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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
Gat dang I'm kicking all sorts of ass.  C'mon, MVP again!


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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Tlazcotl Carnosaurus (Lizards), Game 6, Post #7, finale

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Swashmebuckle: "Re-ques-ting permisshun to score sah!"

Go ahead

Reeling from the shock, the lizards get a one turn against us. We deploy to a defensive formation.

Swashmebuckle kicks out of bounds, and it's a touchback. A skink get the ball, but he is far, and just manages to get on the right hand side of the LoS.

The final turn is quite uneventful, typical blocks are thrown, with the exception of this against Spoon

AI re-rolls!

A double skull. Classic move.

Spoon counter-attacks and stuns the lizard.

Click here for the match outcome
Hidden Text: Show

Our winnings are pitiful, re-roll that!

Well I'll take that

Swashmebuckle is once again the Most Valuable Player

The injuries and SPPs are distributed as this

And Mad Max levels, getting Tackle to remove those pesky elves


Now that was a hilariously incompetent match by both sides, with heavy losses inflicted on the lizard side. I think Scotty was the most consistent on either stunning or KOing the players. The rain did us both this time.

But we won it. Orc style.
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
(sauruses have AGI 1, so you can expect them to succeed at pick-up 17 % of the time i.e. never)
That 17% chance on the other hand has rarely stopped me from being really stupid  :lol:

I love the size difference in the background. Now if only always hungry would work on skinks....
Also, I think I got water droplets in my eyes there.

The big guys in this game are indeed big. Wait till you see the minotaur. :D That's a scary one. Well actually when you get blocked by any big guy you are always gritting your teeth whether there will be a career ending injury.

It would indeed be hilarious if it was possible to eat the opposition small players were they stupid enough to park next to the troll. But skinks don't have the Right Stuff, so they can't be thrown, thus eaten. I don't think you'd be able to do that to the opposition goblins either.
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
Gat dang I'm kicking all sorts of ass.  C'mon, MVP again!

Unfortunately, this is not based on stats gathered during the game or anything. It's random as far as I can tell. But it can have hilarious consequences especially if a player dies. He typically gets the MVP then, and the death probably could've been avoided had the MVP been awarded earlier to him.

EDIT: Oh, next match will likely be broadcasted on Saturday.

EDIT^2: Just realized that the Lizard's MVP was Mazda the unconscious lizard, who I think was knocked out on the turn #1 of the match, and remained so until the lizard's 16th turn. :D Talk about contributing there. Perhaps they felt pity towards him?  :lol:
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
How did I get zero SPPs there? D:


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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
SPPs are awarded by the following actions:

Successful pass: 1 SPP
Injure opposition player: 2 SPPs (You get the same SPPs for opposition player death which we haven't seen yet.)
Score a touchdown: 3 SPPs

So you managed several important KOs and basically carried the team, but these actions do not net you SPPs, despite them being very vital to the team.

It's the Mighty Blow Scotty that carried the team.  The unsung hero of this match!
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
Sorry about not being able to do the match yesterday; I was in Boston and got jet lagged to hell and back, with my last travel day to home lasting some 36 hours straight, netting me an effective loss of Saturday.

HLPBowlers vs Bloody Skulls (Orcs), Game 7, Post #1. This time with a superstar player inducement on opposition!

Hidden Text: Show
Tonight's match will be against Orcs. The team name is Bloody Skulls. Whether that refers to actual bloody skulls as in found in heads, or to the bad blocking dice luck remains to be seen.

The teams were quite evenly matched, so I didn't add inducements. AI selected Rip the troll, who isn't Really Stupid, and is about as strong as two normal trolls.

Charming fella, ain't he?

We uncharacteristically lose the dice roll in the beginning, and thus kick the ball. This is our defensive formation.

The kick-off event is really sunny, which reduces chances of catching a pass. Pffffft, just as we were going to pass anyways!

Black Knight gets blitzed, and goes down. He grins as he falls down, "Wheee!"

Black Dynamite manages to entice a Both Down result of the block against him


Srihag marks the blitzer on the right hand side.

Mammothtank and Mad Max advance on the left flank

Scotty blitzes the right hand side blitzer, pushing him one step ever so closer to the border of the pitch.

Spoon engages Rip, Blackbelt Jones assists!

Spoon immediately KOs the not-really-stupid Troll! Whoa, that's probably a first useful play from him that could not be easily replicated with other players! That's 300 K worth of gold out from the pitch!

That pretty much ends our turn as all moves are exhausted.

The opponent first blocks Black Knight

Then their remaining troll blocks Black Dynamite.

And that injures him Badly.

Since it is not career-threatening, I'll let the Apothecary pass. We can manage without him, the war will not miss a single player, right boyz? Right, right?

And that's pretty much what they get done. Our turn.

Scotty finalizes the deal with the other blitzer by pushing him into the crowd.

Keep surfin' surfin' surfin'

Srihag blitzes next the Mighty Blowing lineorc.

Oh, a cut-scene! Pleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegood

After knocking the lineorc down, he proceeds one more square to make the pick-up attempt even harder.

Finally, Scourge manages a turnover. Gratz, dude.

So, on the first two turns, we lost one, while the opponent lost two. I'm happy with this ratio, given that they lost Mighty Blowin' blitzer and lineorc.
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Bloody Skulls (Orcs), Game 7, Post #2

Hidden Text: Show

Given the situation they find themselves, opposition manages to knock Tukost and Black Knight. Otherwise, their turn is quite thin. No attempt to retrieve the ball is mounted. Suits us.

Scotty blitzes Marzig the thrower, but does not manage to break armor. Oh well, he's at least down and cannot interrupt the pick-up.

Swashmebuckle picks the ball up.

And proceeds forwards

This actually starts to look really damn good for the team. The Bloody Skulls have small chances of intercepting this one, as most of their players are tied to the LoS.

Mammothtank dodges the wrath of a Black Orc, and coincidentally also enhances the defensive screen around Swashmebuckle.

We may have lost the bash in this game, but because of that, we are looking to be winning the game.

Spoon, you're in danger of getting swamped by the opposition players, get out of there troll!

And one booming "Uhhhhmmmm" once again echoes in the marble walls of the stadium. Well, we might as well end our turn here.

Bloody Skulls Black Orc blitzes Mammothtank, and Mammoth goes down.

And that's about it from the AI turn.

Swashmebuckle advances. Hey orc, don't score yet, I have an idea!

That idea is to play time, and make the opposition lose some turns before scoring. What, you want to have Rip on the pitch again?

Blackbelt Jones blocks opposition player with Both Down option. He has Block and the opposition doesn't, so opposition goes down.

Spoon is once again stupid, even as he would have about the best amount of players to smack down for a long time.

And we end our turn here.

Eye Puke the Bloody Skulls troll blitzes Mad Max, and gets him down.

And that's about what they could do. Actually they start to encircle Mammothtank on the proximity of finish line, but as the blitz is already used, they cannot mount and effective offensive towards our ball carrier.

Scotty aids in defusing the situation there with a blitz

Black Orc is then grounded. But not permanently.

Blackbelt Jones blocks

That's a push. A push, Blackbelt. Since it is our fifth turn, I might as well re-roll that. But remember we ain't gonna do that all the time.

The black orc goes down with Both Down option. The reason being the same as last time.

Spoon, get up, you are needed there!

Uhhhmmm (there's nobody next to him if you are wondering. Who the hell would like to get surrounded by opposition players like that?)

Right, that's wrap around our fifth turn.
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Bloody Skulls (Orcs), Game 7, Post #3

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The opposition brings more players to defend their area.

Here Tukost gets blitzed and goes down.

Black Orcs leave Spoon, and reinforce the contested central area on the pitch. Unfortunately (and fortunately for us), their range leaves room for improvement.

Our turn 6 starts with Mad Max blocking a Black Orc.  The Orc goes down.

Scotty manages a push or Both Down. Since both have block, the solution is disengagement via push.

Blackbelt Jones clarifies the communication rules between the Black Orcs to the opposition Black Orc.

He's like a punch me Elmo.

With a his marking player's sudden and forceful interruption, Mammothtank proceeds to finish line.

Since the opposition players are knocked down, they cannot reach the finish line this turn. Those standing up are either in tackle zones (and unlikely to make the dodge), or too far away. However, given the amount of smack down delivered to both sides and opposition approaching their finish line, we need to score soon.

For the first time in his career, Swashmebuckle tries to hand off the ball to somebody else.

Mammothtank fumbles the hand-off. Come on man, the ball was GIVEN to you, not thrown.

Re-roll! But it is still a fumble. However, the ball scatters back to Swashmebuckle, who manages to catch it, and since the ball is not dropped to the ground, and we narrowly avoid turnover.

Srihag goes to the right flank to be a nuisance to the opposition. We are offering Mammothtank here as a blitzing target with Go For Its, let's see if they take it.

Amazingly, the alone Spoon gets up all by himself!

And that's about our sixth turn.

The opposition two dies Black Knight.

Dang it, our numbers advantage just diminished!

Our seventh turn seems to have a nice start

Before scoring, Spoon, could you move to assist the Black Boyz?

He actually does that too. Alone.

Blackbelt Jones continues teaching the Black Orc to Black Orc communication.

Ok, Swashmebuckle, try to hand-off the ball to Mammothtank!

Mammoth fumbles it. Again. 67 % man, 67 %, thrice in a row now!


Mammoth scores! He scoooooooores!

Since we scored, we are once again kicking the ball. But we only need to last one onslaught from them! Come on people, you can do this!
About the same defensive start-up is used, but this time the gobbo comes to the pitch.

Instead of the soothening nuclear blast in the background, the weather turns nice.

Blackbelt Jones and Scourge receive blocks, but that's about it.

Our eight turn starts with Scotty ineffectually slapping the opposition blitzer, who was doing the same.

Assisted by Swashmebuckle, Spoon attempts to knock out another troll.

He doesn't.

It's half time, beers and sausages, come get yours while they are still fresh!

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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Bloody Skulls (Orc), Game 7, Post #4, Start of second half

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The start of the second half is hilarious, Rip does not wake up!  :drevil:

You know, I'd be really raging at this point if I happened to be coaching the opposition team.

We deploy to this offensive formation

Noice! A free re-roll as well!

Swashmebuckle moves in to assist in picking up the ball, and to form a defensive screen around the ball should the pick-up fail.

Mad Max moves in to assist on left side to remove the opposition blitzer from the equation.

Mammothtank revs that blitzing engine for the first time in this game

Oh, it's a cut-scene. Kill! Kill! Kill!

Nice straight left Mammoth!

One of us, one of theirs!

Scourge continues the Blackbelt Jones teaching lesson of Black Orc communication. Oh, have I forgotten to tell you how it goes?

It happens with fists and chins, as aptly demonstrated by Scourge. The opposing Black Orc is stunned by the brilliance of these teaching methods.

Scotty moves to screen bottom right hand area. If they attempt to go here, they face the Mighty Blowin' Scotty.

Blackbelt Jones continues to block opposition Black Orcs down. And not out.

Spoon is once again Really Stupid.

Srihag advances forwards in an attempt to create diversion to right hand side.

Gobbo picks up the ball. Hey, even they have to earn SPPs to level!

And fails. Re-roll!

And gets it done.

That's about our ninth turn done.

The AI predictably reinforces the left flank, but does not manage to disrupt our progress.

Mammothtank removes a Black Orc in front of him.

Scotty moves where the action is, but blitz being used, is forced to screen the opposing blitzer and a black orc who is currently lying on his back.

Spoon pushes one Mighty Blower out of contact.

And Blackbelt Jones skulls his block.


Mammothtank receives a blitz, from a Black Orc.

Mammoth falls, but is available for the next turn. Hey, at least he can stand up.

Scotty gets blocked as well. For a fun drinking game, count the number Scotty goes down to the pitch on this game.

It's just a stun this time. Phew.

Srihag gets pushed towards the end of the pitch and towards the side line.

And Spoon gets a taste of his own medicine as well.

That's two first turns done of the second half.

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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Bloody Skulls (Orcs), Game 7, Post #5

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Scourge reinforces the left hand flank. He does that by blitzing.

That lineorc goes down.

Mad Max punches opposition Black Orc

It's a punch or be punched world, it's a jungle out there.

Blackbelt stands up and moves to mark opposition players

And finally, Tukost attempts to dodge away from the opposition troll Eye Puke

And attempt is called an attempt because it's not guaranteed to happen.


Mammothtank gets blitzed

It's a push.

The same with Blackbelt Jones

Srihag finally falls. Well, he distracted one black orc away from the center at least.

And the AI skulls a block


If you thought the above was hilarious, Scourge manages to double skull the next block

That's naturally a re-roll!

Which results in a push. Well better that than a turnover.

Since the opposition has carelessly left a blitzer next to the side line, Mammothtank blitzes

And he is out!

Blackbelt Jones skulls another one die!


Scotty immediately receives the opposition onslaught

Oh no, live orc, live!

Oh it's just a stun.

That's about what the opposition manages on their turn.

Since opposition has once again left a player standing next to the side line, that is immediately capitalized

Hur hur

Mammothtank pushes a lineorc in Scourge's line of fire

Who teaches the Black Orc communication to the lesser orc

Swashmebuckle screens the lower right corner of the loose cage. But that requires pulling a dodge. Since he has dodge skill, he will re-roll it automatically if it fails, saving us a team re-roll.

But he makes it anyways.

Our stuff is done, it's the opposition go

It's a double both down. Wonder if the AI re-rolls this?

Yes it does

So this is a war of attrition, I see where this is heading.

That's about what they manage this turn.

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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Bloody Skulls (Orcs), Game 7, Post #6

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But that's luckily most of what they got done.

We stand up those who can be stood up.

Scourge reduces the pressure on the front of the cage wall.

No armor break here.

Spoon manages to get his bearings right, and smacks down Eye Puke (Wonder if the trolls select different adult names, or whether that name is the given name?)

Srihag continues to dodge away and be a nuisance on the upper right corner.

And that's our turn done.

The opposition troll is really stupid for once and can't figure out a way on how to stand up.

Their Black Orc strikes Scotty

Who goes to eat grass one more time.

Finally, they one die Scourge.

He falls on his back too.

Our turn. It's the 15th turn right here, and we need solutions. Since the middle pitch is unguarded, we ditch the plan of advancing from the left flank deeming it too difficult, and instead switch to middle pitch.

Tukost pushes a marking lino away.

Mad Max lands Black Orc on his back

Spoon advances to secure upper left corner.

Gobbo feels protected in the middle pitch.

Finally Blackbelt Jones closes the bottom right hand side corner of the cage. Try to get through this gentleorcs, will ya!

Srihag continues diverting the opposition strength, he dodges once away from the Black Orc.

Lookin' good boyz, opposition turn.

Scotty receives block, and this reads stay here and turnover for the AI.


It's transformed to push and a push.

Next he receives a one die blitz

Which accomplishes nothing.

The second blitzer then blocks

Which accomplishes nothing.

After three blocks, Scotty is STILL STANDING STRONG! WAAAAAAGH!

16th turn, the final turn.

Our gobbo advances next to hand off the ball. Pretty much have to do it this way, nobody else but Srihag can reach the finish line. Luckily the Black orc marking him has been distracted by the cage.

Sri-hag fumbles the pass


And it's a pass!

Srihag scoooooooores!

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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Bloody Skulls (Orcs), Game 7, Post #7
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Opposition gets Rip back for their 16th turn. That's actually pretty awesome accomplishment Spoon!

We deploy to standard defensive formation.

Swashmebuckle kicks

A blitz??!! Say no more!  :lol:  :drevil: :drevil:

Since the ball is falling to the middle pitch, but one tile closer to left, Mad Max and Mammothtank tag team one opposition blitzer

Now, that's pretty awesome!

Swashmebuckle and Squigmink retreat close to finish line, they are too beautiful to get punched

The opposition final turn starts with one of their blitzers injured. Enraged by this preposterous move, they blitz Mammothtank

Who laughs it off

Scourge finally gets the shorter end of the stick in teaching Black Orc communication

Just a knock out. Phew.

Blackbelt and Spoon receive blocks as well, Blackbelt is knocked down, and Spoon just pushed. Having seen enough, the referee blows the whistle.

Click here for the match outcome
Hidden Text: Show
You know game, rolling one for winnings is starting to get on my nerves


Well I'll take that!

The MVP award goes to Mammothtank

Who, uh, managed 12 SPPs in a single match. That's crazy! MVP, score, and two injuries. Without saying, it's clear that he levels up!

Scotty and Mammothtank now both Mighty Blow.


Stay tuned for the match against the High Elves tomorrow.
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
They really couldn't model a couple of extra faces for the fans? All the fans are humans from the same family it seems  :p

There is just so much troll in this picture  ;7
Apparantly I was enraged there was a troll that was prettier than me on the field. I had to rectify that problem at once. It's okay I then forgot what the rest of the match was about. (Seriously, how many times have I failed a 1 out of 6 chance? :p )

[02:42] <@Axem> spoon somethings wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> critically wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> im happy with these missions now
[02:44] <@Axem> well
[02:44] <@Axem> with 2 of them

Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
Scourge is simple Ork, happy to finally make hurty on puny humies and dorfs. Ha!

Side note: close to the end of page 3, I think an image got mixed around for a lady-selfie. I don't think it was intentional?


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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
I think that image is ImgSafe doing its stuff the way it does. I've seen another incident earlier with a portrait of an old lady, but that one I picked up before posting. It probably has something to do with people posting images at the same time and poor server timing control on the ImgSafe's side. But it's a free service, so I shouldn't complain too much.

I'll remove that picture from the thread, it doesn't belong here, nor am I affiliated any way with the lady photographed, so I feel this is the best course of action I can do. Please let me know if this happens again.

There's probably one lady somewhere in the world wondering how her selfie got exchanged with a picture of a Black Orc.

They really couldn't model a couple of extra faces for the fans? All the fans are humans from the same family it seems

Yep, been thinking the same myself.

What it comes to Really Stupid, it is not actually only a 1/6 chance of failure to complete the action. That's valid only when somebody is standing next to you. When you are alone, you have a 50 % chance of failing the said action. Which is why you often see somebody standing next to Spoon.
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
Ooh man, this match

HLPBowlers vs Flaming Silverleaves (High Elves), Game 8, Post #1

Hidden Text: Show
We are going against High Elves once again. "Flaming Silverleaves?" What's that supposed to mean?

Opposition invests in extra re-roll, we don't spend anything.

Stoopid poncy rich elves

Contrary to normal, we want to kick the ball against elves

This way if they score, we can receive the ball for the remainder of the first half, and receive it as well for the second half.

We deploy to a reasonable defensive line that effective blocks elf runners on the side lines

Swashmebuckle kicks the ball, and...

...the fans throw a rock on Tukost...

...who is now injured.

Bah, not gonna waste apothecary on him.

Interestingly, the elves fail the pick-up roll, and have to re-roll it

Srihag the upstart blitzer gets blitzed, but he sees only a push.

Our turn.

Spoon is himself once again. I already started to think he might become an asset.

Swashmebuckle reinforces right flank to allow offensive actions on the left flank.

Allow Mammothtank to demonstrate:

That's right. He killed the elven catcher. The apothecary is not used, so that elf remains expired, terminated, departed, passed, gone, dead dead dead!

Our first turn ends with a rather nice diagonal defensive line covering the whole pitch. And with a one dead elf, let's not forget that.

Reeling from the shock, elves blitz Black Knight

But it is a push.

Then they reinforce central pitch.

Our turn.

This time Spoon totally gets the idea of moving forwards by one square.

Scourge attempts to fall a lineman, allowing a direct blitz to the ball carrier.

Nein nein nein, das ist nicht gut! Re-roll!

So instead of a push and turnover, I get push and a turnover. Great. (This elf has dodge, making the defender stumbles a push)

Mammothtank blitzes, do it again, orc! He seems to be on a roll today!

Once again that is push or turnover. I know which one I'll choose.

The blocks we could block have been blocked, and we switch to the elves turn.

The elves counter-blitz Mammothtank. Quite understandably taking into account the recently departed.

It's a clean hit, and Mammothtank is stunned.

And then the elves fail a dodge roll.


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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Flaming Silverleaves (High Elves), Game 8, Post #2

Hidden Text: Show
Today's menu includes fist to the nose

Fist to the chin served enhanced with an elbow to the gut

Finally Black Dynamite here serves the double skull sauce - oh wait


And the git had dodge, making it a push.  :hopping:

Mad Max closes the loop hole on the left

And Spoon continues serving the desert, which is fore arm to the knees this time. Bon appetit!

Pay close attention to the eloquence of the serving technique

And that's our weed-whacker turn with unnecessary restaurant slang.

The elfs blitz Swashmebuckle, but I have faith on him. He is hard to knock down, and proves that.

He gets pushed.

Seeing that Mammothtank is recovering from his stun and is in the near proximity, the elves leg it.

Embrace cowardice, I suppose.

Our turn, and I note a very interesting opening. The elven ball carrier is now completely unprotected from the left side.

Scourge moves to assist

And like the white shark looking for seals to eat, Mammothtank propels himself to the blitzing speed.

That's a push


Mammoth has tackle, which negates dodge. Take that elf!

The rest of our players take care to floor the marked players as the ball scattered even further backwards.

Spoon, how you feel about that three dice block?

Just a push.

Our fourth turn ends in opposition in disarray, and with a knocked off ball.

The elfs pick-up the ball.

And blitz Scotty.

Which doesn't work well.

Then they reinforce the ball carrier position.

And we get to employ the weed-whacker once again.

Blackbelt Jones floors one opposing player with ease

Scourge moves in to make dodging away harder.

And Mad Max double skulls the block attempt on ball carrier.

Gratz, the elves are now going to score. Note also that all our re-rolls have now been exhausted, given rather unlucky blocks by certain Black Orcs.


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Relaxed movement is always more effective than forced movement.


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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Flaming Silverleaves (High Elves), Game 8, Post #3

Hidden Text: Show

Following that failure, the AI starts to run into advancing positions

Aaaand they fail a dodge roll

AI re-rolls! It succeeds!

Our ball guarding Black Orc Black Knight gets blitzed

He goes down. What did you expect?

Those in the immediate proximity of getting smacked retreat

The ball carrier himself runs to the right hand side

And their catcher advances to be in the scoring range next turn.

Finally, one high elf is screening our rear guard. They cannot reach the Catcher now.

That about concludes the elven turn #6.

In our turn #6, the first order of business is to decide the order of things. Standing players up and such is the first thing. Then moves that do not include risk.

Finally, with the risky moves, we want to do the most significant move first - especially without re-rolls. For this reason, Scotty blitzes the ball carrier.

And given the elven dodge, he only manages a push. Goddangit Scotty! (Shoulda blitzed with Mammoth here, he was actually in blitzing range, don't know why I thought he wasn't)

Now that Scotty failed, Mammothtank goes to guard the upper area.

Blackbelt Jones blocks one pesky elf (Blackbelt has Block, so this was relatively unrisky)

Finally, Spoon, would you kindly go breath on the neck of that elf? Given the size of the troll, I don't want to know how that breath smells like.

He actually does.

That's about what we can do, elves do your worst.

The elves first dodge out a player from the upper area of the field. (WTF AI?)

Our blitzer is awake

And it fails. Twice. Turnover

Oh, just when you think you've lost it, something like this happens. Harsh is Blood Bowl.

Mammoth, would you kindly eliminate that one pesky elf?

He does. The ball is caught by Blackbelt Jones! Try to dislodge that, elves!

Spoon, go one square down to reinforce the position

Oh well then, have it your way.

Srihag flattens one elf so that he has difficulties reaching the ball carrier.

Swashmebuckle advances forwards (but not too far to make him a target) so that he is in scoring range.

Scourge politely asks one high elf to lie down.

While Black Knight misses the subtlety of this approach, and rolls double skulls.


Scotty gets blitzed

And Scourge gets blocked.

However, the elfs are in disarray, and cannot mount offensive against us.

Our eighth turn starts in relative good positions, with elves surrounding the cage. No matter.

Mammoth does what he does best

Noice, that elf is gonna orbit Saturn for a while!

Srihag goes next

Uh didn't I just...

Deja vu

Scotty floors one more elf, and Mad Max engages blitzing mode

Blackbelt, hand over the ball to Swashmebuckle


He makes it. Probably the eighth wonder of the world.

Now Swashme, go score. I know there's one go for it, but do it anyways.

He scooooooores!

And conveniently just for the half time for maximum psychological effect!

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Relaxed movement is always more effective than forced movement.


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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Flaming Silverleaves (High Elves), Game 8, Post #4, Start of second half

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For the start of the second half (where we are receiving), we deploy to a more offensive formation.

The gobbo and Swashmebuckle remain behind to catch the ball, while the rest are just preparing to kick ass.

Well, there's always that. Show me what cha got AI!

Uh, what?

Yes, that elf dodged all the way down there, took one go for it, and went under the spot where the ball lands. This trick is specifically hilarious if you are playing skaven with a gutter runner and the ball lands far.

Srihag gets blitzed

And he is knocked out. Dangit, the second half isn't actually starting the way I intended.

But at least the elf fails to catch the ball when it drops down.

The immediate focus is of course to secure the ball. Swashmebuckle goes to screen the ball.

Mammothtank blitzes

He plants the elf ass down first, but scores no injury.

Scotty moves to screen the right hand side.

Gobbo goes to pick up the ball

With 67 %, he makes it on the first go. Amazing!

The Black Boyz on the line of scrimmage flatten the opposition front line, allowing Spoon to reinforce the ball carrying region. Spoon, you can make it, right?

He actually does for a chance.

Scourge flattens one more elf on the line of scrimmage with a well placed one die block, but then our moves are exhausted, and it is elves' go.

Somehow my Orc sense is tingling and telling that Scotty gets blitzed this turn.

He actually doesn't. Gobbo gets it this time.

The gobbo falls down, but manages to pass the ball to Swashmebuckle before falling to ground.

The rest of their turn is actually quite meaningless.

Our turn #10 sees first action as a blitz. Performed by Mammothtank.

The elf falls down, grinning. It takes more to get that sucka out of the game!

Swashmebuckle, concerned, runs to the relative safety of the beefcake wall.

The rest follow to complete the cage around him.

Yes, even Spoon.

Finally, Scourge pushes his luck with one die one more time.

He shouldn't. Turnover.

Our gobbo gets blitzed in retaliation.

That's two pushes I'm seeing! Time to take your own medicine, elf! Rest of the elven turn is spent repositioning their players in front of us. This is a smart move by the AI, but makes the game quite boring to describe, so switch over to our next turn.
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Relaxed movement is always more effective than forced movement.