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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
**** yeah, SPPs from something other than killing elves.


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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
Farewell Tukost , we hardly knew ye

**** yeah, SPPs from something other than killing elves.

Snap out of it orc!


HLPBowlers vs Crawling Scorers (Chaos), Game 14, Part #2, IMAGE LINKS FIXED

Hidden Text: Show
In this game, we don't hide the casualties. They are there for everyone to see! Think about the embarrassment when lying there! There's the motivation for you to stay on your feet!

The defensive formation is once again a more typical one, with least experienced black orcs taking care of the LoS and Spoon in the middle.

Yes, a second death in a row is very unlikely, though not unheard of. But this is Blood bowl, there are no winners, only survivors.

That has of course, nothing to do with the amount of injuries we potentially get. But that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

We once again get a free re-roll cause I'm brilliant.

Pick the ball up with a player who was in the LoS. Now with extra dodge!

Then Spoon gets blitzed

No, it's not the guy with Claw, so keep a stiff upper lip troll. Or actually, thinking about it, don't (those who have done boxing get the joke)

The minotaur is a wild animal once again. No blitz or block, that's what you get

And the Black Boyz in the LoS, Black Dynamite and Black Knight both go down after successful blocks. Sucks, but they are fine.

Our turn #5

Spoon is once again too stupid to stand up


But sometimes I wonder if that troll is smarter than the impression he gives.

Scourge, Mammothtank and Mad Max team up to kick one Clawing Chaos Warrior to the crowd

He goes out after the frenzied blitzer has done his dirty work

But no injury, no nothing. That guy is coming back after next interruption!

Mad Max then goes to pester another Chaos Warrior

Mammothtank marks on flanking beastman

Finally, we mainly mark the players and end up in a new frontline like this. Prepare for the worst, Boyz!

Crawling Scorers Turn #6
To kick it off, Scotty goes down in a block. Nothing serious, but those rams (beastmen) are known to sharpen their horns. Watch out boyz!

Next, we get a blitz from the minotaur. He aims Mammothtank, which is smart because Mammoth is one of our reliable(?) damage dealers

Mammoth goes down, but his armor holds. The recently freed Beastman immediately moves in to secure the ball cage.

Mad Max forces the Chaos Warrior to re-roll his block

Three skulls in a row? I'd been pissed if that had happened to be a big guy

Understandably, the POW is selected and Mad Max goes down.

The Chaos turn ends to formation like this

Alrighty, Spoon, get up!

And he does. Strange, I was expecting something else.

Blackbelt Jones and Black Dynamite play a little game of ping pong with a conicinding beastman, passing the beastman to one another with pushes, but no knock down.

Then Squigmink and Mammoth team up against the Big Cow. That's not enough alone, but when you add Scourge to the mix, that's a clear two die block.

Well I'm sure Scourge is now happy about his recently acquired Block skill. I know I would.

The Big Cow goes down. Scourge then connects with a nearby Chaos Warrior.

Meanwhile on the right hand side, Srihag rolls over one beastman

Swashmebuckle thinks about fouling the Cow while he is down, but decides to patch up a hole in our defense instead (the reason being that we are already missing a player, we don't have any substitutes). Srihag left one behind, and if he gets pushed further to the side, Chaos will have access to our back field. Not good.

And that's our turn #6

Chaos first blitzes Scourge - and yes, that's a beastman with claw. Stay stronk orc!

Despite the claw, Scourge's armor holds and he is just down. Good.

Mad Max gets a fist to the face once again

And Scotty squeezes out one more re-roll from the opposition

He gets pushed, so that's fine.

Our turn #7

Black Dynamite throws a block to the cage corner

Now zat iz gut

Blackbelt immediately capitalizes with a blitz against the ball carrier

Nope, not good enough. Re-roll!

The ball scatters behind the ball carrier. We don't have a good access to it, so the main tactic is going to be one of delay before the half time. However, Spoon takes a block

Which connects

And suddenly there IS a path to the ball.

Swashmebuckle goes next to it.

And Srihag positions himself to score next turn by just one go for it

Which doesn't mean it automatically succeeds

And there goes the option for scoring with Srihag. Dammit.


The first thing opposition does is to reinforce the ball position

Scotty was left unfortunately close to the pitch at the end of last turn

But no injury results, even if the crowd is rowdy

Swashmebuckle gets it as well

Swashmebuckle: No, not my beautiful face!

The mino blocks our gobbo (uh-oh)

That's a very concentrated stare he has right there

Miraculously, the gobbo is not even injured, just stunned. He landed head first even!

The last block is inconclusive as both have block. That's their 8th turn gone, so they are not scoring this half.

And it's our turn #8.

Blackbelt and Dynamite push the opposition players further away.

With a couple of clever assists, we get to block the Cow with Scourge

I'm pretty sure that fist hit the groin. Scourge stuns the minotaur, but that's still somewhat disappointing

Mammothtank blocks one Beastman...

...and of course, piles on...

... knocking the beastman out. Well done orc!

It's half-time!

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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
Sorry about the cliffhanger; this week has been horrible on what it comes to Let's Playing. I did rack up some sleep deprivation during the week, and could not summon the mental energy to write the second half. Thanks for your understanding.


HLPBowlers vs Crawling Scorers (Chaos), Game 14, Part #3, Start of second half, IMAGE LINKS FIXED

Hidden Text: Show
Second half, here we go

We actually managed to knock out four of their players. Two of them wake up.

We deploy to a receiving formation

It's a kick!

And they get perfect defense, which in the case of AI, rarely means anything.

Looking at where the ball landed, Swashmebuckle jumps into action to screen it. Regardless whether the opposition could reach it or not. (In this case it couldn't, but that doesn't make Swashmebuckle less heroic now does it?)

Meanwhile, note that Mad Max and Mammothtank attempt to take away their most immediate threat, the guy with claws.

No, that's not good enough! Of course you do realize that you'll get a claw to the face if you don't knock him down!


A turn over or a push? I know which I'll take. Well, you can't win them all the time. But at least do NOT follow that beastman! Actually get back to where you started from!

Srihag moves in to whisper devilish things to Spoon's ear

That stuff being so repulsive that even Spoon wants to move out towards left

Which then allows Black Dynamite and Blackbelt Jones take their consecutive punches against the Chaos Warriors. Floor 'em boyz!

Scotty then moves in to block that high way towards the ball from the right hand flank.

Our cage is not formed correctly, and since most of our players have already moved, Squigmink decides against picking up the ball, and opts to screen it instead.

Then Scourge considers his odds of dodging and his odds of surviving a block by Minotaur, and decides to disengage.

And what do you know, he makes it.

And that's our turn #9 done

The opposition regroups to the center line

Then Scotty gets blitzed

But no result is acheived the rolls being both down or push.

The minotaur moves in to right. Why, I have no clue, and I don't intend to find out. Perhaps he is scared to face off Spoon?

The right hand side is still reinforced by additional beastman, this is a direct assault on Scotty!

And then Blackbelt and Black Knight get knocked down on the LoS. No biggie.

Our turn #10 starts by checking out the range of that beastman next to Scotty. It's not yet on the ball pick-up range, but he certainly is pressuring us. We need to get a move on!

Our first priority is still to kill anything with a claw. Scourge attempts to remedy the problem by blitzing a beastman with that skill.

He knocks him out, rendering the Chaos murder machine far less efficient with only one player having the claw skill from this point on.

Next we set up a cage

And get Swashmebuckle to pick up the ball. This time it had to be Swashmebuckle as he will automatically re-roll a failed pick-up attempt, saving us from having to use team re-rolls.

Spoon is then too stupid to block the Chaos Warrior

Finally, Scotty legs it to assist the goblin in holding the cage corner, while Mad Max or Mammoth engage with a beastman on left side of LoS.

And that's our turn #10 done.

The opposition regroups their players on the LoS

The minotaur returns to the center pitch

A couple of players advance towards our cage, while Scourge gets blitzed

It's a push. But second one is incoming!

Which is a push. Teal'c Scourge has absorbed the blitz and a block this turn. Remarkable.

And it's our turn #11.

Swashmebuckle and Scotty move forwards to get the ball on the opponents side of the pitch

While Srihag, Squigmink and Mammothtank tag team a Chaos Warrior that erred too far on the Orc side.

Even though Mammoth jumps on her (yes, the name of the Chaos Warrior is Tricia Grim Shyesh), the armor holds.

Spoon is too stupid to block (again)  :hopping:

So Mad Max has to cover Swashmebuckle

And our turn ends in a rather strange right angle formation

That's our 11th turn there in a wrap

Chaos seems to opt for an elf screen defense on the left hand side

The clawed Chaos Warrior blocks Scourge!

Oh no Scourge ain't even looking that way!

Luckily, Scourge is only stunned.

Astonishingly, Squigmink manages to absorb a block from a Chaos Warrior

Since neither had block, push was selected.

The minotaur then vents out his frustration by roaring to the sky

It's then our turn #12

Since they wanted to play that way, we move the ball back to the center.

Blackbelt skulls one block

Nope nope nope, re-roll!

Uh-oh, well at least you're still standing

Black Knight blitzes to get rid of that Chaos Warrior

You guys are just a bunch of losers you know?

Spoon is able to haul his ass over there in the middle though.

Squigmink runs like a wind to an area which is outside the Chaos range

And due to couple of well known players skulling, we have to end our turn with a Chaos Warrior next to Swashmebuckle. Ain't looking good boyz.

That's our turn #12.

The clawed dude takes a shot against Swashmebuckle (don't die don't die don't die)

It's only a push. Good.

Blackbelt Jones gets blitzed after that

He lands on the ground, stunned.

And that's about it.

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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Crawling Scorers (Chaos), Game 14, Part #4, Finale, IMAGE LINKS FIXED

Hidden Text: Show
The way we untangle this mess is by punching out of it. Or punching it down. Whatever.

Mad Max pushes the guy with Claws away from Swashmebuckle. Wonder whether "Claws" would make a good James Bond movie henchman?

Swashmebuckle runs, committing to a breakthrough attempt from the right

Scotty, Spoon and Squigmink move in to protect him. Protection from the goblin being the biggest question here.

Black Knight blitzes the tackling guy down, runs and takes two Go For Its to reinforce the upper right hand corner of the cage

Our turn ends with the cage being formed and with a rather good breach of their defense lines

Chaos #13 shows Chaos players reinforcing the left hand side of the pitch. Don't ask.

The mino blitzes Scourge

And that's a three die block against him, odds being Scourge going down. But the abs of steel saved him this time.

One beastman is moved to block our advance.

That one isn't much, though.

Left hand side is reinforced once again with a Chaos warrior, while a beastman dodges away from our cage contact.

Our turn #14.

Spoon, move ahead and become the left bottom corner of the cage

Spoon: now lemme think which side is left and which is right!

Oh, you did not-so-well so far.

Black Knight, lead the way for the cage!

The cage is reformed, with Spoon still scratching his head on what's going on. It's a goblin right there on right hand bottom. Feelin' lucky?

Mammothtank then takes a one die block against the Clawed Chaos Warrior

And that's a good one!

He is stunned! Nope, not good enough. Pile on!

Awww yeah, that's my orc!

The clawed threat is Badly Hurt, and cannot participate to this game any longer

Blackbelt then one dies the minotaur. You never know what might happen!

And the Mino is stunned. I'm still not sure where you punched him, could have been his knee or kidney, but that surely was effective!

And that's #14 done.

AI attempts to bring players in front of our cage, but I'm afraid that's too little too late.

While it does make sense to blitz the undefended weakest link on the pitch.

It's a push.

The AI re-rolls a both down against Black Dynamite, resulting to a pushed Dynamite.

On our 15th turn, we run. Simple as that.

No need to take unnecessary risks, we move in to a scoring position for next turn.

The final point above the i is delivered by Blackbelt Jones, who blocks a Beastman

He is Badly Hurt

Mammothtank moves next to Spoon. Apparently, that sleazy joke did the trick as Spoon waddles towards the opposition for a chance

Mad Max attempts to save the gobbo by blitzing the beastman with one Go For It

Which fails


Aww yeah, the gobbo is now safe, and he moves next to the biggest guy on the pitch, Spoon. He might have been safer up there with the cage.

On their 15th turn, AI still is in process of moving players towards of us. It's just too little and too late

The opposition then gangs around Spoon (well this was a bit unexpected development)

And the troll is down.

This is how they ended their turn

It's our 16th turn.

Need I say more?

And it appears we gave them quite a beating

So they are missing like 5(!) players!

Our defense for the last turn is once again a meat wall composed of Spoon and two Black Orcs.

Swashmebuckle kicks, and oh my, it's a good one! Straight next to the finish line!  :lol:

It's a quick snap, but in the case of AI, it does nothing.

Spoon gets blitzed

Yup, that's Chaos for you. They don't particularly care how big or strong you are.

Black Dynamite goes down, I suppose the Chaos is just venting its frustration at this point. What's the point of this violence? They have already lost the game.

Black Knight gets the final block of the game

Bang! Straight to the kisser!

He is only stunned. Phew.

Ok, 2-0 win. Not bad, and only one dead.

Click here for the match outcome
Hidden Text: Show
After a re-roll, we get 70 grand for winning the match.

Our most valuable player is




What the hell game?

The SPP distribution is actually surprisingly broad for a match that didn't have that much on it. Well except losing Tukost.

66 % of the games have been played, and we are four wins ahead of the second one in statistics

Spoon also levels up. He rolls 7 and has access only the the strength skills.

No, it won't be piling on because the troll is too stupid to get back up. Instead, I select guard. That way he contributes to the LoS battle despite not doing anything.

We also hire a new player, Rakclaw. There's also a slot open for another line orc if anyone is interested. We do need replacement players after all.

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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
If you dont think that me standing there, scratching my ass and head for half of the game, doesn't somehow make me the most valuable player on the team, then there is clearly something wrong with you.

What do the guard and grab skills do exactly? 

[02:42] <@Axem> spoon somethings wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> critically wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> im happy with these missions now
[02:44] <@Axem> well
[02:44] <@Axem> with 2 of them


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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
If you dont think that me standing there, scratching my ass and head for half of the game, doesn't somehow make me the most valuable player on the team, then there is clearly something wrong with you.

The mental image of that  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

Guard means your assists cannot be cancelled by other players. If you are standing next to someone, you are going to provide +1 STR to blocks regardless. It is quite valuable for LoS players.

Grab allows to re-position the blocked player. Quite handy skill, but not my first pick usually. For trolls I'd go with Stand Firm after Guard. Since I would not blitz with Trolls, Juggernaut (both down is treated as a push when blitzed) is not as useful.
Relaxed movement is always more effective than forced movement.


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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
I was hoping Grab be something like grabbing an opponent the same way a troll can grab a goblin  :drevil: alas
Well, now at least I can do something just by standing there, adding to my MVP value :p

[02:42] <@Axem> spoon somethings wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> critically wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> im happy with these missions now
[02:44] <@Axem> well
[02:44] <@Axem> with 2 of them


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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Bronze Breakers (Dwarves), Game 15, Post #1, IMAGE LINKS FIXED

Hidden Text: Show

We are going against the stout little fellas tonight. Bronze Breakers I hear they are called.

The notable thing from the roster is: these dorfs have started to gain levels. They have Guard and Mighty Blow in abundance. Also, they have a death roller. Things just get better and better.

Because we are still somehow more valuable, they get some extra cash in to place as inducements. They get a bribe and a babe (now there's a new name for a novel fellas!)

Our stadium has gained some height after it was upgraded. Hopefully those shareholders like what they see.

And there's a troll slayer and the Death Roller. Specifically interesting detail is that pierced skull on a spike. Don't let yours to become another ornament for the thing!

We lose the coin toss, and deploy to this formation. It's pretty safe as the dorfs cannot really advance far even if they manage to break our lines. And yes, a lineorc is stationed next to the Death Roller.

And it's a kick!

So we get the perfect defense. Seeing the dorfs formation, a couple of changes do come into mind

Since the ball is going to land next to the LoS on left hand side, I'll let Mammothtank and Mad Max go next to its landing place. The ball scatters one ahead of them, so we don't get a tackle zone on the ball. But rest assured we are looking at the ball very intently.

Dorfs move in to secure the ball, but with their movement, not many players can reach the area.

Rakclaw takes the brunt of the Death Roller

Which in this case, happened to be a push. You got lucky, that thing is far faster than it looks like! Three die block with the push result is very good, Rakclaw! I'm sure you'll be something big some day!

Then Black Dynamite and Blackbelt Jones get knocked down. Not a problem.

Our turn #1 then.

Black Knight and Scourge deliver the pain on the LoS linedorfs. That's the good thing with Dorfs, they like beating stuff up, just like we. To their defense, they do not run from the engagements. But then again, who could with those stubby little feet?

Blackbelt Jones moves away one square that he can to provide assistance on left hand side next turn. Oh, and Swashmebuckle blocked that trollslayer. It's a push.

Scotty delivers our blitz, knocking the air out of the right hand side dorf.

Given their armor and thick skull (which doesn't mean they are stupid, it just means they have dense bone mass in their skulls, probably due to bonking their heads on the tunnels), they are really tough to get out from the pitch.

Rakclaw takes the smart move, and runs away from the Roller to assist on the left hand side.

Finally, we have Spoon's block. That's against the Death Roller. The thing here is that the Death Roller is STR 7, while Spoon is STR 5. No suffering from stupidity (huh?), Spoon rolls two dice against him.

Which doesn't go well

Re-roll! (This is stupid. Spoon is also a loner, so that re-roll has 50 % chance of working)

And he indeed is a loner. The re-roll fails!

And there goes the pride and joy of our team. He gets to eat grass for a chance. I think he averages twice or thrice in a game, so so much for that STR he's got!


Dorfs waste no time in attempting to breakthrough our left hand side

Luckily, Mammothtank repels the attempt. Twice as it got re-rolled. Way to go Mammoth!

Here we can see Scourge resisting the first onslaught from the trollslayer. The little bugger has Frenzy, so he'll actually punch twice. Given the rate I'm throwing bad puns here, the title here would probably be Trollslayer always blocks twice.

Oh Scourge, and you were doing so well

He's just down and nothing significant happened during the Dorf turn otherwise. It's our turn #2.

We waste no time in getting rid of that Dorf runner on right hand side. Scotty does the honors

Say hello to my little friends!

Srihag shifts to the center to be a blodging nuisance there

Before doing much else, we do need to reinforce the left hand side. While Black Dynamite knocks down a dwarf blitzer, the rest free players gravitate towards the left

And then we block. With Mammoth

You know, you can do better than that! Re-roll!

And because he has a player behind him, that's a crowdsurf right there!

The crowd works with the FIFO principle. As in First In First Ousted! (And yes, I'm having way too much fun figuring out more bad puns for a non-native)

Then we smack the Runner down. These players are very important for the Dorf effort; they can actually handle the ball.

Spoon stands up just in time to assist.

Finally Black Knight slams the trollslayer down. He grins his teeth to prepare for what's to come. Yes, he is standing next to death roller.

And that's our turn there, ending us in a relatively advantageous position.

The Dorfs attempt to blitz Mad Max

But the result is a push. Not good for them.

Scourge here demonstrates the dictionary definition of stalwart.
First block

Second block!

Third one!

Bloody well done Scourge! You get a cookie for that!

Black Knight gets Death Rolled

Beware the Grim Roller! (I really should stop now shouldn't I?)

Scotty approaches from the east! And what he approaches is the center pitch, stopping next to Srihag.

The Blackbelt Blocks

Uh, Blackbelt, that's not blocking. That's losing! Re-roll!

Well that 3 % probability had to happen as some point, didn't it? I wonder if Blackbelt is getting old, or whether the opposition is really that good?


Not surprisingly, Mad Max feels the repercussions of this fail in his skin. Quite literally

Aaaand ladies and gentlemen, he is out!

Srihag gets pushed twice.

Then those cheeky Dorfs block Spoon. The nerve! A sole long beard knocks down Spoon!

Not the brightest spot on your resume, eh, Spoon?

And that's their #4 turn over. Here we have to salvage what we can. I was seriously considering letting the dorfs score here for a second. For a second, but then I had to say to myself that the stinking AI ain't gonna score against me. Not with dorfs.

Blackbelt moves in to assist and to provide a Great Meat Wall of Orcia. Unfortunately the blitzing Scourge can't get much done.

Swashmebuckle moves into assist. He's quite safe, being the slippery eel he is. Finally, Rakclaw manages to knock down the Troll slayer.

Unfortunately our blitz was already exhausted. We cannot capitalize the breach on their lines to blitz the ball carrier. Next time Gadget, next time!

Scotty gets lucky in his block this time and floors a troll slayer

Srihag moves in to annoy the ball carrier

And Spoon

Well, Spoon is Spoon. Take care of that Death Roller then!

In a dashing display of agility, Black Dynamite manages to dodge away from the Death Roller

Eat my dust, Sucka!

Our fourth turn seems to be consolidating the game and turning the tide against the dorfs. Their assault forwards has lost its momentum as far as I can see.

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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Bronze Breakers (Dwarves), Game 15, Post #2, IMAGE LINKS FIXED. Episode: How to roll skulls

Hidden Text: Show
Srihag really can be annoying when he wants to. So he gets blitzed for making funny faces.

AI Re-rolls!

But the result stays.

Rakclaw gets pushed

The ball carrier himself blocks Srihag, but to no avail

The Blitzer is still grinning. Three consequtive blocks without a hitch. He's like no problemo boss, I can handle that.

And that's it from their part.

Black Knight moves in to be relevant. Scourge manages to knock the ball loose from the prying fingernuts of that blitzer

The ball scatters behind. Probably among the best positions - for us.

Blackbelt knocks down their runner once again. Unfortunately, it's like a punch me Elmo. That Runner ain't gonna stay down.

Mammothtank blocks their linedorf

And you know what tends to happen when Mammoth blocks, right?

No injury. No knock out. Not even a stun.

Swashmebuckle makes the gutsy play of blitzing forwards

But he won't stop there. He goes to pick up the ball!

Being Sure Handed, he manages to pull it off

But staying next to a dorf ain't a good idea. He takes one Go For It

And the result is predictable


The trollslayer attempts a pickup

Fails! And re-rolls!

And foiled again


Rakclaw moves in to be a nuisance for anyone attempting to pickup the ball

And then Blackbelt Jones fails a block


In the most truest Blood Bowl tradition, a long beard then manages to pick up the ball. Despite Rakclaw.

Gotta love those 33%'s

Scotty gets rolled over

Pay close attention to right side of the screenshot. That's where Scotty's feet are visible. Luckily, they are still attached.

Rakclaw takes a block from a blitzer

Uh oh

So he took an elbow to the knee? And will limp for the rest of his life? Just a button away of possibly getting saved from this ailment.

Unfortunately, he has no SPPs. So he is just a pawn in my game. We regret what happens to him, but such is Blood Bowl. He knew the risks when he joined the league.

Another block against Srihag

Objection! That was a clean punch to the nadgers referee!

We are dropping like flies! Since when have the dorfs kicked this much ass?

And here goes Black Dynamite. He was almost knocked down in a two dice block against him. It's push

That's about their 7th turn. Luckily, they cannot score anymore, but do NOT let your guard down boys!

Our 7th turn starts in a disarray. The team is probably already in panic and shouting "They'll roll over us!". Which isn't that far from the truth either.

Fascinating species these dorfs, the only psychopaths in the universe that kill you nicely by blocking you with their tankards. The most perfect disguise in the universe. When in near contact you'd think they cannot block given how short they are. But block them and you'll see that oh yes they can block. So don't turn your head away and don't block!

Black Knight moves in to close the gap in the center. Perhaps we can score still?

Mammothtank blitzes the ball carrier. Mammoth doesn't have strip ball, so the ball stays.

It's a push.

Now to the most interesting question on this turn: can Spoon contribute to the game? I mean, we are done throwing the kitchen's sinks at them, it's time to go to the utensils!

Yes he can, and he becomes a real nuisance there.

And that's our turn.  :lol:

The eighth dorf turn is a blitz. With the Death Roller. Against Swashmebuckle. Count your lucky stones

Phew. It's a push!

Swashmebuckle is still not out of the woods as the trollslayer continues where the Death Roller left.

Swashmebuckle manages the three consequtive blocks challenge as well!

The Scourge is also moved to the border.

Anyone wanna bet the odds of both of them surviving this feat?

With two guarding players around Spoon, a one die block was mounted against him.

And that succeeds as well. The troll is down once again.

Well, our eight turn starts in a rather interesting situation. Shall we do anything or just forfeit the turn, go for a half time break and forget the first half? Or do we still try to injure someone?

We do want to get rid of trollslayers and runners. So yes, yes yes!

And it's a KO! That's very welcome!

Blackbelt blocks

Finally, Scotty blitzes one

Disappointing. The dwarf is still conscious.

And it's half time then. Let's go and forget this half forever.

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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Bronze Breakers (Dwarves), Game 15, Post #3, Start of second half, IMAGE LINKS FIXED

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Alright, at least we don't need to deal with the zoggin' Deathroller shooting lasers out of its mouth

Wait? WAT?

So they bribed the referee to accept the Secret Weapon for the second half. Isn't that supposed to be illegal or something?

Anyways, given the presence of the Death Roller, we deploy to rather uncharacteristic formation. Brave brave sir HLPBowlers

Then again, nobody volunteered for death rolling (center pitch player) anyways.

And it's a go!

Instead of fiery blasts of blitz, we get a nice weather today. At least it isn't scorchio.

The ball lands far. Suits us, and dorfs have even more problems at getting to it!

And we block first! (This because we didn't have any risk of dorfs getting to the ball)

Blackbelt Jones. What. The. Hell. This is your umpteenth time on this match to double skull a block! Get to it or I'll feed you to the wolf raider's pet wolves!


He makes it this time. And it's about god damn time.

Scourge moves in to assist and Mammothtank blitzes

He proceeds by piling on, but it's just a stun. Poor performance today.

Srihag and Scotty move to guard the ball (which is still considerably down field)

After some inconsequential Black Orc Clear Communication, it's time for Swashmebuckle to attempt the pick-up.

It works, and he brings the ball slightly forwards. Spoon pushes one dorf away, and nobody touches the Death Roller, so it's fine it's fine

Quite uneventful turn for us. Let's see what the dorfs do.

Dorfs form more defensive line up ahead

They also committed one player to harass the down field. However, I call this bluff. He simply doesn't have the range required.

More probable event was that the death roller blitzes someone. That someone happens to be Srihag.

The Deathroller is followed by runners, who occupy the central power vacuum.

Our turn #10
The first and foremost thing is to bring the ball forwards. Pronto!

Blackbelt delivers some smacking, relieving a substantial fraction of our players to move around to guard the ball

Scourge and Mammoth go guard the ball around him, while Srihag utilizes his dodge skill to escape the clutches of the Death Roller

Spoon agrees to move to form a tighter screen, the goblin happily goes inside this ring to enjoy the improved protection (yeah right, he is still next to Spoon)

Finally, our turn is ended by courtesy of Scotty, who has the courtesy of rolling a skull. In a one die block. You guessed it, we ain't gonna re-roll that. So let that be a lesson for ya, Scotty! Learn not to roll skulls!


Dorf Turn #10

Dorfs move a bunch of players to protect the back field. But that still won't be enough!

Black Dynamite is rolled over by the Death Roller

That''s him just after the block. Powerful enough that the camera goblin couldn't keep track of him!

But it's nothing serious, just a stun.

And that's their turn there.

Unusually, our turn is started by Spoon. This is because him failing to do the walking will not cause a turnover, and we can react accordingly regardless of the outcome.

He agrees to move. Good.

Scourge blitzes one dorf to create the lower right hand side corner for the cage.

Then everybody moves in, to close the cage around Swashmebuckle. And yes, the upper right hand corner is occupied by the goblin. There's only a couple of players who can reach him with a blitz, and that would mean the ball carrier does not get blitzed.

Blackbelt Jones demonstrates the clear communication once again

But it's only a stun. Damn these guys are tough

That's our turn #11 there.

On their turn, AI marks the gobbo. With a freaking death roller!

And with a troll slayer and a runner.

It's gotta be said that I don't like the odds of that gobbo.

Swashmebuckle gets blitzed by a blitzer

It's two dice against roll, the above Both Down is re-rolled!

Well, I'll take that Pow with exclamation mark in it, it so happens that Swashmebuckle has Dodge skill that negates it!

Finally, Mammothtank gets smacked.

No armor break. He's ready for action next turn.

Our turn #12.

And just as I mentioned that Mammoth is ready for action, he gets to do the said action. Mammoth, blitz!

We'll take that push. That let's Swashmebuckle loose

Which he happily takes.

Scourge moves in to block the access towards Swashmebuckle.

Wanna get to Swashme? You have to observe our rules. Defeat this STR 4 White Lotus... Black Orc first!

Scotty moves in to become a nuisance.

Srihag marks one dorf on the right, and Spoon un-stands a dorf here

And the dorfs are halted by Blackbelt Jones in a tactical double pincer move.  :lol:

Finally the gobbo saves himself with his stunty feet

Dorfs' 12th go

Trollslayer attempts to cover the back field (it's not enough!)

While that's not enough, I'll tell you what IS enough. It's Death Roller blocking Mammothtank

I hate that thing.

Next on the menu is Spoon

The dorf turn is ended by an unfortunate dodge away from Black Knight


Aaand it's turnover

Our #13th

Gobbo goes to assist Blackbelt in a block. Now it's a two die!

I can't believe my eyes! How many skulls has this Orc rolled in this game? He's now Blackbelt "The Unlucky" Jones. If this doesn't end soon, he's gonna be Blackbelt "Dogmeat" Jones.


Dynamite moves in to create pressure on the right hand side of the pitch. He'll likely get blocked, but no matter. Black Knight moves to block the access towards the ball carrier through bottom route

Srihag blocks this dorf, it was not possible to add a player behind him so that this would be crowdsurf. Unfortunate, but c'est la vie

I recon the dorf flew some four meters! And because it's stun, he wont play next turn. Thus, Swashmebuckle moves in.

I suppose the opposition coach is shouting like crazy to that dorf at this point. But to no avail. Scourge also rolled in to block access to Swashmebuckle.

And that's how our 13th ends.

Dorfs 13th is what could be expected. Move players ahead, but because of lack of speed, they cannot easily block our access.

Death Roller blitzes Squigmink! Uh oh, easy SPPs right there

Wait, this would be a great time for the evil genius laughter!  :lol:

Blackbelt Jones is punched by a troll-slayer

Remember, every dorf you fail to remove is a dorf that can punch you to the head. Or more likely given their height, to your goohulok. That's the vulnerable part, Spoon!

And that's their #13 done.

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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Bronze Breakers (Dwarves), Game 15, Post #4, Finale, IMAGE LINKS FIXED

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Our 14th turn starts in a waiting mood. This is the make or break turn.

Scourge paves the way. This time paving the way is equal to punching the crap out of anyone who opposes

Scotty moves in next, Srihag blitzes the dorf

He manages a push. Which is good enough given the circumstances.

Swashmebuckle moves in

Black Dynamite moves up to control the upper center pitch

The gobbo does a somersault end dodges the tackle from the Death Roller. Foiled again! Oh, and what of Spoon? Well, it's not really unusual to say the least.

That's our Turn #14. Dorfs' go now.

I'd start to get worried if I was Spoon

Lying there in the middle of the pitch with opposition players surrounding you is NOT a valid tactic! It can get your goohulog kicked in too!

Here comes the blitz!

Go for it fails

And it's Swashmebuckle's left hook that ends the AI's turn!


Black Dynamite flanks to assist the block to free Swashmebuckle and Srihag does the deed

Srihag, that's not doing the deed! I'd say that's pretty far from doing the deed! Actually, that's not doing the deed at all!



Scotty almost fails our game with this block

Having had enough of the incompetence surrounding him, Swashmebuckle runs away as far as he can from the incompetence

Spoon prefers to sun tan this turn too. It's your own skin, troll!

Our turn ends like this. It looks good for scoring next turn. And it's about time; it's the last turn we can possibly score!

Dorf turn #15

They blitz Scourge. They blitz Scourge with a Death Roller. With frigging lasers in its eyes!

And that's about all they could do.

We are not going to take any more risks here, Swashmebuckle, score!

And further good news is that the Death Roller is finally out. Finally.

Since the risk of getting rolled over is gone, we deploy to standard offensive defensive formation.

Swashme kicks

Now that extra re-roll would have been handy some turns before!

Scourge, Black Knight and Spoon get blocked

Hur hur, re-rolled that

As our troll falls to the ground like an old tree, the referee blows the whistle, signalling the end of the game.

Click here for the match outcome

Hidden Text: Show

Swashmebuckle and the Death Roller are the MVPs. Both probably earned it

It actually appears that it's only Swashmebuckle who did anything worthwhile in this game.

Now, since we have extra cash, I'm wondering whether the cash will be spent to a stadium upgrade where the crowdsurf hurts more
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
I'm da real MVP.


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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Copper Hammers (Dwarves), Game 16, Post #1, IMAGE LINKS FIXED

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Today marks the day the day time hours are reversed and days are getting shorter from this point on. Thus people get together around mid-night bonfires to banish the cold in the remembrance of the ancient Finnish
rites, conserved up to this day. But little did they anticipate the events about to unfold in the Blood Bowl arenas.

Team, I've hired a far-seer to the team. This Beast of Nurgle has been gifted with the ability to see the future events. Unfortunately, this gift seems to have driven him insane!

I've sssseeeen through the time assss it floatssss around

Yes yes very good. But note that we need every edge we can get, he won't play the game for us, but perhaps he might say something useful, some minute detail that otherwise escapes our attention. Please mind his smell.

Today, we go again against dorfs

I've to say, it's one impressive stadium they got here. It's as if it was carved into the stone itself. Wait, it is.

Thankfully, they do not have a Death Roller. That thing gives me the creeps, haven't da MekBoyz figured how to build our own?

They go with a star player called Barik, and a Bloodweiser Babe. They will return from knock outs easily. Whether that is the Babe or the Beer, I don't know. And don't want to find out.

Barik looks like this. That red eye there is just for show. It looks creepy but I'm sure it's nothing.

Standard defensive formation as we lost the coin toss.

Swashmebuckle kicks

And the spectators throw a rock on the opposition side. Hur hur. Gotta love our fans.

Blood sssshalll be ssssshed today

Mm-kay. I thought that was sort of given, as this is called Blood Bowl anyways. Perhaps that rock did cause some, the player is stunned.

Swashmebuckle does exceptionally well on kicking on far backfield, giving dorfs grief on protecting the ball. Without Sure Hands on their Runner, this would have been turnover.

Scourge gets pushed

And the block attempt on Blackbelt is met with a skull.


Well, that was short. Get it, short;7

Our right flank blitzers advance like hungry fruit bats in a pursuit of rotten banana crate. There's no holding them back! Run my pretties, run! Spoon also demonstrates his newly found usefulness just by standing in the middle. Guarding makes it easy to block anyone, which is discovered by the Trollslayer

Another trollslayer goes down by Black Dynamite

Quite stunningly too.

Mammothtank revs once again that trusty blitz engine. It's time to kick this sucker down

Oh, that was their superstar? Whatever

He then advances further to pressure the ball carrier in the back field

Seeing a substantial number of dorfs lying down, Spoon moves to left side to stop them. We shall troll over them!

And that's our first turn done.

Dorfs bring the ball a bit closer to the LoS. But since we trolled over them, it's hard to get supporting players there.

But that won't be enough.

Just one guy gets near the ball. Mad Max goes down on the left hand side of the pitch, and they try to take out Swashmebuckle. He just moves along with the push, and laughs it away.

And then it's our turn #2.

To get our priorities straight, we will knock over the runner and steal the ball. Anything else is secondary. So, first an assist, then a blitz by no-one else but Mammothtank

Nope, that isn't good enough. If that runner gets to the other dorfs, it's a game over for us! Re-roll!

Now, that's better. And no, DON'T JUMP ON HIM!

Srihag moves the Linedorf away from the ball. Apparently, we will not be picking it up this turn.

After some consequtive blocking, it's time to move Spoon once again. So many dorfs have fallen, and as a never resting sentinel, he guards them, not as their protector, but preventing them causing harm ever again. Though that may be a bit too much of promise to hold. We shall see.

Yessss there will be blood. The widowssss sssshalll lament!

Huh? We have been remarkably non-violent in the recent games. And no big injuries even with the Death Roller. I wonder whether this far-seer sees as far as he says?

On their #3 turn, Dorfs blitz Scourge. Why, I have no idea, I thought the ball loose on their end would be the priority #1.

They also attempt to remove Mammoth from the proximity of the ball.

But it's also unfortunate to try to block Spoon, even if there are three of you supporting!


We waste no time in securing the ball. Mammoth does the honors.

No, the Mammoth murdermachine is not up to spec today. It's just a stun.

Srihag sees the ball, and runs!

Thissss issss a ssssscore

Well, thanks for telling me that Far-seer. They have one (1) player who can possibly reach, and even he has to roll a clear hit (1/6, but with a re-roll) to get Srihag down. As Srihag is skilled with Dodge.

Other than that, there was a lot of blocking and re-joicing in the LoS, but nothing substantial happened there.

The end of third turn looks like this

Not too shabby, eh?

Panicked, the dorfs attempt to blitz Srihag. With a runner. STR 3 vs STR 3 as predicted. We'll see how it goes.

First, Mammoth tackles him


Which works

...and they also had to roll for a go for it. That didn't work, and this is the point where you can still see Srihag punching the dude away.


Guess what happens on our 4th turn? You won't need a far-seer for that


Yea, you kinda figured didn't you?

We kick the ball second time for defensive!

Then the referee realizes that usage of Barik is actually forbidden in the game, and throws him off. He is a Secret Weapon after all. Whose effectiveness could be debated at this point really.

Our defensive formation is the same as the offensive formation. Offense is the best defense!

Swashmebuckle kicks again

And the moment he does that, the clouds above the stadium finally unleash their wet fury on the unsuspecting players. Remember to keep your undies dry, nothing is more demoralizing than wet undies!

The ball doesn't go as far this time. Hmm, might be a bit more difficult here.

The dorfs get close to the center field. Not surprising. Despite a mere 50 % chance of pick-up, the Runner manages it this time.

Scourge gets blocked. Hard.

Scourge must have the biggest glass knee in the team, as he gets stunned by a punch to the knee.

Scourge: Punch my face, punch my tummy, but not my knee!

Then the dorfs direct their attention to Black Knight, which may have been a mistake.


It shouldn't surprise anyone that our right hand blitzers advance fast to harass the ball once again. Do they fall once again to the same dastardly trap?

Uh, that is, if Srihag makes it to cover THAT particular tile on the pitch.


He does, Wunderbar!

Mammothtank revs that engine on left hand flank to push hard to harass the ball carrier even more.

Uh, what? Mammoth seemingly just killed one!

Apothecary is rolled in!

That's a direct hit to the head, breaking the battle hardened dwarven skull to pieces. There's no surviving that, he's beyond even the Apothecary's help. The dorf died with a tankard on his lips. If I had to die, that way would rank among the top of the list.

As cool guys don't look back, neither doesn't Mammoth. He continues to pursue the ball carrier. What a cool dude!

Black Knight knocks a long beard down

Black Dynamite blocks the Trollslayer on the grounds that he's just annoying.

Instead of capturing the exact moment the punch connected, instead we got two Black Orcs glaring intensively. They are pissed off, it's raining!

Then Spoon trolls over the other trollslayer.

And that ends our 5th turn.

One will ssssstill die

What an ominous prediction
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Copper Hammers (Dwarves), Game 16, Post #2, IMAGE LINKS FIXED

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On their 6th turn Dorfs bring the ball closer

So in the end, we were not fast enough to stop them from caging. However, they are not fast enough to score actually.

Mad Max gets blitzed

Black Dynamite is pushed

And Spoon is pushed

The turn is then handed over to us. Sixth turn, here we come!

Straight from the get go, we have a one die blitz on the ball carrier with a dodge. We first try to make it two die block.

It was unfortunately this block that decided we will not be blitzing the ball carrier.

It's better to blitz the guarding player next to the ball carrier, this way the ball is locked in place, and we have a better opportunity to knock it off next turn.

Mammoth knocks him down, but remains standing to pressure the ball carrier.

The turn ends us basically swarming the ball carrier

He likely feels the loneliest dorf on the planet right now.

Dorf turn #7
Dorfs attempt to clear the players around. Scotty is pushed.

Mammothtank gets blocked twice by the trollslayer

The last one connects, and floors Mammoth.

The streak of blocks is interrrupted by Black Knight who works as a ccccccombo breaker today.

Despite the dorf's Pro skill, the Pro re-roll doesn't work this time (50 % chance), and it's a turnover!


After smacking down some dorfs, our turn finally came to the blitz against the ball carrier. This pivotal move was performed by Black Dynamite

Who rolled both down, and both have block. The ball knock off shall not happen this turn apparently. It's not the end of the world as Swashmebuckle is still in the proximity, but it does make it more difficult for us to score another one.

In total we were quite ineffective this turn. While blocks were thrown, no results were really achieved. Finally, Srihag dodges away to enable Hail Mary scoring opportunity for the next turn.

It's the Dorf's eighth turn

I think I know what they are trying to do; they have figured us out! Swashmebuckle is blocked

It's no use! Re-roll!

 :drevil: Talk about bad luck here


By the way, have you noticed that the Dorf runner is STR 4? That's what makes it difficult to block him.

On his second attempt, Black Knight manages it with grace.

Scotty blitzes!

Man, things really go our way this turn

The trollslayer is stunned. This also frees Swashmebuckle to roam free once again. He can't reach the score line, but Srihag and Mammoth can!

Sure hands helps picking up the ball despite the rain!

OK, pass the ball to Mammoth!

Nope, not today

So two players out from the Dorfs? We have an advantage for the second half here!
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
Uhm mister farseer, can u do perdi- preda-... can u see wot for dinner tonight? Coach promised goblin snacks but he never gief.

[02:42] <@Axem> spoon somethings wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> critically wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> im happy with these missions now
[02:44] <@Axem> well
[02:44] <@Axem> with 2 of them


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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Copper Hammers (Dwarves), Game 16, Post #3, Where good trolls go to die - IMAGE LINKS FIXED
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Second half

We receive, so offensive formation is a go. Just like there would be a big difference, the only thing is to whether to move Swashmebuckle to back of the pitch, and whether to deploy Squigmink.

Dorfs kick, and...

They get to blitz! Oh well, that shouldn't be too bad

The ball drops to left hand side, and only those players with a white ring around them are free to move. The rest can't do anything.

Dorf blitzer attempts to run between Mad Max and Scourge

With those stubby little feet, he gets tackled.

AI re-rolls!

Alright. So lemme get this straight. This Dorf blitzer run past Mad Max and Scourge, passing two tackle zones with a single re-roll expended, and is now in prime position to catch the ball they just kicked?

Then Scourge gets blocked.

And it's a knock out. Somebody hurry and carry that unconscious orc back to the recovery box. [Sigh]

The dorf luckily did not catch the ball itself. And it's our turn. Could not have arrived earlier.

First, Srihag and Scotty move to reinforce the left hand side. Right hand side advancement be damned.

Mad Max, blitz that blitzer

Yes yes, push is fine

Uh, where's the other block?

Apparently, Mad Max and Mammothtank wore each others playing shirts. It was actually Mammothtank who blitzed. (Totally goofed that one up  :lol:)

The front line advances by pushing the enemy back, but not knocking them out. Disappointing, but to be expected.

There's not much more we could do, so Dorfs go.

Dorfs move runners next to the ball to pressure us

You know, this half ain't starting that fantastically I have to say.

Squigmink gets blocked. He was providing the assistance on Mammoth's unfortunate blitz.

He's okay and kickin'

Black Knight on the right hand side is surrounded by three dorfs. That means they have a total strength of five, so against his four this will be a two die block

And it connects

It's a stun. Unfortunate for the team, but probably fortunate for Black Knight. How come our Black Boyz fly so easily today?

And it's our 10th turn. Luckily.

Mammoth knocks down one attempting to get the ball

While Mad Max knocks down the STR4 runner (we killed the other runner)

Our most reliable ball carrier Swashmebuckle moves in to pick up the ball. Come'on, don't fail me now!

Sure Hands saves a team re-roll again.

Finally, Spoon knocks one down.

So our turn ends to a position like this. Swashmebuckle isn't completely secured, but getting to him isn't that easy either.

Dorfs #10 turn.

They first stand up their players that have fallen near the LoS.

Then Squigmink gets blitzed


What? He is DEAD!

Unfortunately for him, Goblins are cheap and easy to replace, and he didn't acquire any kind of special skill like block, which would have saved him, for example, here. Alright game, you got your casuality, I'm saving that Apothecary for the inevitable injury that's bound to happen.

The Far-seer was right about the match. Two dead players already?

Black Dynamite is then blocked, but both have block skill, so just a loud slapping boom rocks the stadium once again.

Spoon is tying up four dorfs, so they attempt to block him. It's actually STR 5 (Spoon) vs STR 6 situation, so two dice will be rolled.


Spoon, talk to me troll! Spoon?! SPOOOON!!

To be continued...
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2

[02:42] <@Axem> spoon somethings wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> critically wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> im happy with these missions now
[02:44] <@Axem> well
[02:44] <@Axem> with 2 of them


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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
HLPBowlers vs Copper Hammers (Dwarves), Game 16, Part #4 - Where Apothecary is not your friend - IMAGE LINKS FIXED

Hidden Text: Show

Yes, we are going to Apo that. Typical Blood Bowl, it lulls you to a false sense of security, and then takes it all away in a second. A star player's life can end so quickly, abruptly and young. It's also annoying that just when Spoon started to be useful, he goes down.

Apparently, this was a mis-diagnosis by the earlier Doc. Our apothecary indicates Spoon is still alive, but seriously injured. What type of injury is it?

Oh no, his skull was fractured! Must have been the fall to the ground, that troll never got the hang of protecting his head while falling. The dorf punched him in the gut, so it's not that. Effectively, his armor value dropped from 9 to 8, meaning that earlier there was 6/36 chance of breaking his armor, this has now increased to 10/36.

The trolls still have one trick up their sleeves, they can Regenerate their injuries (50/50 chance) regardless of the apothecary. Regenerate, troll! Regenerate!

So on top of the fact that Spoon is stupid he is also stupidly unlucky. He won't be playing on the next game.

Let's see: Scourge is KO'd, Squigmink is dead, and Spoon is injured. We are three players short against these dorfs!

This is the situation we find ourselves in:

Those who can, run to protect Swashmebuckle. These Dorfs are not only relentless but also merciless! That's Blackbelt there knocking down one dorf to close the cage on right hand side.

Srihag pushes the dorf away to make way for Mad Max to close the bottom part of the cage

Black Dynamite knocks one dorf down in the proximity of our loose cage

And that's about it for our part

Dorf turn #11

A lot of dorfs stood up

They are moving forces to block our access from the left, but seems that there's still a breach possibility.

Black Dynamite is knocked down

In the middle of the dorfs!

Srihag gets pushed, but that's it

And it's our turn #12

Swashmebuckle legs it! Run orc, run! Run like your life depended on it! Because it really kinda does!

The usual suspects form the cage. This looks pretty good for us actually from the scoring point of view.

Black Knight blitzes the trollslayer to knock him down, hopefully permanently.

It's a good punch, but no injury. Just a stun

The turn ends with most of the dwarven forces being too far, tied up by two of our players.

Wish those orcs luck boys!

Dorf turn #12

The dorfs mark Srihag and blitz Black Knight

And then move to guard our prone Black Orc (Uh AI, hello?)

Whatever, it's our turn #13 now.

Unsurprisingly Swashmebuckle legs it

Then Mammoth blitzes

Go kill him orc!

Despite the terrifying sight, it's no use. The dorf is made of steel and is just prone.

Srihag then attempts to dodge away from the dorfs

He fails. And because dorfs have Tackle, his dodge did not kick in. Re-roll!



The dorfs stand up their prone players and Blitz Srihag.

They are still guarding the two Black Orcs lying on the ground, having committed seven (7!) players to this, we do have a significant local superiority where it matters, i.e. near the ball.

Oh and that Blitz? It didn't do anything. That's their turn in all its stubbornness.
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
I'm so bad at this game, I can't even regenerate my skull properly like other trolls can. I can't even die properly

[02:42] <@Axem> spoon somethings wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> critically wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> im happy with these missions now
[02:44] <@Axem> well
[02:44] <@Axem> with 2 of them


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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl 2
Alright. I've been on summer vacation, and continued to a conference in Germany, got bit by a tick on early August, and then I got an issue related to my wisdom tooth. They usually say those should pop up around 25, but apparently my body age is younger than I am. Because of working with a laptop which I usually don't do, I developed some symptoms for the tension neck. I have to say that getting both of them at the time of the tick bite tends to ring off a couple of your alarm bells. A couple of them too many.

All in all, what I'm trying to say, I didn't feel playing or expanding this thread was such a good idea under those conditions.

However, I'm bringing the HLPBowlers back to the game and plan to finish the tournament on September. I'm also switching back to normal displays. I'll post the end of this game perhaps tomorrow or on Tuesday, and then we have the last four games, one of them likely on the next weekend. It is already certain that HLPBowlers will be in the top three teams.

Meanwhile, if you have been following, Blood Bowl 2 has received a couple of extra teams. One of them being Norse (yay!) and the other is the Undead.

And yes Spoon, that's the way it goes with the troll. He really can't even properly die as you only lost your armor value. It makes you less resilient than the normal Orcs. Armor value 8 isn't bad, but it isn't that great either. Expect more injuries in the future, but there's only four more games. You'll be attending only three of them if everything works out for you, as an injury this serious will ground you for a game.
Relaxed movement is always more effective than forced movement.