Regarding Arrival sucking, I will see for myself this evening :)

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Well it starts off badly when you figure out that the principal figure is a woman with no sex appeal at all, and that the whole DLC is exactly as sexy as she is.

There is one good moment in that DLC, though, a sort of mini-game, if you will, and I won't tell anything more about it :).


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Well it starts off badly when you figure out that the principal figure is a woman with no sex appeal at all

Yeah that's the best way to determine the value of a female character


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First impression counts. The problem isn't that she isn't sexy. The problem is that the whole DLC is as sexy as she is. And you can't help but connect them both. It's like her uninteresting face symbolizes the whole DLC.

Saeed, for instance, doesn't seem sexy (as far as I can tell), but he sure does look interesting.

I don't have Arrival or the money to spend on ME2 DLC, so can someone tell me what happens in it that is so horrible?
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I'm pretty sure I'm the only person I know who didn't hate Arrival. Sure, nowhere near as good as Shadowbroker or Overlord, but I felt it did a nice job building up some more dread for Harbinger, plus the obvious plot twist for Shepard. Whats more, I'm never gonna say no to more things to do in ME2, even if the whole thing with the Artifact was groan-inducingly easy to predict.

EDIT For Sparda

Shepard blows up a Mass Relay to stop a surprise Reaper assault,  Which just so happens to be in a populated Batarian system, which kills them all, since Relays apparently go off like Supernovas.
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