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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Heavy Brawlers (Humans), Game 11, Post #4, Start of second half

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The second half starts with us kicking and the humies receiving. So we deploy to a defensive formation.

The name of the game is to kick the ball to their side, and then run there and intercept it.

Swashmebuckle kicks

Oh Snap!

The humies regroup to a different formation

So they have made three quarters of the cage, and blitz with the Ogre

Black Dynamite goes down, but is OK.

Our turn.
We start by getting the prone players up, and then open with Blackbelt blocking the lineman to clear up the path for the cage

Mad Max blitzes and fells a catcher, then moves in to mark a blitzer and left border.

Then Mammoth advances

Squigmink goes behind to provide some tackle zones in the event both Mad Max and Mammoth go down.

Scourge marks catcher next

Black Knight pushes the lineman further, to get closer to the cage and ball carrier

Scotty blocks the entrance to the right hand side of the pitch

Spoon! Spoon, block the Ogre! We don't want to get on the receiving end of his Mighty Blows! A push is all we need

I love the Spoon's expression on the last two images. Took me a while to figure out why it looks so familiar, but then it dawned to me

Zug is then Badly Hurt, and out of the game. I could almost forgive Spoon the amount of Really Stupids he has rolled. Almost.

Our ninth turn ends with human offense being stemmed, and we are ready to run once again.

On their tenth turn, humies advance on the left hand side.

And "blitzmagnet" Scotty gets blitzed (why AI why?)

Scotty goes to eat grass once again.

Our tenth turn starts with players being already in contact.

Mammothtank blocks

Not good enuf. Re-roll!


For the event of critical failure (well, we are once again rolling skulls like nothing), Squigmink goes behind to provide tackle zones.

Mad Max then blocks the Catcher

After three two dice blocks, we finally get him down. That's the power of Block and Dodge, affectionally known as blodge., as in "in blodge we trust".

Spoon, we need some muscle on left side, get your ass over there!

Spoon: Uhhhhhhh?


After a rather embarrassing three dice block ending in a push, Black Knight is unmarked and goes to left in anticipation of assisting next turn.

Scotty gets up and marks three humies around him. It's likely Scotty gets to face the dirt once again, but at least then one player remains where he is.

Tukost has the last action this turn, and makes a block on the blitzer that has caused us so much trouble on the right hand side.

And he career kills that blitzer by breaking his back.

Now to recap, at the end of our tenth turn, we have injured four humies, so the numbers on the pitch are 11 vs 8 as they hired a star player.

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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Heavy Brawlers (Humans), Game 11, Post #5

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'umies reinforce the left hand side.

Mad Max gets pushed away

And then Mammoth gets blocked

And the blitzer then piles on him. How ironic.

But that Orc armor holds, and he is OK.

Scotty is pushed away, leaving a catcher free to assist on the left side.

And that's the 'umies 11th turn done.

Black Knight moves in to assist. His game sense was tingling on the right frequency last turn.

Swashmebuckle moves towards left as well. We need a layer of two players deep to make dodging to our finish line as hard as possible.

Tukost goes assist Scotty

And Black Dynamite brings general beefcakeness towards the cage and the ball carrier

Spoon decides it's OK to move towards the ball this turn

Mad Max flattens a blitzer. We need a path to get that ball. Even if try to play non-violently this time.

Scourge removes one assist on the top side of the cage

The catcher is now eating grass, but he is otherwise OK.

Scotty then keeps the lineman prone

Our last action is a blitz by Mammothtank. He attacks the ball carrier directly. Unfortunately, we could not get an assist, so it's 1 vs 1

And like a hungry wolf, he rolls a clear POW

The thrower is stunned! Hey Mammoth, don't jump on him, we need you up for next turn!

Mammoth: "Whazzit? I cannae hear over da sound me jumpin on da humie!"


Squigmink, go there and be an annoyance for anyone attempting to pick up the ball. I know we aren't this turn!

And that ends our 11th turn.

As their first act, the humie catcher goes up there to the ball, and single handedly picks it up.

That's what you get when you trust a gobbo in to an orc's job!

Speaking of Squigmink, he gets blitzed next.

Somehow that gobbo survived the crowdsurf. Gotta applaud the lil' fella, this does not happen often

Mad Max then gets pushed

And as their last move, they move the catcher who was guarding the ball carrier away from him


Well, we ain't gonna open that gift horse's mouth.

Scourge blitzes the ball carrier away from the pitch.

No injury though.

As an interesting development, as the ball scattered to the audience, the audience and fans fight for a while who gets the ball. Whoever got it kicked it out, and on the score line of the humies.

Change of plans: RUN!

Scourge, mark that lineman pronto!

Scotty blocks one lineman down so that Tukost can guard another lino!

Swashmebuckle, the opportunistic ball shark, RUNs ahead as well.

Black Dynamite makes a flanking maneuver to further reduce the accessibility of the ball

Blackbelt goes to guard another lino

Mad Max blocks

He Badly Hurts the catcher. I mean, what's with the player removal in this game? Then plan was to push and run, instead the opposition is dropping like flies?

Spoon and Black Knight reinforce the left hand side to take care of the blitzers.

At least one is floored, so that's good too.

And that's about our 12th turn done.
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Heavy Brawlers (Humans), Game 11, Post #6

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Understandably, the humies suddenly found themselves in a hurry to their finish line

The catcher who can reach makes the dodge, and gets to the end zone.

He also picks up the ball

Then the humies block Mad Max. Given the beefcakes around, it's two dice against the humie

That's a re-roll!


We cannot run as fast as the humies, so no attack is possible this turn on the ball carrier. What we can do though is to run like the wind to form a wall of biceps and abs in front of him.

Spoon, recenter yourself!

Spoon: Uhhhhhh?


Mad Max blitzes the humie to release Scotty

Run Forest Scotty run

And so ends our turn 13.

The 14th turn of the opposition starts with the ball carrier moving forward.

Then Spoon (!) gets blitzed.

You lucky son of a...

... and that's the blitzer with Piling on

There lies the troll, frolicking in the grass, with his ego hurt

Our 14th turn starts with Spoon getting up

Now that's weird

We move to assist in the block against the ball carrier. That should be quite easy, given the amount of players here.

Then the blitz by Scotty, he needs the SPP if this is an injury

It's a clean POW!

The ball scatters, so move to assist, we still cannot pick it up this turn

Finally, the left hand side blocks
This Black Orc communication is by Black Knight

The crowd hurts him badly, and one more humie is out.

We end the turn 14 in quite good offensive position, with the player numbers being 11 against 5.

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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Heavy Brawlers (Humans), Game 11, Post #7, Finale

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Well, the humies try to secure the ball. From a tackle zone to a ball pickup, that's 67 % and 67 % in a row, so around 44 %.

The catcher fails the dodge once

And twice

Annoyingly, he also falls on the ball, and scatters it off the pitch.

It ends up slightly above the LoS.


Well, our fifteenth turn starts with simply securing the ball

Mammoth blocks the lineman

He straightens the lino for good! So that is 11 against 3 at this point....

Swashmebuckle cannot reach the ball without a Go For It, so he moves to secure the ball

Scotty moves to scoring range

Our 15th turn ends like this

On their 16th turn, humies try to reach the cage

And blitz Spoon again

That's a re-roll!

And Spoon is content getting pushed around.

Mammothtank blitzes the piling on blitzer

And it's once again a double push. We are not going to re-roll, as we might need one for the ball handling actions.

Swashmebuckle picks up the ball with Sure Hands

The skill is actually used, meaning that without him, the re-roll would have been spent here.

Then move next to Scotty, and hand the ball of to him

Come on orc, this is your time to shine, Scotty! Run Forest run!

Scotty fails the catch


And he fumbles it once again


We win the match 1-0!

Click here for the match outcome
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And would get 30 grand in the winnings

Not good enough, re-roll that, can't get any worse!

Yea, that's what we want to see!

These are our SPPs from the match

Black Dynamite got the MVP, while Mammothtank injured four alone, netting him 8 SPPs. Spoon, Tukost and Mad Max got their points from injuries as well, and Swashmebuckle scored the only goal.

This is the human team after the match

Not so heavy brawlers after all, are we?

As the league has progressed to half way point, the league statistics are also here:

Next time we go against the high elves once again.


Coaches talk after the game:

Now wat is diz orcz? Stop grinnin', you injured da other team when I asked you da run. That'z not how you obey da coach! You'll get it eazy dis time since we won da game!
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
For all my amazing stupidity and general uselessness. I do have it out for their star players. I've taken out 3 of them so far? Clearly there can be only one star on the field!
Mammothtank's pilling on is definitely the best skill we've got on the team so far  :lol:

Is my beautiful troll face now 1 spp away from a level up?


[02:42] <@Axem> spoon somethings wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> critically wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> im happy with these missions now
[02:44] <@Axem> well
[02:44] <@Axem> with 2 of them


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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
You are two SPPs away from leveling, so that's one injury.

Technically you are not a Star Player yet, by the game's definition, that would mean you should have +176 SPPs. You currently have 4, so there's a gap. However, you do have a thing with the other teams' Big Guys and Star Players, apparently you just don't like them.

The reason Mammoth the Murdermachine rocks now is the combo of both Mighty Blow and Piling On. Mighty Blow adds one for the armor or injury roll, while Piling On allows re-rolling the injury.
Basically with the current teams, only Chaos is bashier than Orcs (but it's a lot scarier), with their all players having an easy access to Claw, Mighty Blow and Piling On. Making a CPOMBer a concept. Claw reduces the player's armor to 7, regardless what it was before.  :shaking: So your AV 10 Deathroller or Treeman is crushed as easily as the Skaven lino, as are AV 9 Orcs. Claw doesn't have any effect on Woodelves or Skaven, though, as their AV is already 7. The balancing thing is that Chaos struggles a lot in the beginning with players having no skills to begin with.
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
Why watch the hockey championship games when you could be playing Blood bowl?

For this game, I have a special request for the viewers. Find your favorite bottle of strong liquor, and take a shot every time somebody rolls a skull.

HLPBowlers vs Bright Princes (High Elves), Game 12, Post #1, Now with a drinking game! Take a shot every time somebody rolls skulls!

Hidden Text: Show
We go against the High Elf team Bright Princes. It's not known whether this refers to their intellectual capacity or just their shiny armor, but given that this is blood bowl, I'm gravitating towards the latter.

So yeah, dodge in abundance and some block. No matter.

We're once again more expensive, so they get to place the inducements

Dolfar and a babe. Dolfar is an elf star player who is strangely said, one of the less annoying star players.

He looks like this

We win the kick off, but select to kick. This is because we're playing against elfs, and **** playing the rest of the game with elfs receiving.

Our Maginot wall is like this

...and it's a go!

Swashmebuckle kicks high

And as usual, the elfs form a cage. The cage is well away from the orcish contact

Well, Black Dynamite seems to be receiving a block this turn.

And Dolfar moves in to close the access to the ball carrier

Black Dynamite then receives a push.

Oh, and take a shot (Shot count 1)

The opening is immediately taken advantage of.

They seem to be forming a wedge to penetrate to our territory. We'll see about that.

Being scared by the towering Spoon, the elf runs away from him

But Spoon tackles him (for once!)

You gotta watch out for those trunks of arms!


Oh and don't forget, that was a skull as the dodge failed! So one more for the team (Shot count 2)

Our turn #1
Since I'm not willing to sacrifice the back field protection in the event everything crumbles to pieces, this time the Black Boyz take the first shots.... err, blocks.

The always reliable Blackbelt Jones floors first elf

Tukost moves in to close a gap between Spoon and the Black Boyz, but mainly he is there to remind Spoon what he has to do

Since the elfs concentrated their players on right hand side, our left side moves in to pressure the elfs from the side. Scourge leads the charge!

Gloriously stopping before any contact is made, but guarding the two elfs if they stand up next turn.

Swashmebuckle goes next to Spoon to close the gap between Spoon and Scourge, should Spoon become stupid once again, he won't be able to tackle either.

Mad Max and Mammoth move closer where da action is

Black Dynamite pushes a line-elf away. The story doesn't tell what was the other dice roll, so you'll be safe for a second.

Srihag and Scotty tag team Dolfar. Get rid of him!

This is once again a push, but the history has already forgotten what was the other die.

Black Knight moves in to guard the space

And finally Spoon. He only needs to move one square. 83 % odds for yes. Will he make it?

He does. And that's our turn spent, so we return to the elfs.

Hmm, they seem to be retreating the cage to a safer back zone. This could get bad if they do that. Remember kids, elfs outrun Orcs 2-1.

Uh what? They didn't move the ball carrier? Why AI why?

Well I don't complain, it's our turn #2.

So we roll the dice.

Blackbelt goes first. He doesn't need nobody to assist him, he's a strong orc!

Oh, and take a shot. That's a clear white skull there (Shot count = 3)

Scourge flattens anudah one

Mad Max and Mammoth tag team Dolfar

Hey, do you see what I'm seeing? I'm seeing a white skull right there! So grab another one (Shot count = 4)

Mammoth does the Orcish greeting dance for Dolfar. He does it on him.

That elf is going to remain prone the next turn.

Black Dynamite floor another elf

And in an attempt to give him an easy block, Spoon goes last to block one elf who doesn't have anyone assisting him. So this is an easy two die block.

Well, there's always that, though. Since failing Really Stupid is 1/6, that's a clear skull. So take a shot! (Shot count = 5)

That's our turn done then.

The elfs attempt to re-position. This is easy, as now Spoon doesn't have a tackle zone. Look, he was just scratching his head. The hand is still there!

And Scotty get's blitzed. Deja vu anyone?

He receives a wrist punch (that's how it looks to me, with the experience of having practiced that myself)

Srihag follows suite

Aaaand that's about what they could manage in their turn, picking up their players and downing our left hand side blitzers.

The orcs do what orcs must do, block.

Black Knight blocks one in front of the ball carrier

Following his pacifistic instincts, that's a KO.

Scourge floors one more elf.

Spoon now gets a three dice against the last ball guarding elf.

Oh you stoopid little troll!

Tukost then smashes one behind Spoon

Mad Max blitzes

A push and, you guessed it, a skull. Start sipping it! (Shot count = 6)

Re-roll! (Which wasn't necessary, Max has Frenzy and would have got another block anyways)

Now that's better!

The elf is down, but no injury.

To prevent the ball carrier from moving, Mammothtank gets up, and runs

He makes it through two Go For Its without any re-rolls! What a champ!

And that's the third turn down.
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Bright Princes (High Elves), Game 12, Post #2.

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So, turn #4 and it's elfs' go

So they are advancing rapidly on the right hand side. Now make sure that ball carrier wont move!

So an elf screen eh?

Mammothtank gets pushed away

And they blitz with a ball carrier towards their defensive zone??!!

Gee, Mammoth's reputation must already be preceding him! (Had they passed to the players on our side, there would be no way of stopping them from scoring)

And don't forget, that was a skull. Gulp down another one! (Shot count = 7)

Our turn
Srihag, close the gap!

Scotty, you too!

And we roll!
Swashmebuckle goes first

He rolls a stunned elf!

Cackling and tackling Mad Max takes down this elf

The Black Boyz advance

Followed by Tukost

Scourge blocks, and rolls a double skull!

Sip it down, folks! (Shot count = 8). Make it a double to signify this event!

And that's definitely a re-roll!

Which makes it into a double push. Well it is better than a turnover.

Blackbelt Jones then blitzes the ball carrier!

Aaand it is a skull and a POW. Take sip for the skull! Shot count = 9

Blackbelt knocks the ball carrier out! Don't worry Blackbelt, the audience is in the process of knocking themselves out!

Mammothtank then blocks one elf

And I do see a bit of skull there as well, so grab that good-old-moonshine once again! Shot count = 10

Those who were wondering whether Mammoth jumped on the elf?

Yes he did. But no injury.

Spoon, get your ass over there!

See, there's one Go For It, and there's one troll. Guess what happens next?

He rolls a skull. Shot count = 11, you'd be well advised to find a new bottle for re-filling the glass, AND some painkillers for tomorrow morning!
I was half expecting Spoon to die right there.


One elf still advances forwards

The next dodges away and grabs the ball (in our tackle zone), that's high elves for you. Then he gets out of dodge!

And then the players on our end realize that the player on the left hand side is quite vulnerable, and try to render assistance. Unfortunately, their range only gets them close to Swashmebuckle.

Who gets then blitzed

It's a push, and our fifth turn!

This turn is mainly going to be re-positioning, so feel free to skip if you are only looking for injuries.

Scourge marks the ball carrier. That's the most important thing done first.

Scotty prevents the elfs from reinforcing

Blackbelt blocks one marking elf down.

Mammothtank moves in

And our weapon of choice for blitzing today is Tukost.

Drink it up! Shot count = 12

Nope not good enough, I want the ball off! Re-roll!

And it's a skull one more time! Shot count = 13. We take both down to get the ball away from the elf's fingernuts!

Tukost knocks the elf out!

(The way I think about this going down is Tukost seeing the elfs wrist approaching him while his nears the elf's nose. He knows what's gonna come, but just bites harder, this one is for the team!)


The last player on our side runs up

One elf dodges and grabs the ball. You know, the usual stuff

Then the attempt to form a screen around the ball carrier.

And then blitz Mammothtank. Dammit, my weapon of choice

Which is a skull and a push. Come on, do it! Tukost took a punch, you take a shot! Shot count = 14

And the last elf runs from the middle of Orcs, not getting tackled, but that's not a surprise for anyone.

Their turn is abruptedly ended with a failed dodge.

Go on drink one (Shot count = 15)

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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Bright Princes (High Elves), Game 12, Post #3

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Swashmebuckle starts our blocking turn

A skull is rolled once again, so gulp up! Shot count = 16

However, Swashmebuckle has block, so he stands, while the elf goes down.

Blackbelt goes towards the ball

Scourge goes to assist the inevitable block

While Srihag makes sure dodging ain't gonna be easy

Black Knight moves next to Spoon, so that we can get him up. But will Spoon stand up this turn?

He actually does.

Mad Max takes the blitz. Because of frenzy, he has two attempts, but it requires a go for it. Risky risky.

He succeeds with the first

Next, Mammothtank blocks the pesky elf that prevented his blitz

Aaand that white thing there? That's a skull, so once again let liquor flow over your tongue! Shot count = 17

Mammoth only manages to stun the elf by jumping on his thorax. You can't win every time! That's 18 now!

That's our 6th turn done.

Dolfar blitzes Mad Max the ball carrier. He rolls a skull.

19th shot right there!


Mad Max legs it. It's his chance for fame and glory!

Scourge, Tukost and Scotty move up to screen Mad Max

Whatever it is that is coming after Mad Max, it has to go through these three fellas first.

Swashmebuckle goes to assist

Black Knight and Spoon guard one elf

Then we commence blocking. Srihag and Mammoth both roll double pushes. Disappointing, but better than skulls. At least for the audience's health.

Black Dynamite fits a fist to the chin of the second last elf standing

And Blackbelt moves to screen

Our seventh turn is now done!

The eight turn of Bright Princes is a short one

Tackle showcase by Black Dynamite. Skulled once again, so we break the limit of 20 shots before half time!

Understandably, anything we do is a risk, and given a chance of scoring, we score.

Now see kids, while Mad Max looks deranged and frenzied, he is a nice orc outside of the pitch!

And it's half time!
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Bright Princes (High Elves), Game 12, Post #4, Start of second half

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So, second half

Despite our best efforts of reducing the head count of the elf team, things haven't worked out as well as I'd have hoped. Especially as their knocked out players all recover. Remember boyz, da runnin' game.

Our offensive formation is a bit different this time. It is unlikely the elfs could break our center even with a blitz kick off event, so we leave the back part of the center relatively unoccupied and bring more forces to the sides

Man, the shoulder tendons of these elfs... usually teams have problems in just kicking the ball to the other side of the pitch

Squigmink goes under the ball in an attempt to catch it

He doesn't, but no matter. It's our turn anyways. Not sure whether this should be a shot taking round, as this is principally just before our turn starts.

Srihag and Swashmebuckle form an immediate screen around the ball

And then we commence blocking. It has better odds than picking up the ball at 67 % with the gobbo.

Blackbelt rolls the first skulls this half.

Gulp it down! Shot count = 21. We take the both down, as Blackbelt has block, and the elf doesn't.

Black Dynamite pulls clear double skulls. What's wrong with these elfs? Just as if they had gone through some sort of tai chi course of returning power coming towards them.


... to a skull and a pow. The elf has dodge, so he remains standing. And don't forget, there's one skull in those dice, so shot count = 22. In case you're still able to read this, increase the dosage. In case you are not able to read this, increase the dosage anyways.

Mammoth rolls a double skull next. Luckily, it's a skull with a pow, so we take that. No result though as the elf blitzer also has block.

Oh and don't forget your medicine. Shot count = 23.

Black Knight rolls a skull and a push.

Yup, shot count = 24. Really, what's up with these tai chi elfs?

Scourge, who is without any skills, rolls theb a double POW, but this elf blitzer has block and dodge, making him very difficult to knock down. He is pushed instead.

Mad Max adds a bit of tackle zone to the border of the pitch.

Spoon for once does something, but all he manages is to push the elf lineman.

At the end of our turn, Squigmink picks up the ball.

He succeeds. And this is where me the coach says everything is fine, we hang hand over the turn to elfs.

It seems their primary target for this turn is Scotty.

And apparently they are shifting players to the right hand side.

Dodging away from Spoon (well that's no surprise for anyone)

And there comes the blitz

Yes, drink it up. Shto cnout = 25

To nobody's surprise one more elf escapes the clutches of Spoon

Our turn.

Since elfs go right, we go left.

Scotty and Swashmebuckle do the rear guarding duties. I pity the foo who decides to break to our cage from behind.

Mad Max goes to enforce the immediate upper right hand corner of the cage.

This turns out to be a good decision, as

Yup, without his block skill, Blackbelt would have caused a turnover. Instead the elf goes down. And don't forget to gulp down a cold one! Shot count = 26.

Oh, Blackbelt also KO's the hapless helf.

Scotty pushes elf

Mammoth closes the left upper corner of the cage

And Scourge blitzes! Come on orc, your chance to bright future, fame and riches!

It's a POW, but not even a stun. Oh well Scourge, you tried.

Spoon manages to beat his stupidity, and moves to annoy a couple of elves

Which allows Black Knight to roll some dice

And that's a skull, so it's 27th shot we're looking at. I've gotta try this myself some weekend.

Our tenth turn ends in a rather good position with the cage being readied, and elves pushed towards right.

The elfs start by standing up and moving players.

And with a blitz towards Mammothtank

Let this be a lesson for you kids. When you go against the steely eyed Mammothtank, rolling skulls is a bad idea!


Well, since they wanted to play it that way, Blackbelt reinforces Mammothtank

And Mammoth throws a block

Yes, that's with a skull. Thank you block! And with this, 28th shot is now a reality.

Oh! So are we starting to wake up now?

The free players move forwards to form a cage on the opponent's side. Squigmink follows to the middle.

Mad Max blitzes to get rid of one elf at the cage corner.

A double skull.

Drink! Drink! Drink! That's only your 29th shot!


POW and a skull eh. I'll take the POW while the rest of you take the shot! And that's officially the 30th shot down your throats now.

Black Dynamite stops one elf from advancing, eyeing carefully at the pitch of the border. "How far do you reckon da elf flies when punched?" he is heard asking.

Scourge manages once again to push the dodging elf.

Well you tried your best.

Then Black Knight and Spoon take their blocks. Spoon obeying for a chance. They both roll POWs without pushes or skulls, so your intestines are once again saved for a moment.

Scotty pushes the elf forwards and moves. He is protected by the Black Dynamite, so no direct blitz out of the pitch is possible.

That's our 11th turn in a wrap.

The elfs go next.

First they one die Scotty, it's a push. Uh uh, he is a the border now. We may be looking at a crowdsurf right here.

Next, elf standing next to Spoon blitzes. However, I think Spoon has heard me saying bad things about his tackles, as he nails this one! And yes, gulp down your 31st shot.

They re-roll the dodge, and it succeeds.

The block is a one die block. Take a shot, it's your 32nd.

Now that was a line elf, so he doesn't have block. Scotty is a blitzer and comes with the skill built-in. So the line elf goes down, and...


Yes, Scotty just killed that elf right there. I'd love to see your rendition how that could possibly happen! I mean the elf was running towards Scotty, and Scotty didn't even move an inch. Instead the elf flew down, so I suppose that Scotty just tai chied that elf in return.


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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Bright Princes (High Elves), Game 12, Post #5

Hidden Text: Show
Well well well, that's a nasty surprise for them. And good for us, since that was a block action, and Scotty just gained a couple of SPPs for that.

We advance from the left.

Yes, a skull. 33th shot is a reality. And in case you were wondering

But no armor break.

Blackbelt moves to guard the cage and to protect and to serve assist.

Srihag then blocks

Ding ding ding, that's the 34th drink coming right up!

Mad Max closes the left hand bottom of the cage

As is customary, Scourge then rolls a double Defender stumbles

It's just that the elf has dodge, so this is a push. But it almost feels like skulls.

Black Knight and Black Dynamite floor a couple of players near the right hand side pitch, but nobody cares about what's going on there after Scotty killed that one elf.

Speaking of Scotty, he blitzes

Aaand it's a crowd surf. The history has already forgotten the dice roll he made, so thank Scotty for saving your liver!

Spoon, block that one elf. Maybe you get lucky this time

Oh he is being really stupid once again. Take a sip! 35th fire water is now down!

And that's the end of our turn.

The elfs reinforce bottom right hand corner of the cage.

Which indeed receives a blitz, and Swashmebuckle goes down clean

Given the amount of elfs around Scourge, they get a two dice block against him.

Once again it's a skull. The precious 36th is now sliding down towards your stomach!

Oh, and Scourge gets pushed. The elf didn't have block either.

And that's about their turn.

Our 13th starts with easy moves.
Black Dynamite moves to left with a possible hope of becoming relevant on the next turn.

Mammothtank blitzes the elf being a nuisance on the bottom right hand corner

Nope, a push isn't good enough. Re-roll!

A double POW with tackle, and the elf has dodge:drevil:

Mammoth: "You're going down, punk!"

He jumps on the elf blitzer to make the point

But it doesn't break armor, so not even a stun.

Blackbelt, Srihag and Squigmink advance forwards, edging towards the left hand border

Swashmebuckle and Mad Max once again provide the rear guard

With the cage being secured, Scourge throws a block. If he goes down, there's no immediate threat to the cage.

Skull and a pow? I select POW, the rest of you select your glass, and let the force go through you for 37th time.

Here's a portrait of Scourge. If you ever see him this close, run. Or actually not, you'll not have time anyways

Now, my notes fail me on whether Scourge KO'd the elf or stunned him. Nevertheless, he provided some value by being a nuisance to the opposition.

After which Black Knight pushes one elf next to the border, but since that is not skulled or otherwise hilarious, we skip the screenshot.

Spoon agrees to move to assist Scotty. Scotty makes a two die block on the elf thrower and knocks him down, but no injury, so boring.

That's our 13th turn done then.

Now pay close attention to what happens next as the elfs start their siege around the cage.

Uh, wait what? They blitzed somehow Squigmink!

And it's a clear hit.

The gobbo tastes the wrist

Of course

(I simply forgot that the gobbo has STR 2, and tying up the players around the cage with other players removes their assists. So that was a direct STR 3 vs 2 situation right there. Bravo AI. Almost worth drinking to my own double skulling of the defense)

Their turn is abruptedly ended with a failed dodge.

Which is why the Black Orc was there in the first place. Oh, and take a shot! 38th coming right up!


Our 14th turn.

Black Dynamite and Spoon move forwards to assist.

Blackbelt blocks and rolls a skull. Congratulations, it's 39 now!

Now, memory fails me why I selected push while I could have taken both down. It could be because I thought I was playing Scourge.

Swashmebuckle rolls next

And he rolls skulls. Sing with me! Fourty, fourty, fourty! Oh, Swashme has block, so elf is down, Swashme is not.

Mammothtank clears the rear (try saying that drunk! Oh wait)

And there's a skull right there. 41 drinks down the hatch.

Aaand that's a KO.

Mad Max and Srihag reform the upper cage and mark the elf player

Scotty moves in to be a nuisance.

Scourge, try to shine for once, pick up that ball!

Lol nope turnover

And we honor that turnover with the final answer to the universe, so gulp down that 42nd drink!

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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Bright Princes (High Elves), Game 12, Post #6, Finale

Hidden Text: Show
Mad Max gets blitzed

That's a double skull, and 43th drink. Re-roll!

And one more skull, so the total tab is now 44. But Mad Max is still up.

Dolfar initiates one more block against Mad Max. This time it connects.

Blackbelt Jones flattens one elf, but no injury once again.

Spoon moves in to assist and annoy the elfs

Try to get through that troll. Oh wait, don't try.

Mad Max returns the favor by blitzing

It's a knock out

Scourge, try that ball once again

Uh, what? He succeeded? He succeeded!

Our 15th turn ends with a cage around Scourge

Finally Black Knight blocks an elf

And that was a skull, so 44th down.

On their 15th turn, the elfs try to dodge Dolfar away.

Trying and succeeding are two different things so drink up for 45th failure!

It's re-rolled!

The thing is, Star Players are kind of loner divas, and the team re-roll works about half the time with them. This is not such time.

Dolfar is injured, and out. He is Badly Hurt.

Before our goal, I want to try one block, since this is a three die block.


Then Scourge moves to score

This would mark the first time a Black Orc scores

With four players out, we are looking fine. Two of them are out for good.

The elfs play their last turn, scoring a couple of hits with one skull, ending the match with 46th skull. Connect that shot with your lips!

Click here to show match outcome
Hidden Text: Show

One in winnings? No no no, re-roll that!

You can't win everytime. Not always.

The MVP is Black Knight.

The SPPs are distributed as such

Black Knight finally learns how to block

And what about that 280 grand? Well, we are going to spend it to our stadion to appease our shareholders. You have to spend the money somewhere, otherwise we will see even more inducements against ourselves.

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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
Today's match will be against the dark elves. AKA the Emos. (It's not that dark elves aren't good, they are actually among the best teams in the game, it's just that the art style reminds me more of emos than anyone actually evil or intimidating)

HLPBowlers vs Evil Talons (Dark Elves), Game 13, Post #1
Hidden Text: Show

Evil Talons eh?

They have two assassins and two witch elves. These are your primary targets. The assassin can Stab, which an action that replaces block, and cannot backfire with a turnover, but it also has lower likelihoods of succeeding with higher armor values. Da Orcz have about the best average armor value, so I don't expect a lot of damage from these guys. But they are very annoying nevertheless. With their shadowing, you'll need to re-roll dodges often if you stay next to them.

Remember the old saying that hell hath no fury like woman? Well, that's the case here. The witch elf is frenzied, and a big threat if utilized properly for crowdsurfing. So don't stay near the borders. She also has dodge, and any skilled coach will give her block, making her very difficult to remove from the game. However, she has next to no armor, and is injured easily if you manage to punch her. You can also hear her quite easily, those boots are made of tight leather! And stop ogling, she's evil enough to use all her assets as a distraction.

The elfs get Bloodweiser Babe as an inducement, for once the team value difference is small!

And we are playing in the Karl Franz Colosseum? Is that supposed to sound evil? Am I missing something?

There's the witch elf, a blitzer, an assassin and a line elf.

The ref tosses the coin, which we then promptly lose

So yeah, we are kicking once again. No matter, I'd have picked to kick anyways.

Our defensive lineup is about as meatwally as it can be

And because I'm brilliant, we get an extra re-roll! Thanks game

They move players into contact, and keep the witch elf next to the ball. Then the assassin stabs Spoon. It fails.

He attempted to stab Spoon? Foolishness! How the hell would you assassinate a troll anyways, it's heart is nowhere near even if you jumped!

The second witch elf takes contact with Mammoth (stop smirking!). He then gets blitzed

The result is a skull or a push. Nothing fancy.

Black Knight gets blocked, but the results are not impressive.

And that's about their turn 1. We reinforce left hand side with Scourge

And block with Mammoth

If I didn't know for the better, I'd think Mammoth is trying to put up a show for the witch elf.

Mad Max blitzes the witch elf.

She goes down, but no armor break. The more skin, the better the armor, apparently.

A couple of more pushes and knock downs later, it is Spoon's turn to shine. Smack that assassin troll!

Apparently Spoon cannot understand the immediate threat posed by the assassin. Well, it's only your life you're playing with!

And that's about our turn #1 done.

The elfs start with stabbity stab. But Blackbelt Jones isn't threatened by pointy little knives.

The witch jumps up, adding an interesting possibility for our available options for next turn.

The rest of the elf turn is spent on forming a cage around the ball carrier

Our turn #2 starts with Scourge moving in to assist

Mad Max does a frenzied block, attempting to push her away from the pitch. Unfortunately Mad Max is a bit overeager and finishes early with a POW, one short of crowdsurf.

I ain't gonna re-roll that.

Blackbelt wasn't very happy of the attempted assassination of his character. He responds in kind

Spoon, it's your time to shine once again. Block that runner down!

You know, sometimes I wonder, I really do.


And since Spoon is a loner, that's a re-roll gone. Easy come, easy go. That's also our blitz gone for the turn. Thanks troll.

Our #2 turn ends with the right flank stalled, center line on their feet, and left side advancing.

I have good and bad news to Mad Max. He is next to ball carrier. The bad thing is that he is also likely the next blitz target.

Which happens here

But it's a push and a skull, and it is not re-rolled! Thank you Jeebus Nuffle!

The witch attempts a jump up dodge escape!

Mammothtank with tackle calls her bluff!

No re-roll! Turnover

Mammothtank attempts to block the elf blitzer

Nope, that ain't good enough! Re-roll!

Goddammit! What happened to Mammoth the Murdermachine? Is it that witch elf's witchery that we are witnessing here?

As a first successful action for this game, Spoon agrees to move a couple of squares

After making sure our defense is as elf proof as it can be, Mad Max blitzes the ball carrier!



On their turn, the elfs attempt to run a player to our defensive zone

And stabbity stab our player

Their turn is ended with a well timed tackle

Good night, Gracie!

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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Evil Talons (Dark Elves), Game 13, Post #2

Hidden Text: Show
So, our turn is started with Blackbelt communicating with Dark Elf assassin, the topic being "stabbing people ain't cool, man!"

Mammothtank engages the ball carrier

Go on, you want to do it anyways

Sacre bleu, it's only a stun

Interestingly, the ball is scattered between a couple of players, and finally lands on Blackbelt Jones, who catches it!

Now that's highly unusual.

The cage is of course moved around Blackbelt. One of the cornerstones could be Spoon. Hey Spoon, go say hello to the witch elf

Mad Max then blitzes the elf blitzer once again

Mon Dieu monsieur Mad Max!

And that's about our turn. Elfs go!

The witch elf runs away from Spoon. Somehow I'm not surprised.

Tukost gets blitzed

And yes, the dark elf had block and Tukost didn't, so Tukost goes down.

Their final action is to move blitzer away from the side line, reinforcing the screen at the end of the pitch.

Our 5th turn starts with Scourge and Mammoth attempting to remove the witch elf.

Mammothtank piles on the witch elf as this was just a knock down - which doesn't even slow the witch elf.

Besides I'm pretty sure Mammothtank wanted to pile on the witch elf. No, not that kind of way!

And the jump had no effect. Armor value.

Black Dynamite closes in with a Go For It

And Scotty blocks the Witch elf

The turn ends with Tukost failing a dodge roll

Ain't gonna re-roll that, so it's a turnover

And Tukost is knocked out. Wonderful

However, the elf turn is uneventful. Much of this is attributed to Spoon und da Black Boyz guarding the cage, making even one die blocks against Blackbelt difficult.

Our #6 turn starts with a blitz. Scourge and Mammoth once again, engaging the witch elf. No, not that kind of way!

And the witch is KO'd. Good enough.

Mad Max here makes an inconsequential block.

A push? Oh well!


Mad Max has frenzy?



And it's a stunner!

And then Spoon blocks the assassin


Well, he at least stunned the assassin, so that's a plus

So let's see, what did the elfs do on their 7th turn? Not much, except

And the caped crusader is once again down, eating grass.

This would be their last action. Note that even thought the ball carrier is open, Scotty being at the border is enough to prevent the blitz on the ball carrier

Our seventh turn starts with Blackbelt advancing

We reinforce the cage around him

Scotty's attempt to block the witch elf is full of push

Sadly, it doesn't count, and it's the elfs' turn. Eight turn, final turn for this half.

They attempt to blitz our ball carrier!

A push or a knock down, wonder which one should I select?

Scourge attempts to block this blitzer

The blitzer has block and dodge, so nope.

Black Dynamite blocks the assassin, we have to clear way for the ball carrier

Now that block was a smashing success. Go spit yer teeth elsewhere you wine drinking fairy!

Mammoth knocks out the Darth Ripper

The road being cleared, Blackbelt walks the ball over the finish line

Oh, he also scores if he does that.

And it's half time!

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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Evil Talons (Dark Elves), Game 13, Post #3, Start of second half

Hidden Text: Show
Alrighty, second half!

The knocked outs return to the game, so there's that.

Our offense happens with an inverted C - this is because the witch elfs can easily surf our players if given a chance. It's not expected that our front-line would crumble.

The witch elf kicks the ball - I don't know how she manages to do that from a back handspring, but she does nevertheless.

And I'm once again brilliant, but that's to be expected.

We open with Blackbelt punching an assassin.

Road Rage Runner is out. That's good!

Mammothtank blitzes the witch elf next

And knocks her out. Well done Mammoth!

Scourge marks the blitzer on left side

And Black Knight blocks the witch elf as well. It's a push.

Finally, Black Dynamite demonstrates what happens when you park next to a Black Orc

It's just a stun.

Scotty and Swashmebuckle form a screen in front of the ball

Squigmink picks up the ball

Now that's unusual. 67 % has usually been an instant fail.

Finally Spoon takes a block, but only manages to knock somebody down.

Elf turn #9

The witch elf moves to threaten the ball carrier. But she's too late

And their blitzer decides that it's a wise career lengthening move to dodge away from Scourge's gentle touch

That's their turn #9 in the nutshell. Of course players stood up and so, but not much really happened.

Our turn #10 then.

Given that elfs abandoned the left border defense, that's where we advance first. Squigmink, leg it!

The usual caging up occurs after that

Swashmebuckle and Scotty team up to remove the other witch elf from the pitch

It just results to a stun. I'm starting to expect Mammoth and Scotty are some sort of gentleorcs.

Black Knight moves to assist on the right hand side

And that's about it for our #10.

Elf's turn

Blackbelt gets blitzed

Resulting in a double push. No worries.

Spoon has scared one elf enough that he's had enough and dodges away

The last guy legs it to the right hand back field. Two Black Orcs proved to be a bit too much.

Our turn #11
Since the elfs closed the left hand side gap, we settle in to the center

With the usual cage

Scourge guards left flank of the cage

While Mad Max and Srihag mark the witch elf

Blackbelt deals the comma to end our turn. It's just a knock down, so his punctuation requires still some practise.

Elf turn #11
The witch elf again demonstrates her agility by jumping up with a kip up (you know, the kung-fu jump up from the floor), and dodges away.

Which results in a blitz against Srihag. Oh well

He gets pushed, and that's about turn #11 in a wrap.
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Evil Talons (Dark Elves), Game 13, Post #4, Finale

Hidden Text: Show
And turn #12

Scourge moves in to secure to left hand side corner of the cage. Just in case Spoon is stoopid once again

Swashmebuckle and Max Max move in to assist as the elfs seem to have taken interest in Srihag.

She's knocked down by Srihag's block

Called it!

The rest of our turn is mainly about reforming the cage around the goblin.

Blackbelt once ends the sentence with a comma. Or it could be two OOs, as in KNOCKED OUT

Elf turn #12
The witch gets back up

Blackbelt is blocked, and this time it's a clean hit

The stalwart defender is down, but not out.

Their defense retreats to form a screen.

Turn #13

Mad Max starts with a block. He's frenzied, so if it doesn't work, he will block again

It does

The witch is stunned.

Scotty punches the annoying assassin, but the assessment is knockdown.

Mammoth does what he does best

Jumping on to somebody's head if you didn't know.

Also Spoon manages to knockdown an elf this turn. Whoa, first time on this half.

We have tight group at the center at the end of turn #13

The elfs spend their turn standing their players up (and setting their bones straight)

Not much else happens.

Scotty leads our assault on turn #14.

Scotty! That's not a away to lead the assault! Re-roll!

And the assassin is down once again. That armor value 7 seems to be holding.

Swashmebuckle and Srihag plow the way for the ball carrier

It's a push, but that's actually enough this time.

Black Dynamite goes through the breach first

Squigmink moves only one screen this turn. He has enough range to score in two turns afterwards, so this is fine for now.

Spoon communicates the end of turn by punching somebody's teeth out

No injury though. Come on troll, do your worst!

The elf turn #14 is quite hectic. They stand up players, and attempt to blitz Mad Max. It doesn't work, and they mainly try to surround our cage

That's about it.

It's turn #15, and now we really have to start legging towards the score line

There's only one player directly in front of the cage. Tragic error on AI's part, and Blackbelt is quick to capitalize on it!

Oh no, that's not a way to capitalize on it! Re-roll!

That on the other hand, is more like it. The hapless runner is stunned

Then we run

Mammoth throws a block

But his heart just isn't in it today. Get a grip on yourself orc!

Given a free block, Spoon is ready to take advantage. Right Spoon?


Mad Max, you'll have to get dangerous today - block that witch elf down!

Push, good. Now the next block

 :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

Two blocks with two dice against us and no skulls. Talk about lucky today.

Elf turn #15

Scotty gets stabbed

His armor breaks, and he is stunned. Somebody explain to me how the hell you only stun somebody by stabbing him? But that's how good the elf assassin is

Seems to me that our blitzer is in the hurt zone next turn.

Turn #16

Oh Spoon


Nope, he's a loner this time.

Mammoth, would you kindly block that annoying elf

Oh hells no guys! That's almost a turnover!

That's it, no more blocks for yoo. Score!

We witness once again the goblin cultural heritage hip thrusting dance

Elf turn #16

We deploy to standard meat wall formation

Swashmebuckle kicks


Srihag and Swashmebuckle determine that the most annoying player on the pitch is that elf assassin.

Scotty gets a chance to revenge the earlier stun

Now that's an insult to the injury! Dark Darth Ripper is gone for the match, though that's not a lot of moves at this point.

The elfs go pick up the ball

Here's fail #1

And here's fail #2

We win the game!

Click here for the match outcome
Hidden Text: Show

And once again we roll 1 for winnings. Re-roll! It can't get any worse than this, that's for sure!

This time, our MVP is Scourge! Congratulations, Scourge! How do you feel? Any comments on the match?

Quite a lot of SPPs were had in that match

Four (4)! guys level up

Scourge gets block, making him a far more reliable blocker

Blackbelt Jones gets Mighty Blow to score those injuries a little bit more often

Black Dynamite gets Block as well. He's a blocksolid center line player now!

Squigmink gets Sneaky Git, meaning he can foul almost at his heart's content as the judge is not likely going to see him play a little nasty game in the back lines

And our next match will be....

Oh no

...against Chaos

Dun dun duuuuun

It was nice to know you guys!
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
That's a lot of knocked out dork elves, dayum

[02:42] <@Axem> spoon somethings wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> critically wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> im happy with these missions now
[02:44] <@Axem> well
[02:44] <@Axem> with 2 of them


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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Crawling Scorers (Chaos), Game 14, Interlude

Here we go, here we go

Alright, so what does Chaos team have?

This is a Beastman, who is the mainstay of Chaos players. Due to easy access to mutations, the Chaos players can be developed on a way no other team can, providing massive flexibility, or just outright murder. Note that this individual has Claw. Anyone with this skill is an instant block, and if possible, a foul. These players have to go from the pitch if are to survive this game. Beastmen come with Horns, which adds +1 strength to their blitz. A single beastman can then always blitz STR 3 players such as our throwers and blitzers.

This is a Chaos Warrior. He is mostly equivalent to our Black Boyz, but more agile and has access to mutations. So Mighty Blow + Claw + Piling On, often shortened CPOMB is a possibility from Chaos. Thus they are likely going to out do our Black Orcs, but luckily this team is less developed and lacks Block. The Chaos Warriors are probably the coolest dudes in the game, and tend to live long.

This is the Chaos Minotaur. He is a very scary Big Guy, but his negatrait is Wild Animal, meaning that any other action than blocking or blitzing has a 50 % possibility of failing. He does retain his tackle zones though, so this is better than our trolls. The mino comes with Frenzy and Horns, making him able to two die alone pretty much anything in the game as long as he is blitzing. That pretty much anything does include Spoon if you were wondering. Mino just looks mean when he blocks someone!

As the commentator Jim Johnson so eloquently puts it in the game, Chaos hits hard. Really hard.
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Crawling Scorers (Chaos), Game 14, Post #1 (GULP!)

Hidden Text: Show
Discussion of the players before match: "Now why da coach made uz say Ave Coach morrituure tee sa-lu-tat?"

Enter the gladiators!

Take note Cyanide, now THAT is a team that does look intimidating. Even if they are wearing white.

This time we deploy to a different formation

Note that two Black Boyz are staying out from the Line Of Scrimmage, and so does Spoon. Instead, two lowest SPP Black Orcz are at the edges, and Tukost is in the middle. What? He got the shortest straw!

Kick-off! (Yes, we did lose the coin toss. This time I would have certainly started with receiving to get those juicy early blocks in to injure their players).

Oh, now THAT's interesting!

Srihag and Scotty immediately perform a blitz against the clawed beastman who happened to be accessible on the side line.

Scotty, next time put a teeny-weeny bit more power to it so you knock him out. He's now out for the next turn, but that ain't good enough!

Finally, he moves next to the ball to make picking it up harder. And probably gets blitzed, but we'll face that when we need to (which is next turn)

Mad Max and Mammoth go annoy the other beastman on left flank

Finally, Scourge goes to annoy a Chaos Warrior on left flank.

Chaos turn #1, the actual start of the game

One beastman moves next to Scotty (uh oh), and Minotaur fails the Wild Animal roll. Thankfully.

The ball pick-up fails

But re-roll saves!

Tukost gets blocked, no surprise there

Watch out orc, he's coming for you!

Wait what?

First block of the game, and one of ours is already dead! That's Chaos for you!

On a side note I love the refined yes fist pump Chaos Warrior does after the block.

Unfortunately we cannot Apo this one. Given that it is the first block of the actual game, and the fact Tukost was just a lineorc without specific skills, we will not Apo this one.

We lost one.

Finally, Black Knight gets blocked by Tricia. Yes, it's a girl!

Knight is knocked down.

Our turn #1. The strategy is to punch the hell out of Claw dudes, and try to stay the hell away from them otherwise.

Mighty Blowing Blackbelt goes first and blitzes the ball carrier.

It succeeds and the ball scatters behind him. Srihag goes to assist

Scotty blocks then

A push will not do in this case. Re-roll!

Now that's better!

Mammoth moves in to assist in the pick up next turn

Spoon blocks the guy who killed Tukost

OH come on now troll, just one measly injury!

And it's a knock down. Spoon has mainly excelled in creating disappointment in the recent matches.

And that's our turn #1 done

Chaos #2

They get to pick-up the ball here

Aaand fail a dodge, turnover!


Srihag floors one

So does Scourge

Mad Max assists

Mammoth blocks

And for once the lack of block hinders the Chaos player while Mammoth is safe! And yes, he will certainly jump on the Chaos player

It's a knock out! Well done! That Chaos warrior will not be pestering us for a while!

Scotty blitzes the ball carrier

Yes, it's a one die, but a push is good enough as then he will find himself next to our two players, ready to tackle anything that moves.

And it's a push. Good.

Spoon pushes a Chaos Warrior. That lack of block!

Swashmebuckle assists Black Knight in a block

It's a double push. Not worth re-rolling

Finally, Blackbelt rolls dice to block the ball carrier

A double what? You suck!! Re-roll!

That's better! (And in case anyone wonders why I blocked this last, that's because I goofed and did not see Blackbelt had a two die shot on the ball carrier. Better late...)

The ball scatters to a meh position

It could be better, it could be worse.

That's our turn done!

Chaos #3 starts with reinforcing the upper right hand side.

The mino is an animal once again

Oh no, Swashmebuckle is about to get blitzed with the guy who had claws!

I suppose he thanks his lucky marbles that he can Dodge!

Aaand it's our turn #3.

Blackbelt starts the turn by introducing his fist to the ball guarding beastman

"I gotsa present fer ya!"

Scotty moves in to pick-up the ball. And run like hell, as he is well in the blitzing range of that mino

But what do I know about this game, Scotty makes it clean, and is assisted by Mammoth.

The rest of the guys attempt to form a screen so that the Scotty can't be blitzed

Swashmebuckle dodges the HELL AWAY from the guy with clamps claws.

Spoon blitzes the clawing Beastman.

Oh, try it for me if not for yourself! But harsh is Blood Bowl, no injury. Nothing so to speak of.

Wait, he can actually be more useful by tying those two guys on the left. Go there troll!

Spoon: "Okie-dokie!"

To save his bacon, Black Knight takes a risky two dice against him block. What? The alternative is to get blocked next turn by that Claw guy, and I know which Chaos Warrior's punch I prefer!

This turn ends like this on our part

It's not perfect defense, but the best we could muster.

Chaos #4

The mino roars once again, expressing his outrage on disciplined play

And here comes the blitz against Scotty

The dodge fails as Srihag is once again awake

It's re-rolled!

And Scotty goes down, so very close to touch down!

Their turn is ended with a futile one die block against Mad Max


Well, the only thing we need to do is to score. There's not much to be gained by getting pummeled by Clawed opponents, though we will still get clawed in the line of scrimmage.

Blackbelt move to assist!

Mammothtank blocks

In these circumstances I'm happy with the push!

Scotty, do eet! Do eet!

Of course


He scoooooooores!

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Relaxed movement is always more effective than forced movement.


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