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Changing the language to English leads to this


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Changing the language to English leads to this

That's an issue with the FSO build you are using - let me check with someone on the Linux-Knossos-side of things

EDIT - Explainer:
The line in gamesettings.tbl it's complaining about is a feature of FSO 19.0+ builds (which would be the same as 3.8.1+); you are running the 3.8.0 build

EDIT2: FSO 19.0 is released for Linux
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It seems to much more...easy...

I had an unrecognized command line parameter "-sxaa" (or something). After removing it from the default line it works now.



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sorry guys, real life work has take over me.. I'll back in when I can with the updates models/textures.
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Hey, still going here? Cool.
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Hey, still going here? Cool.

Indeed we are! And your brilliant Shadow mini campaign is part of the main mod now :)!