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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
OK, I noted that the last match image links have somehow became broken at least on my computer. However, they are the only ones that have been broken, and the images on earlier pages are still accessible. Don't know what happened with ImgSafe here.

Anyways, as today's time was spent chasing on the possible broken links on earlier pages, the update and the conclusion of the match will happen tomorrow.
Relaxed movement is always more effective than forced movement.


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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
Let's DO THIS!

HLPBowlers vs Copper Hammers (Dwarves), Game 16, Post #5, Finale

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It's our 14th turn, and Spoon got injured, and could not regenerate. However, the left hand flank seems to be in position to progress further towards the score line.

Quite a bit closer than I recalled!

Swashmebuckle moves one step closer, and passes the ball. Those Black Orcs should rack some SPPs!

Which of course, fails


And nope

(The sound the turnover klaxon makes you feel worse than the turnover itself!)

Well, that was pretty short even on Blood Bowl terms!

Meanwhile closer to the center pitch, Scotty gets blitzed

While a bunch of dorfs eagerly await for the black orc to stand up. But I'm afraid their wait will, in the end, be in vain.

And that's their 14th turn?? Well, I don't mind!

The down field is a mess, but I don't feel like cleaning the mess

Instead, Swashmebuckle, go get the ball, let's try this again!

Uh huh

Swashmebuckle: Not my fault! The ball was slippery! I got blinded by the sun!

The dorfs waste no time in getting closer to the ball

Blackbelt Jones gets blitzed, but it's merely a push

We go. Boyz, you gotsa do dis right now right here!

Blackbelt pushes one away

And Mad Max grabs the ball and scores!

Well done, you got it right on the first time! Where as SOME people tried four times, and even that wasn't enough!

So kick the ball one more time, and receive the obligatory GG punches from the dorfs

Meanwhile in the injury pits

Somebody go and lift that loincloth up, Spoon is mooning the audience! He will not like it when he wakes, it's raining for heaven's sake!

We are sort of understaffed right now

But the Orc's gotta what Orc's gotta do

Aaaand it's a

free re-roll! Thank you, but I don't need it!

The longbeard attempts to catch the ball. In mid-air. When it's raining

The odds didn't favor him, and as with all odds, sometimes the majority rules!

Let's all point at him and laugh!

Blackbelt gets blitzed

But it's a wash

Dynamite gets pushed as well

And the trollslayer signs the deal by punching out Black Knight

Thank God it's over, we win 2-0, our prides scratched, but otherwise intact.

Click here to see the match outcome
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The SPPs are delivered like this:

Three blitzers and one Black Orc. Black Dynamite received the most valuable player award in the match, funnily though I don't recall he would have done anything important.

Let's go get some R&R boyz! And somebody drag Spoon out of that pit for heaven's sake!
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Relaxed movement is always more effective than forced movement.


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HLPBowlers vs. Gashed Jaws (orc), Game 17, First quarter (up to turn 4)

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And we return to our schedule transmissions of Blood Bowl on Saturday evenings. Who cares about parties in the downtown, my massage therapist recommended "taking it easy" tonight.


Alright boyz, it iz time to kick ass and chew bubbagum without Spoon. The troll iz out cold for dis game.

Our opposition is the neighboring orc gang, the Gashed Jaw

We'll show them gashed jawz, amirite boyz? Boyz!

Losing Spoon for dis game, we are less valued team. For a chance. Substantially less, so we recruit a Bloodweiser Babe and Wizard.

I shall reserve da wizard for da best possible use. He shall commence magic only on my command.

It's Gashed Jaws home turf. Aptly named so

We win the coin toss, and elect to receive. It'z hurt dem or dem hurt us boyz!

We deploy to dis offensive formation, leaving da black orcs to da middle

The Gashed Jaws troll, Belly Puke, "kicks" the ball. He actually strikes it in the southern crane style, but who cares. At least it wasn't a throw. Suppose the troll has stronger arms than legs so it sort of makes sense.

And it's a blitz! So much for us hurting them before they hurt us. Blitz and blocks incoming boyz!

Our niggled line orc Rakclaw immediately gets blitzed. What, he was supposed to be the punching bag for the troll.

And it's a clean hit

And he's out! Come on guys, keep your eyes open and somebody on the helm!

Luckily they don't press the attack further to get closer to the ball, so the blitzer stays in the middle of the pitch. It's our #1 turn.

To guard against any cock-ups, the guys at the back get very keen on guarding the ball

The ball being secured, we can commence our Black Orc Communication

Blackbelt pushes the opposing black orc away to make room for Scourge.

Being cleared of a tackle zone, Scourge immediately blitzes the Mighty Blowin' Blitzer from the center

The haymaker meets the face, and the Gashed Jaws blitzer is sent to knocked out land. With a gash in his jaw. You know Scourge, you're starting to become a sort of badass. Now get in the middle of the pitch, but don't contact the troll. Repeat, don't contact the troll!

Black Knight then makes a block action to free Black Dynamite who is to reinforce our ball cage.

Mammothtank then disengages

Oh sorry, did I say disengage? I meant he felt flat on his face

That's one personal imprint on the turf for you. Just waiting for the complaints of the groundskeeper.


A couple of black orcs advance from the left hand side, but lack movement to actually make contact with our cage.

Belly Puke strolls the troll about as well as Spoon the troll

Scotty "Blitzmagnet" attracts one more blitz. But he blocks it easily and laughs it off: Woz dat da best ya can do, punk?!

But that's about all from their side. It's our turn #2. Black Dynamite reinforces the right hand side of the cage, allowing Swashmebuckle to attempt the pick-up.

Speaking about the pick-ups, this REALLY isn't the time to fumble up a pick up, Swashmebuckle. Oh perhaps I'm looking this the wrong way, reverse psychology might actually work! Hey Swashme, PLEASE DO FUMBLE THE PICK-UP!

HA! I'm a genius! Now cage, MOVE!

Blackbelt, close the upper right hand corner!

And NOW we can commence punching

Black Knight blitzes the black orc near right border

While Scotty closes the lower right hand side. Should be pretty hard for that black orc to engage from the right hand side.

And that's our #2 turn over.

Belly Puke seems to be suffering from same issues as Spoon. He seems to be standing on the center of the pitch, having difficulties on moving one step forward. Ummmmmmm? Is once again heard booming, and scaring the heck out of the nearby pigeons and sparrows.

And our line orc gets then blitzed by a black orc

Stop losing consciousness you cowards!

We are outnumbered 9-10 at the moment. But that's the opposition turn in the nutshell.

Mammothtank provides a diversion on the left hand side

"I'll roll over dem boss!"

That's the spirit!

Then we have a puzzle to solve on the right hand cage corner. In order to release a black orc, we need to knock back a black orc. To do so safely requires one more additional player. But wait, why bring players there, where we could blitz the black orc instead? Black Knight runs, and provides a good push!

Blackbelt then knocks down the blitzer

And ironically, Blackbelt was supposed to be released, and he was, but he could not move away from there!

Then we shall commit to the right hand side

And that's our turn.

Belly Puke the troll seems to be about as tall as he is stupid.

Nope, he ain't gonna move. But AI still bites the lure, and blitzes Mammothtank! Pray your armor holds, Mammoth!

And it does. He goes down, but is not out.

Then AI commits fourth player to keep Mammoth on bay. I happily take that!

Aaaand that's about it. Our turn #4 starts. Do you see what I'm thinking by moving Srihag one step ahead?  :drevil:

If you thought that frenzied Mad Max could push that hapless orc to the crowd by blitzing him, you were right!

He then carefully repositions to avoid the same faith

Scourge moves to assist our black orc line.

Black Knight then delivers some Batman kung fu

Aaaaw yeah

You know the drill, side line cage with beef cake wall on the border!

The whole central pitch looks like this

And that's our 4th turn

You know, Belly Puke being THAT stupid is starting to make him hilarious too!

Then a black orc attempts to break our sideline cage top corner by blitzing Scotty. He lands the hit

Can Gashed Jaws stop our onslaught? Is Belly Puke dumber than Spoon? And what does the Wizard do?

Find out the answers for these questions in our next episode!

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Relaxed movement is always more effective than forced movement.


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HLPBowlers vs. Gashed Jaw (orcs), Game 17, 2nd quarter. (Up to turn 8)

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Well, their blitz dropped our blitzer, but they couldn't press the advantage, given that our players are already far on their side, and their free players are mostly too far to contribute. Lesson with orcs: pitch control is very important.

Blackbelt Jones gets rid of him.

Black Dynamite moves in to secure the guy. He should stay down.

And then we run

And then we move the remaining two black orcs.

Black Knight just happened stroll over Azal, and Scourge makes a nuisance of himself by contacting the free player behind the troll.

And that would be our #5 turn right there.

Mammothtank is still tying three (3!) players around him, even if he is prone! Don't know what they are waiting for.

Belly Puke manages to blitz Scourge. Stand firm, Orc!

The result is a push. Then, the lineorc can advance forwards as he is unshackled

Finally, we see a Hail Mary play from a blitzer. Block with two dice against him. Tsk tsk. Black Dynamite is only pushed.

And that's their #5 over.

However, our Blackbelt Jones does not hesitate to punch someone weaker than him

Swashmebuckle checks his range

And runs! So long losers! Scotty and Srihag, both blitzers with fast feet, escort him

Then Black Knight one dies a skull


And it's a push

Black Dynamite one dies the troll away

And Mad Max teases the Gashed Jaws' thrower

Our turn is ended by Scourge taking a two die block against the troll. Can't be helped, man. Tough as nails Black Orc takes it to the face, ending our turn!


The two black orcs are still guarding Mammothtank. I mean Mammoth is close to being an illegal weapon himself, but two black orcs guarding him?

Black Dynamite gets blitzed

He goes down. But we have enough Orc power to tie the opposition for this turn.

Belly Puke blocks Mad Max

What's that? Do I see white? Do I see the Skull? Do I see three white skulls? Does the troll have block? Nooooo-o, he does not. This should be entertaining  :lol:

It's a re-roll! The loner checks! The new dice are delivered

Bahahahhahahahahaha! That's even MORE incompetent than Spoon! (Seriously, what are the odds of that happening?)


I actually had to check the probabilities of that happening. Three dice block has 3.7 % chance of failing if the attacker doesn't have any skills. That happened twice, so (0.037)^2 ~ 1,37E-3. But the Loner skill check was passed, so the probability was even more skewed.

Blackbelt pushes one blitzer away

Like vultures circling around a rotten carcass, Scotty and Srihag get in positions to the score line

Shall we stall another turn? It's our 6th.

Screw it

And Srihag scooooooores!

Our sleeping beauties seem to be awaking.

Our defensive formation is once again this

Black Boyz at the LoS center line, Rakclaw in the middle tying the troll. He is our most expendable bravest player! All hail Rakclaw!

And off it goes!

Say what you will, but fans are the spirit of the team!

The Gashed Jaws start from an interesting position, the ball fell just behind the LoS, but to the ground.

Rakclaw gets blitzed immediately after.

Of course

Give it to me straight doc, how long does he have?

Oh he is just Badly Hurt. No worries then.

The black orcs disconnect our black orcs

And the troll, oh my

He isn't like getting it today you see?

Re-roll! (WTF?)

But the troll is a loner, so Really Stupid remains, and that's their re-roll gone!

Then the right hand black orcs are disconnected

This time slightly more efficiently

Alright, it's our 8th turn.

Mammoth the blitzkrieg machine blitzes the Gashed Jaws Thrower. Objective: crush kill and destroy

It connects

That's right.

Moktrak then blitzes the Black Orc

He fells the opposition, allowing Blackbelt Jones to take the block

That's a wash.

Scotty moves back field to protect his precious skin.

And Swashmebuckle goes to the center. Stand firm, Orc, and WAAAAAGH!

So ends our 8th turn. The only thing left is to take the blocks that are about to come.

The Jaws attempt to cage

But unfortunately for them, Scourge is upholding the law on this corner of the pitch

You just ain't throwing two dice against blocks on him. It's a re-roll!

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. This is one of those cases where you lose.

We are one-nil ahead, but it's their drive next on the second half. We shall follow closely the developments of this match, see the highlights tomorrow!

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Relaxed movement is always more effective than forced movement.

Yus! Crush da dirty orcz! Er, da other, dirtier orcz!


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HLPBowlers vs Gashed Jaw (orcs), Game 17, third quarter (up to turn 12).

Hidden Text: Show
Note to self: it's far more easier to keep the update schedule if the Hard Light Productions isn't off-line like yesterday


Ah the second half that separates Snotlings from Orcs!

It's the same deployment with Blitzers in a que at the flanks and Black Orcs at the Line of Scrimmage. The troll is handled by a sacrifical pawn rookie. If anything, that turns the rookie into a veteran very fast. Or mincemeat, but that's fast too!

Off we go

We are truly fan favorites once again

So lemme see, left flank possible advancement straight from the get go with a blitzer?

Trak, our rookie line orc gets blitzed. There's something about placing line orcs next to the trolls that seem to boil the opposition black orc and blitzer blood.

He goes down the turf, but already like a veteran, ready to stand up get some more

The right hand black orc disconnects Black Dynamite, allowing the other one to move

And our turn. Mad Max starts with a blitz. Besides picking the prone players up, there's not much else we could do.

Mad Max!!! Re-roll!

And yes, that will be a push. Mad Max doesn't have Mighty Blow to increase the chance of injury while as the opposition blitzer has, so better let the crowd deal with him.

Which handily did take place. Say hello to the tooth fairy, tell her she owns us money!

And Mad Max repositions

Blackbelt pushes. It's not a bad result, but I still can't shake the slightly disappointed feeling

Black Dynamite instead lands a clean hit. The armor isn't even broken, so that Black Orc is also standing up next turn.

Swashmebuckle retreats from engagement re-positions himself to be more mobile over the central pitch area.

And that's our turn #9

I'm seeing a small cage up coming on here

Uh, why would he go there?

And one more to the right hand flank.

Trak seems to be under fire here

And is knocked out. Dangit. There's something about those center field line orcs that makes them KO magnets.

Now, that's the AI turn, and our #10 starts. If you have been paying attention, you could almost imagine I've been leading the opposition in to a pouch. Or motti, if you know the Winter War terminology. Anyways, rest assured I wasn't planning that, and it sort of happened. So, given the opportunity, we deploy our wizard.

Fireball = nuclear war head, thunder = ion cannon. Since the opposition is caged tightly, it's gonna be the fireball.

EVA: Nuclear warhead approaching

Bro lol gets knocked out. Good. The rest of the cage seems far more uncertain of themselves after a blast like that.

That opening is the opportunity we have been waiting. Srihag moves

And Scotty blitzes

It's knock down, but not even a stun. Disappointing.

Black Knight knocks down another Black Orc.

"And stay dooown!"

Swashmebuckle anticipates the ball to move to right, hence he moves right.

Next our tactics are to tie as many opposition players and prevent them from reinforcing the blasted cage area. We may get a couple of broken bones, but that's a risk I'm willing to take.

Black Dynamite blocks the opposition black orc. You know it would be really handy if you could knock him down!

Shoulda known. Re-roll!

Well at least he has block, so that does nothing. That re-roll was wasted, though.

Blackbelt and Scourge make it to the central fight

Who ever controls the central pitch controls the game. And that's our #10 done.

AI attempts to pick up the ball

Fails once


And it works.

And it's a blitz. And ironically, against Mammothtank the blitzmachine. Hey, he probably has had it coming for some time.

The result is a knock down, but Mammoth is well above the legally conscious limit.

Aznik then pushes Blackbelt Jones away

The line orc gets flattened once again

And Mad Max goes down too. Guys, you are doing your job! Keep your chins up!... Actually, thinking about it, DON'T keep your chin up!

And it is our 11th turn

Srihag makes a move towards the ball carrier

Scotty blitzes, and scores a clean hit

...but if you expected that to stop him, you were wrong. He proceeds to pick-up the ball!

He makes it! And moves a bit further

Now that was some blocking, Scotty!

Swashmebuckle the over eager opportunist jumps on this band wagon immediately

Scourge blocks, but it's only a downed orc

Blackbelt goes next

And injures the opposition thrower

He shall play again, but not in this game

Black Dynamite moves in to assists in a block

Which is conducted by Black Knight

Disappointingly, pushes. Come on guys, I already thought the break bones machine starter to roar!

Mammothtank attempts to reinforce and stop the orc on upper left pitch

And fails. Re-roll!

Great success!

And that's our eleventh turn right there

Ironically, Mammothtank was the only player stopping this black orc from blitzing Scotty. We shall see how this pans out

Not today, son. Not today.

The rookie is once again flattened in the lower central pitch.

Black Knight and Blackbelt go both down in these blocks

And that's their turn. We start our 12th.

Mammothtank demonstrates why he is still the biggest bad dude in the field

Mammoth: You out!

Disappointingly, those spiked boots do not penetrate the armor every day. Mad Max goes to screen Scotty.

This is once again one of those rare games where we see Swashmebuckle pulling a blitz. And against no-one else but a black orc!

Being freed, Scotty runs towards the score line like the wind. Rather slow wind, but wind nevertheless.

Here we find the opposition troll surrounded by our Black Boyz. Hack'em to pieces boyz

Attempt #1

Attempt #2

Black Dynamite flattens the troll. No injuries, though. Unfortunate.

And that ends our 12th turn.

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Relaxed movement is always more effective than forced movement.


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HLPBowlers vs Gashed Jaw (orcs), Game 17, final quarter.

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A wise man once said there are no winners in Blood Bowl, only survivors. We shall see how this will hold in the following matches to come.

Due to the way the players were left in the last turn, the opposition cannot actually do much but stand their players up. Everybody else is pretty much tied, or access towards Scotty is blocked.

Our line orc gets flattened once again.

Great job Rookie, you are tying that Black Orc perfectly!

Srihag stands as he is, these dice are not the ones you are looking for

And Black Dynamite gets pushed

And it's our turn.

Mammothtank advances. Backwards.

This concentration of fire power is enough to take down the troll, but unfortunately Scourge manages to push him only. It appears Belly Puke can handle the block power of this magnitude

Actually, let's re-roll that (brilliant idea, Mika)


Wait, Scourge had block.

Bwhaahahaha, that's one downed Troll then!

Black Dynamite and Knight only manage to push their opponents backwards. No use pushing people around.

Scotty looks behind and comes to the conclusion that our blocking strength just ain't what it's supposed to be, and decides to score instead. Who could blame him?

Whoa, Scotty looks pissed off there!

Reinforcements have arrived. Again.

And we deploy to the same formation. Three more turns, boyz!

And it's a go!

I'd laik to fank da fans, da team...

Opposition reinforces the front line

Picks up the ball, and starts pushing people around

Blackbelt goes down here

M-mmm, gotta love that AV 9!

Then Black Knight taketh away the easy re-roll. You know the sayin', eazy come eazy go


Bummer. He is now stunned.

Then they go Black Dynamite

He goes down, but the armor holds.

Our Line orc Trak then receives the obligatory three dice block

He too goes down.

There's no better time to start our turn than when our front line crumbles to pieces and then some.

Mammoth and Mad Max waste no time applying pressure for the ball carrier.

Mok crak fills in the gap in the middle. At least they have to roll over him first. Which hasn't been particularly difficult in this game, I note.

Then the rest just stand up. Not much else we could do, so prepare to receive some punches once again boyz

Right, right?


Pffffftt, alright you got me there, I'm really not going to stop yet.

Srihag and Scotty double team the one hapless player that parked in front of them

Scotty moves in to further pressure the ball carrier

Then Scourge discusses the finer details of blocks between fellow Black Orcs

That's a pretty nice parabolic arc you got there, mister!

Now this is a good place to end our turn

Opposition #15

You leave a gap to defenses, it gets taken advantage of

Such is world of Blood Bowl.

They are caging up! (Now imagine this being said in the Warcraft 2 Orc voice)

Yeah, breakthrough attempt in the middle pitch detected. Called it.

Bam! Straight to the kisser, but Mok Crak still remains consciousness.

And then another lino goes down

You know, this is sort of getting worrifying. Luckily the ball carrier has already moved.

Oh no, not Black Dynamite too!

It's a punch or get punched world out there!

Our karate master Blackbelt Jones mitigates the block to turn over. Good. At least the whole front line wont be off-line next turn.


And it's a push. Good.

Alright. What shall we do on our 15th turn?

Black Knight gets up and ties two of the opposition players

Then we get rid of this nuisance on the left hand side

Which will then allow Scourge to move ahead to make a more annoying road block to left hand side.

With an assist from Scourge, Mammothtank fells the cage corner

And Mad Max blitzes. Being frenzied, he blocks twice. Wonder if that could make a good movie title?

Of course, that doesn't mean he needs those two blocks

That certainly puts pressure on the opposition side :)

Scotty pushes the lino away from the ball

Finally, Srihag clears the line a little bit by pushing the opposition lino

Now why did I do this? Check dis out

Swashmebuckle dodges away from the player that's attempting to tackle him

He then proceeds to pick up the ball, he just needs to dodge once more, and he has the dodge skill

Nope, re-roll!

So let me get this, Swashmebuckle failed a dodge twice, stunned himself by falling, and caused a turnover? Well done chap. Clap clap.

Nuffle taketh, Nuffle giveth.

It's opposition's last turn.

Our rookies go down once again

Mad Max resists the Troll

But the lino's block finally gets him

Get's him good, it's a stun!

Srihag and Black Knight get pushed, nothing else. At least the opposition did not score.

The final turn.

Black Knight didn't like the push attempt, so he educates the Line Orc about the finer details of life.

Scourge makes more space

Now, we do have a possibility to score. It's highly risky, but whatever. Srihag has to pick up the ball next to Belly Puke, and hand it over to Scotty, who must then dodge away, and take two Go For It's.
Lemme see: 0.5 * 0.5 * 0.87 * 0.87 ~ about 0.19. Every fifth succeeds, but we don't have a re-roll. Still worth a shot.


Click here to see the match outcome
Hidden Text: Show
Yay, some cash

Our MVP is actually Scourge

The hard-fisted Black Orc probably deserved it though he hasn't been injuring opposition, you can be damn sure some headaches have been delivered. Then again, Scotty's steal & runaway touchdown was worth MVP as well.

The only injury was delivered by Blackbelt Jones. That's the Mighty Blow right there.

Srihag levels up

He rolls 9 (dangit, so close to 10)

It's not a double, so no goodness can be delivered. Instead, he'll take Mad Max's frenzied role behind Scotty, making the opposition to worry about crowdsurfs on both sides of the pitch.

Our next match will be against Raging Smashers, the human team. Don't laugh.


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Relaxed movement is always more effective than forced movement.


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That's what happens when you try to play floopsy dodgy elf moves in a game against fellow orcs. It might have looked like I fell down, but rest assured I felt the mighty hand of Gork rightly smacking me in that horrible moment. I want it noted that I played this game under protest for being asked to perform such unorcish actions. I mean uh...we is green and mean and uh...make a Gorkamorka great again?


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That's what happens when you try to play floopsy dodgy elf moves in a game against fellow orcs. It might have looked like I fell down, but rest assured I felt the mighty hand of Gork rightly smacking me in that horrible moment. I want it noted that I played this game under protest for being asked to perform such unorcish actions. I mean uh...we is green and mean and uh...make a Gorkamorka great again?

If me knew no better, me says that Gork hand was da oppositshun Black Orc. Not hiz hand, but his feet.

But it iz o-kay, you has da weakest armor
Relaxed movement is always more effective than forced movement.


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Not hiz hand, but his feet.
Da Krunch!


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HLP Bowlers vs Raging Smasher (humies), Game 18, first quarter (up to turn 4)

Hidden Text: Show
Today we play against the Raging Smashers. (Snort) You boyz have been up against da humans before, so no sweat.

Cuz we are more valuable, they take Extra team training. That gives them one extra re-roll per period. And Spoon is with us today.

Meanwhile, we sit on top of a big pile of cash (with many beautiful women)

Welcome to our home turf boyz. I took the liberty of updating the stadium to a more appropriate form

Note the Orcidas logo right there?

We lose the coin toss, so defense it is.

Here we go here we go on the ride with the HLPBowlers! (Let's see if someone gets this one)

Dang-nab-it boyz, those fans really do love us!

 :eek2: Whoa

That's an awesome kick!

Mammothtank receives a blitz straight from the get go. What, did the AI get smarter or what?

But that's a push.

Interestingly, either because I forgot to take screenshots, or because the opposition didn't do much else, it's our turn. How's that for a short turn description?  :D

We waste no time reinforcing Mammoth's position

Mammoth then blocks

Mammoth: How do ya like dem apples?!!!

And nothing happens. Dang.

Scotty and his wingman Srihag decided to tag another blitzer

Another one bites the hay. Scotty continues further

Trak goes to assist

Since most of the team have moved, you know what time it is. Black Boyz time!

Not astonishing accomplishment, Black Dynamite!

Blackbelt shows more progress by stunning one lineman

And Spoon pushes

That's our turn #1. We delivered some smacking, but we could have delivered even more smacking!

On their #2 go, they first reinforce the ball carrier. Cage anyone?

Scotty absorbs a block.

Somebody point out to Scotty that the block can be absorbed by moving, not always by falling!

Since our beefcage wall in the LoS is pretty much unbreakable with STR3 team, they don't even try. It's our turn then.

Scourge has had enough of this ridiculous non-action, and goes first

He doesn't accomplish anything, and with Fend on that catcher, he manages to keep Scourge on his place.

Rakclaw and Mammothtank assist Mad Max in his blocks. Unfortunately, I forgot he had frenzy, and selected both down. Since both have block, that ends the second frenzy block. You can't win every time

Black Dynamite accomplishes nothing with the block, it's a second one in a row.

Black Knight scores a direct hit

Unfortunately, the armor holds this time and it ain't even a stun.

Then, the opportunity comes. Srihag sets sail for murder, and revs the blitzing engine. He's frenzied enough to push somebody twice!

Impact! Boom! Oh yeah!

Spoon takes the block next

What do you want? A turnover or a push? Gotta love that troll!  :lol:

Blackbelt Jones goes next to harass the ball carrier. Or his proximity anyways.

And that's our second turn done!

The opposition gathers around Blackbelt Jones, and there comes the blitz. Typical

Not much luck in there pal!

Wait what, a re-roll?!!

Aand it's a knock out!  :eek2: I can hardly believe my eyes

A couple of movements more

And it's our turn once again. Turn #3 here we come!

Mammoth takes the first block

Which is double skulls. Typical. Re-roll!

Yea, that blitzer's out!

Black Knight takes one to the turf as well.

Scotty moves to the center to provide assistance. Black Dynamite blocks!

Scourge moves in on the left hand side, and finally, Mad Max blitzes!

And once again we are left with a nil. Nil as in no injury.

Having secured the area with Trak, I'm confident enough to let Spoon block (gasp)

A direct hit!

Did Spoon get angry after his injury or what? Did the rest of the team start to pick on him since his, ahem, shall we say, lower endurance?

That turn ends us in a position like this.

Lookin' good boyz!

Opposition #4

Hey, that's two dice AGAINST you if you block Scourge! Whatever, it's only your life

Re-roll! (In case somebody wondered why AI re-rolled this, it's probably because it determined it must move Scourge, and realized I would certainly not select defender down)

Poor baby, re-rolled it into a skull  :lol:

Yes. say with me:

Our turn #4

Mad Max drops one

Rakclaw moves in to assist Mammothtank, who blitzes the ball carrier

It's a push


With the exactly the same results. Dang. Even the dice were on the same positions!

Well, because the guy moved between the black orcs and Spoon, the situation is indeed not yet diffused!

Scourge takes a shot next

Two pushes and nothing. Great going guys

Black Dynamite fells one

While the hapless lineman feels the fury of Scotty's fists

He ain't dead. He ain't injured. He ain't even stunned!

Once the Thrower has been boxed in, Spoon can take a shot

Direct hit first time.

The ball has been released from his clutches, but there's not much we can do this turn to secure it. Most of our players have already moved

Trak moves up, and the Dynamic Duo Black Knight and Srihag take the tango on the humie blitzer

It actually took only Black Knight to knock him down, Srihag can move to the center.

It's our #4 turn end, and this is how it goes

Yea, nobody of the opposition is standing. That's orcs!

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Relaxed movement is always more effective than forced movement.


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HLPBowlers vs Raging Smashers (humie), Game 18, second quarter (up to turn 8).

Hidden Text: Show
It's the opposition #5. Which is mainly used to pick up the players (and their teeth) from the turf.

We get one block against Mad Max

That da best ya can do, punk?

And a dodge from a blitzer

And that's their #5.

We go. Starting with Black Knight
Who delivers

Whoa, the crowd kicked the **** out of his ribs! Must be our fans  :lol:

Our laughs are abruptly interrupted once Mammoth rolls double skulls. Yes, again.

We can actually still do stuff on this turn. Re-roll!

A push only. But that's enough given the circumstances.

Black Dynamite continues our onslaught.

Another one bites the dust

That pose is pure bad ass, Dynamite!

And that's his knee gone. Opponent re-rolls the injury!

We will actually see him again in full health by latest in the next half. Good job Dynamite anyways!

Wipe your grins and glees from your faces, Scotty just double skulled!

And, yes, it's a Turnover

Dangit Scotty!

Opposition turn #6

We'll now see a rather interesting development. This is a one die blitz against Mad Max.

You know those are kind of dangerous, right?

Feast your eyes on that!

And it's a re-roll! Understandable. Now comes the real test

Mad Max fails that test.

Aaaaand it's a crowd surf. Don't recall the last time our players have gone out of the pitch

Give em hell Mad Max. Let them break their toes to your armor!

Here's where the Thrower decided to one die Scourge

I do believe your re-roll was already spent, so Turnover losers

It's our 6th. Lemme see how this goes.

Black Dynamite takes one down here

Black Knight repositions to be useful once again

Mammoth takes one down, but does not jump. I REPEAT, DO NOT JUMP ON THE FALLEN PLAYER! You are needed standing!

Scourge introduces his bone 5 to the opposition lino! Meet the knuckles!

Trak moves to close the cage around the ball

Then Spoon blitzes. Yes you read right: Spoon blitzes this turn.

While this seemed like a good opportunity, the end result is once again disappointing

Since the catcher has Dodge, that's three pushes in a row.

Rakclaw blocks the upper left access to the ball

Srihag moves in to pick up the ball

Great success! He proceeds to run the heck away from the dodge

And that's our #6 right there!

As their first action, the opposition blitzes Rakclaw

He is knocked out

Does the saying too little too late ring a bell to ya humie?

The catcher adds a tackle zone around a black orc. Which is strange because the said Black Orc doesn't particularly mind a tackle zone around him, Black Knight wasn't to move anyways.

Their turn was ended with an unlucky double skulls against Black Dynamite.


Trak moves in to make it harder to hit Srihag

Srihag moves close to the pitch to be ready to score next turn

Black Knight exerts his presence over the catcher

Unfortunately, that's three pushes in a row once again.

Scourge flattens one close to the LoS, but not even a stun

Scotty moves in to be a nuisance.

Spoon blitzes once again

And yea, it's a stun.

You'd think that Spoon is starting to become some kind of bad ass here. But a couple of seconds later he does something like this

Yea, that's our troll

Mammoth moves up to further barricade the assists towards Srihag.

This is the tactical situation map after our #7.

Opposition turn #8.

The catcher blitzes Srihag. Not too bad, he is STR 2 while Srihag is STR 3. We look at two dice AGAINST block. You know, the funniest kind of block.

It's their time to suck that dodge goodness, that reads push or push!

And there's only one direction to push, the one that takes Srihag over the score line

Sure wouldn't like to be in that Catcher's shoes once the fans catch him.

Oh, and that apparently terminates our turn as well. Farewell the eight turn, we hardly saw ye!

But it's gotta be said that it's a cool stadium

Especially when I ordered booze tents near the pitch to make the crowd even rowdier.

They lost two to injuries, while we suffered a couple of KOs. Nothing too bad.

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Relaxed movement is always more effective than forced movement.


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Dying once has made me leaner, meaner and less stupid

[02:42] <@Axem> spoon somethings wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> critically wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> im happy with these missions now
[02:44] <@Axem> well
[02:44] <@Axem> with 2 of them


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Mike can I make the request that you make these posts somewhere off-site and the link them here?  I'm trying to read the most recent post, but that many pictures (several posts' worth) is taking a stupidly long time to load.


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Also like half of the pictures are broken so that ended up being a complete waste of time. :(


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Putting posts in hidden tags might help too

[02:42] <@Axem> spoon somethings wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> critically wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> im happy with these missions now
[02:44] <@Axem> well
[02:44] <@Axem> with 2 of them


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Alright, I've seen broken links related to one game, but I haven't seen that happen to other games. ImgSafe seems to be offline occasionally, and I had to switch to PostImage, which seems to be running under Yandex... There might be a regional control going on there, but it is not on the options available to me.

What it comes to means of reducing the image and reading overhead, rest assured, I've been thinking about how to do this easier and there definitely is a motivation to do that. I thought writing them with single screen shots could be the fastest way for the audience, but I may be mistaken here. It's just that even the movements occasionally matter in this game, and not showing them takes away from the tactical dimension. The only feasible way I can think of would be to directly stream the games to YouTube in the future, but even then you are looking at one hour watching session per game. Hidden tags could be another option, though, but clicking could become annoying too. Didn't think of that.

However, HLPBowlers have only four games (in reality, two) to be played until the 24 team round robin cup is over. If there's will be a Season 2, that might be the option to use there.

The current match will be concluded on Monday when I'm anyways on painkillers due to removal of a wisdom tooth (and only 10 years late, yay me).

Once the season is over, there will be some end season statistics, including the time spent from my part.

EDIT: Ah, I do see that the problem could be the load times with the images. I'll think we'll try the hidden tags tomorrow. Modifying the posts for that for the earlier 1-8 pages could take a while, but I think I'll do that at some point.

Please next time inform me faster about the problematic load times, I'd have wanted to hear that after the first couple of games.
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Relaxed movement is always more effective than forced movement.


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There's also this handy thing for hosting an LP-post off-site for individual post loading.


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loading times aren't really much of an issue for me personally.

Also my suggest with hidden tags is to put the whole post into it, so you can expand the whole post, not individual images.

[02:42] <@Axem> spoon somethings wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> critically wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> im happy with these missions now
[02:44] <@Axem> well
[02:44] <@Axem> with 2 of them


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Loading times are a massively deal-breaking issue for me right now, since it took nearly five minutes for this page to stabilize enough to actually type my first response today.